Yesterday Jak, my mom and I went to see a friend who recently had a baby. I almost cried when I saw the baby, probably due to pregnancy hormones and the fact that that baby was the first baby I’ve seen in person. The baby was so tiny!! She was asleep when we arrived but once she was awake she was so alert, looking around everywhere. I was making those stupid faces and voices when talking to the baby and she smiled back and made noises. I was in such awe. I honestly couldn’t believe how cute and alert she was. We talked for a while about the basic things needed, some general knowledge, and then the baby needed a diaper change so I watched that and got advice on the best ways to change a diaper. Jak was so adorable with how he interacted with the baby. He was so cute and interactive with the baby.


Once we went into the living room to sit down after she got a diaper change the mother gave me the baby to hold. It was the first time I held a baby, and it was so scary and amazing at the same time. To me, she seemed so small. The baby grabbed my hair and I knew I was going to need a haircut so that when Xander gets here and is more active he won’t pull on my hair. The mother was preparing a bottle since it was time for the baby to be fed. I was just holding the baby, making faces and talking. Eventually, the baby started crying. I felt like a deer in head lights. I logically knew that the baby was used to eating around this time and was hungry and was upset because of that, but I was scared because she started crying in my arms and there wasn’t anything I could do. The mom came back in and started rocking the baby and tested the bottle to make sure it was warm enough.

Honestly, I didn’t want to leave because the baby was so cute and I was so curious. When Jak and I got home I was just imagining what it would be like when Xander gets here. I honestly can’t wait! I just want to hold him and be able to get to know him already. For now, I’ll continue educating myself, getting things checked off the checklist, and enjoy the rest of pregnancy.

XOXO Savvy