Life, Relationship, & Recovery Coaching For Committed Couples Ready To…

Take a deep breath…

You’ve found a safe, understanding, and empathetic coaching practice.

You will find that each partner is seen as a human being with the potential for growth at The Modern Mr. and Mrs.

Ready to step out of your comfort zone, grow, learn, implement skills, and get the results you’ve always wanted?

Ready to achieve the relationship – filled with respect, intimacy, connection, and passion – that you’ve always desired?

Awesome, you’re in the right place to succeed!

If you value, and prioritize, building healthy passionate loving relationships, then you have found a good fit here at The Modern Mr. and Mrs.

Many times, you grow up without the skills and role models to teach you how to find a healthy partner and maintain a healthy, passionate, loving relationship for the long haul.

No matter if you’re in a dating, engaged, newly married, or have been married for 25+ years, I’m here to support you and your partner in your individual as well as relational goals.

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I’m a nationally certified life, relationship, and recovery coach with my Bachelors in Forensic Psychology in CT. I’m passionate about empowering couples that lack relationship skills because they didn't have the role models growing up to teach them about healthy relationships.

I want couples to know that there's no shame in lacking relationship skills and reaching out for help. Between the lack of role models and toxic societal messages about relationships, it's not a shock to feel helpless when you're relationship isn't going right.

I want to help shift couples perspectives from feeling like nothing can change, to empower them to know they can change their relationship, with the right skills and knowledge!

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