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A haven where you can safely explore the new you, build healthy relationships, and achieve your life goals

I’m a nationally certified life, relationship, and recovery coach with my Bachelors in Forensic Psychology in CT. I’m passionate about empowering couples that lack relationship skills because they didn't have the role models growing up to teach them about healthy relationships.

I want couples to know that there's no shame in lacking relationship skills and reaching out for help. Between the lack of role models and toxic societal messages about relationships, it's not a shock to feel helpless when you're relationship isn't going right.

I want to help shift couples perspectives from feeling like nothing can change, to empower them to know they can change their relationship, with the right skills and knowledge!

Life, Relationship, & Recovery Coaching For Committed Individual & Couples

Individual Coaching

If you are finding that you need support in your own individual goals – outside of a relationship:

I help you reach specific goals that helps bring you closer to the best version of yourself through either asynchronous or private coaching.

Couples Coaching

If you are finding that you need support in your relationship/marriage:

I help you, as a couple, integrate foundational relationship skills as well as advanced relationship skills to reach your unique goals. You may find my Relationship Evolution program a fit!

Trust, Communication, Intimacy

If you’ve found that you need support in your relationship (no sexual addiction or infidelity):

I help you – individually and/or as a couple – with the key relationship skills every couple needs to build a healthy, passionate, and fulfilling relationship.

Sexual Addiction, Betrayal Trauma, & Intimacy Anorexia

If you’ve found that you need support in your recovery:

I help you – individually and/or as a couple – gain foundational recovery skills, as well as reach key milestones in your recoveries. I have take home programs as well as programs to help you through your recovery journey!

Committed to being the best, knowledgeable, and accessible coaching professional I can be so that you can access and get the very best service and results! You’ll find a variety of services and programs ranging in price and time commitment to remain accessible.

Savvy Esposito

B.A. Forensic Psychology from John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Nationally Certified Life, Relationship, & Recovery Coach (TAA)

Co-Creator & Teacher (with Chloe Sutherland) of the National Certification for Sexual Addiction Coaching at The Addictions Academy

Next Live Certification: September 2023



203-539-0746 (text preferred)

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