Where couples & families come to recover from sexual addiction &

betrayal trauma so that they can save their marriage and family.

Step by step support through each recovery stage so that you and your family recover without falling into the pitfalls that end marriages.

Take a moment to breath (seriously, take a deep breath in, hold, and release slowly).

You’re here, and can relax in knowing that you’re not alone anymore.

No need to fear pushy sales or unethical coaching. That’s not how we do things here.

Here, we meet you where you’re at in your recovery and support you step by step through the recovery process so that you can begin to relax and feel comforted in knowing you’ve got a guide through this journey.

I’m a nationally certified life, relationship, and recovery coach with my Bachelors in Forensic Psychology in CT. I’m passionate about empowering couples through the recovery journey.

I want couples to know that there's no shame in the recovery model I created called The Phoenix Model. You're each seen as full human beings - you're not just a label here. You're human and you're treated that way.

I help couples shift perspectives from taking the addiction as a personal failure and reflection on the relationship to deeply understanding the addiction is not a moral failing or reflection on the love for their partner.

Savvy Esposito

B.A. Forensic Psychology from John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Nationally Certified Life, Relationship, & Recovery Coach (TAA)



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Become a Certified Sex Addiction Coach

Co-Creator & Teacher (with Chloe Sutherland) of the National Certification for Sexual Addiction Coaching at The Addictions Academy

Next Live Certification: June 2024


Newly Graduated Certified Sex Addiction Coaches

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