I am an avid animal lover. I have had many animals growing up and currently, my husband and I have two cats (and hope to add a dog into the picture within the next couple years). Luvas, as I’ve mentioned is an Emotional Support Animal and he and I have a very strong bond. Emily is extremely attached to Jak, and she isn’t an ESA. Pets can do wonders for humans. I know that many people love dogs, but cats are pretty awesome as well. Both species have their strengths and weaknesses, but I’ll address cats right now. Depending on your own personality cats can be a perfect fit. Cats can be highly independent, but also extremely affectionate, which makes cats great for those who don’t necessarily have the time and commitment for a dog (which let’s be honest, they take a lot more work).


I consider myself lucky that I have Luvas because he honestly is so smart. He is a Maine Coon, and they have very unique personalities (as I’ve mentioned before) and he lets me know what he wants when he wants it. If the water bowl isn’t filled just right, he will come to me and walk to the water bowl. If the litter needs changing he will cry and walk to the litter. I take care of Luvas and Luvas takes care of me. He will sit with me when I am working (he got on my desk the other day while trying to write posts!), he will follow me around and wherever I end up, he will plop not too far away. At night, he comes into bed with me and snuggles right up to me and I’ll pet and cuddle him until I fall asleep (sorry Jak!). I know lots of people say cats aren’t friendly or affectionate, but there are lots of cats that are.



Lorenzo & Soliel








My parents have four cats, and Lorenzo (an all-black cat) is the biggest cuddle buddy (aside from his father, Soleil, a big orange tabby)! If you are sitting down, Lorenzo will be in your lap. Pearl is a small gray cat we have and she will cry for attention if she see’s me. I will pick her up and hold her like a baby on my hip and rock her and she will purr and rub her head against me. Tempe (who Jak despises) is a calico and has the most stereotypical personality of a cat. Tempe loves my mom, and will cuddle with her but isn’t fond of other people in the house. She tolerates my presence but doesn’t let me pet her much and does her own thing. So as you can see, cats are as varied as people, and each cat can offer something to their human.


Rusty & Pepper


Same goes with dogs. We used to have two dogs, Pepper and Rusty. Pepper was moms dog all the way and Rusty fell in love with my sister and me. Rusty was an oversized Pomeranian who protected my sister and me fiercely. He never would hurt anyone but his bark was loud enough to make sure no male ever came near us. Seriously, any of my guy friends who came over, Rusty would sit next to me at my feet and make sure no one touched me. I think it had to do with the fact that his previous male owner had abused him. But still, Rusty offered love, comfort, and protection (despite his small size) to my sister and me.

There are people out there who don’t understand why people have pets, but pets add so much to people’s lives. Yes, you have to take care of them, and they are essentially another child, but they offer so much in return for your love and care. It always breaks my heart to see so many animals in shelters and pounds. I honestly can’t imagine why anyone would abuse an animal or let alone give them up. I am sad that Luvas’ owner abandoned him, but thankful that Luvas entered my life because he has made my days brighter, filled with love and comfort.

If you’re ever thinking about getting a pet, please consider shelters and rescue places to adopt from. Those animals are so loving in there, just waiting for a kind home.

XOXO Savvy