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I’m a nationally certified life, relationship, and recovery coach with my Bachelors in Forensic Psychology in CT. I’m passionate about empowering couples that lack relationship skills because they didn't have the role models growing up to teach them about healthy relationships.

I want couples to know that there's no shame in lacking relationship skills and reaching out for help. Between the lack of role models and toxic societal messages about relationships, it's not a shock to feel helpless when you're relationship isn't going right.

I want to help shift couples perspectives from feeling like nothing can change, to empower them to know they can change their relationship, with the right skills and knowledge!

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Singles & Dating Coaching

If you are finding that you need support in successfully putting yourself out there and dating the right person to create the relationship you’ve always dreamed of, then look no further!

I help you reach specific goals related to dating so that you’re able to not only date confidently, but you date with self-awareness, respect for your standards, and know when to walk away versus take it to the next level! Often looking at between 6 – 12 sessions.

Committed Couples Coaching

If you are finding that you need support in your creating the healthiest, most passionate, highly intimate relationship that is the envy of all your friends, I’ve got you!

I help you, as individuals as well as a couple, to integrate foundational relationship skills as well as advanced relationship skills to reach your unique relationship goals. Often looking at between 12 – 24 sessions.

Marital Coaching

If you are finding that you’ve lost that spark since having kids, building your careers, and the day to day mundane routines, you can light the fire again.

I help you as individuals and as a couple to truly bring connection, passion, and fire back to your marriage! Often looking at between 12 – 24 sessions.

Sexual Addiction & Betrayal Trauma

If you’ve experienced the fall out of sexual addiction, betrayal trauma, and/or intimacy anorexia in your marriage, there is hope. I help couples navigate the long road of recovery so that they don’t make the dire mistakes that often plague the recovery journey without support.

Together we walk, side by side, to help you get to the other side where you, your spouse, and your family can live freely from the chains of addiction.

Committed to being the best, knowledgeable, and accessible coaching professional I can be so that you can access and get the very best service and results!

Savvy Esposito

B.A. Forensic Psychology from John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Nationally Certified Life, Relationship, & Recovery Coach (TAA)



203-539-0746 (text preferred)


Become a Certified Sex Addiction Coach

Co-Creator & Teacher (with Chloe Sutherland) of the National Certification for Sexual Addiction Coaching at The Addictions Academy

Next Live Certification: September 2023


Newly Graduated Certified Sex Addiction Coaches

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