I just got a job at Conscious Talk Magazine as a columnist in the Sex & Relationships column as well as the Family & Parenting column! I am so excited! I’ll admit that with Jak working and going to school, I felt like I needed to pull my weight more, not that I don’t also go to school and try my best to take care of our place, but I wanted to do something that not only would bring me joy but give me a sense of accomplishment. I love writing and have been writing since I was fifteen years old! I wrote a book series in high school (and I am STILL writing that series). I started an anonymous blog in college, and then started Millennial Mrs and Mom, and not a week later did I get hired by CTM. I have to say that I am happy. I was honestly scared to apply for the job because I’ve always felt hesitant about submitting my writing professionally. I said, “what the hell” and decided to stop my homework and write an article to submit and took a chance, and I am so glad I did! I’ve always been someone who is cautious but I am glad I took a risk (maybe Jak’s personality is rubbing off on me!).

I am not in school for the fall semester so I can give birth to Xander and not have to worry about taking midterms right after birth! I have to say taking time off school was a very difficult decision for me. I was in the Peer Counseling program in the spring, and the second half was to be taken in the fall, and I wasn’t able to continue the program. I loved the program and learned so much about being a counselor.


I have always been ambitious and determined and right now I feel so lucky. Lucky to not only have an amazing family, husband and a child on the way but lucky that I am so passionate and determined with my school and my writing. I was definitely worried that taking the fall semester off I would be bored and not productive, but writing my book series, writing this blog, and writing for CTM makes me so excited for this fall! I don’t even care about the money when I write I write because I am passionate and want to connect with other people, get my audience to think about what was written. I know once Xander enters the picture there will be a whole lot more for me to write about. The funny and unexpected stories with him, the times that I’ll be stressed, and the times where Xander has those big moments like taking his first step.

Life is unpredictable, I have learned that many times these past couple years, but I’ve learned to go with the flow. I used to never be able to do that, feeling out of control when things didn’t go as planned, but these days with every unexpected turn and twist I embrace it and adapt. I think that’s all anyone can do with life, accept the changes and do your best with what life throws at you.

XOXO Savvy