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Welcome To The Mod

My name is Savannah and I am glad that you found us!

At The Mod, we help married couples who on the outside may seem to have the perfect family and work life, but on the inside secretly struggle with porn & sex addiction and betrayal trauma.

Together, we work to end these destructive cycles and reconstruct your family & marriage for a healthy, addiction free lifestyle.

At The Mod you will find that Chloe, Cliff, Jak and I are here for you. We are all successful in our recoveries from SSA™ & BT but our focus is on your healing, not you watching us heal. 

We are here to help you recover so you can be where we are (which is living a successful recovery lifestyle with a saved marriage!).





50-60% of Divorces cite Excessive Porn as the reason for divorce.

Only 5% of SSA’s hit 5 years clean and beyond.

That’s a high divorce rate from porn and a low success rate for recovery!




That needs to change & that’s why we are here.





Chloe’s husband, Cliff, is over 7 years clean. My husband, Jak, is over 4 years clean.

Not many addicts make it as far as 2, 3, 4, and 5+ years.

But we know how to do it.

We know how to get you there, and we know how to get the betrayed through their trauma.

Not only that, but we know how to reconstruct a new healthy relationship.


We’ve been there and succeeded.

Chloe and I don’t have successful marriages by chance.

We both worked a very similar approach to recovery and witnessed other addicts follow our approach and saw success.

Chloe, Cliff, Jak and I have been in the trenches, and through years of hard work, of trial and error, of pain, of effort, of commitment, we found the way out.

We are here to help pull you out too.

Interview: Learn What Betrayal Trauma Recovery Can Do For You

by Savannah & a Warrior

Interview: Learn What Porn & Sex Addiction Recovery Can Do For You

by Savannah & a Knight

Good News, You’re in the Right Place to Overcome Your Addiction & Trauma and Save Your Marriage!

That’s right, we are here to help you get recovery under your belt, and your life and marriage back on track!

– Need help with triggers and urges? We got you!

– Need help with boundaries and consequences? We got you!

– Need help with communicating? We got you!

– Need help with creating and keeping intimacy? We got you!

– Need help with improving your sex life? Oh hell yeah, we got you!

And how do we do this?

From knowledge, education, and experience.

We have been where you are – stuck in shame, feeling unloved, being disconnected, feeling alone, unheard and unimportant. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Why Choose to Work With Us at The Mod?

What sets us apart from therapists, 12-step groups, other coaching out there is our holistic approach to recovery.

We know that you can’t get sober and be in recovery without addressing all aspects of your life. We also know that there are three recoveries here that need to be addressed and we address them all.

We haven’t just studied it and coached it, we’ve experienced it and come out the other side successful! 

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