Take a deep breath, and know that you have found a safe, understanding, and empathetic coaching practice.

At The Modern Mr. and Mrs. you will find that we see each partner as a human being.

We know that everyone has flaws, everyone struggles, and everyone has the potential to be the best version of themselves with commitment.

You won’t find us calling one person the “bad guy” and one person the “good guy,” as that only destroys the ability to create a new healthy relationship with each other.

With that said, if there have been betrayals, abuse, or infidelity, we will address the offending partner and work on ownership of their choices as well as long-term changes in behaviors to never repeat those choices.

You will see that each partner is held accountable, and each partner will be expected to do their individual and relational/marital work.

Ready to step out of your comfort zone, grow, learn, implement skills, and get the results you’ve always wanted?

Ready to achieve the relationship – filled with respect, intimacy, connection, and passion – that you’ve always desired?

Awesome, you’re in the right place to succeed!

We not only value, but prioritize, building healthy, passionate, and loving relationships of all kinds.

Many times, we grow up without the skills and role models to teach us how to find a partner and maintain a healthy, passionate, loving relationship for the long haul.

No matter if you’re in a long-term committed relationship, engaged, newly married, or have been married for 25+ years, we are here to support you in your individual as well as relational goals. 

We can guide, support, and help you become the best version of yourself as well as the best partner you can be.

"You are safe, you are loved, you are not alone" - Savannah Esposito

Savannah has her Bachelors in Forensic Psychology from John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City as well as her certifications in Life, Relationship and Recovery Coaching from The Addiction Academy. She also created and teaches the Nationally Certified Sexual Addiction Coach Certification at The Addictions Academy as well.

Savannah has always had a passion for understanding the motivation and drivers of human behavior and how people can connect with one another in a healthy and loving way. Her desire to understand has aided her in her ability to help individuals and couples build trust, communicate, and gain – as well as maintain – long-term intimacy with one another.

Her natural ability to actively listen and empathize as well as take other’s perspectives has led her to the natural fitting career of being a coach that her clients are able to trust and get results with.

“If you have tried other types of help and are thinking about joining Savannah’s program, DO IT! Seriously, I couldn’t recommend Savannah and her programs enough. Having a third-party who is objective while also being empathetic and validating is a RARE find in a coach of ANY sort.

Savannah is someone who is very intuitive and patient. She treats you both as individuals while also teaching you how to be an actual team as a couple. I am SO grateful for Savannah and her program.

My relationship with James is one of the most important relationships I have ever had. Before her program I was honestly doubting our abilities to live together and to make it through as a team. Savannah’s help honestly saved us, and I am confident we will be together for many more years to come!”

Jenny Gage

Client testimonial

Our 4 Pillar Approach To Helping Clients Gain Long-Term Results


Clients comes to us wanting to get from Point A to Point B.

We have found that a foundation of education best supports our clients in long-term change.

Lots of times, once a client learns about their struggle, how it happened, the multiple factors at play, they can use that knowledge in overcoming the struggle and attaining their goals long-term.


Blocks often can come up that impede your ability to go from your personal Point A to Point B.

When you want change, your brain is effective at keeping you “safe” (in your comfort zone).

However, true change doesn’t occur in comfort, but when you take steps outside your comfort zone and truly commit to expanding yourself, which is where coaching comes in.


We at The Modern Mr. and Mrs. stick to what we know and are good at.

Oftentimes, clients will view us as mentors as we have often lived their journey and are on the other side.

We don’t help clients in areas we haven’t struggled with and overcome ourselves, and often our stories of success in our own lives can highly resonate and motivate clients to keep pushing to attain their goals.


While coaching is extremely important in long-term success, we have found that the structure that comes with consulting is also a key factor to success.

We help give clients a clear path to get them from Point A to Point B so that the client achieves results in a quick and mindful timeframe.

That is why we have structured our services in a Program style over single sessions.



Not yet married, wondering whether you and your partner are ready for marriage? We are ready to support you in entering marriage confidently with the relationship skills you need to have a thriving marriage.


Trust, Communication, Intimacy, & Sex

Relationships and marriages will go through challenging times. There will be times where trust is tested, communication fails, and intimacy dwindles. At The Modern Mr. and Mrs. we are here to support you in creating the healthiest, most passionate, relationship and marriage you can have! You will find that we support you in a variety of ways – education, skills, tools, and implementation – to ensure a healthy relationship.


Betrayal Trauma, Sexual Addiction, Intimacy Anorexia

We are well known for helping those recover from betrayal trauma, sexual addiction, and intimacy anorexia, that The Addictions Academy approached us to create the most up to date certification for coaches to be skilled and knowledgable in helping sexual addicts successfully recover. You will find that our Knights & Warriors program is the most effective, highly supportive, program you can find out there for the money.

If you’re ready to to the work, then we can create amazing results!


“Before I found The Mod and joined Warriors my husband and I did weekly therapy sessions, a 3 day intensive with Heart to Heart & attended weekly SANON meetings. They were only slightly helpful. Every therapist or group leader talked about boundaries but nobody ever showed me or told me how to create them. Not once was a purge ever recommended or suggested.

I also love how the coaches don’t judge you for doubting & checking up on your husband. I’m 12 steps they made me feel guilty for tracking him or for investigating if he was still acting out. I love how the coaches validate our need to look for continuity.

I’m forever grateful that I found The Mod!! It truly has changed my life & given me more & better tools to use not just in my marriage but in all relationships of my life.”


Client testimonial

Types of Services

Private Coaching

We offer private coaching for those who want the high level of support that 1:1 coaching offers as well as the customizability for each couples unique situation.

Private Coaching is for you if:

– You have the ability to pay for 1:1

– You prefer private 1:1 attention

– You have something going on that is very unique and that will require 1:1 support around


Group Coaching

We offer group coaching for those who are not in a place to afford 1:1 or prefer group coaching because of the amazing benefits that group coaching offers over 1:1 coaching. 

Group Coaching is for you if:

– You do not have the ability to pay for 1:1

– You prefer private a group because you know that everyone in the group is in the same place as you, working toward the same goal, and you enjoy making connections with other

– You value the fact that whether you or another person in the group asks questions and gets coached it will benefit you as you are all working toward the same goal



Types of Couples We Work With

Couples With NO History of Cheating & Sexual Addiction

Couples Who Have Experienced Cheating & Sexual Addiction

Programs & Services

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