I have been writing since I was fifteen years old. I never planned on loving writing so much. In fact, the first book I wrote was because I wanted to see if I could write a book because I thought it was an interesting challenge. That book ended up turning into a book series. I wrote other short stories and novels along the way as well. My writing improved tenfold when I entered college and studied creative and dramatic writing at SCAD. For a while, I wasn’t writing for various reasons, and now I am writing every day. I write at least two to three articles a day while trying to work on a secret project that subscribers know about. All the while trying to get this done before Jak gets home.

Some people may either think three articles a day is nothing, or they might think that writing that much in a day is intimidating. Jak cannot fathom trying to write that much in a day. To me, writing gives me peace. I am able to talk about a variety of topics depending on what project I am working on, and I am able to have a voice. I can say that growing up I didn’t feel like I had a voice, but through writing, I was able to have a voice and share my thoughts and opinions. For me, writing that much makes me feel free.

Given that I am not in school this semester, writing this much makes me feel productive, especially since I got a job at Conscious Talk Magazine, which completely blindsided me! I wasn’t looking for a job when I applied. I just took a chance and figured if I got the job then that would be great. Honestly, it has been great. I love coming up with idea’s to write about for the magazine. Sometimes I will write two articles a day specifically for CTM if I am feeling inspired.

As much as I love writing, it can also be overwhelming to other people. In high school when I wasn’t in school and having a free period to write my book series, I was at home writing the book series. I remember my mom would call me down for dinner and I would say, “Be there in a minute” and by the time I was done writing it would be hours later. My mom always got annoyed because I would miss dinner. I know Jak also gets annoyed if I am glued to my computer when he gets home. Time flies when you are so engaged with something, and for me, ever since I’ve started this blog and got the job at CTM my days are flying by. I love it though.

I do worry about getting writing done once Xander is here. Jak and I have talked about how we would ideally like to help each other, him watching Xander while I write an article and me watching Xander so Jak can get homework done. The unknown of how our routine will be does give me anxiety regarding getting articles done. My plan is to try to write a lot of articles before Xander gets here, that way if I am feeling overwhelmed and find I haven’t had the time to write, I can just pull an article I wrote before Xander was born. The true secret to getting writing done is time management.


Time management & scheduling + inspiration + coffee or tea = productivity

I am a highly organized, ambitious, and goal oriented person. I know the goals I need to achieve weekly and plan out each day so I can get everything accomplished. Also knowing when Jak will be home gives me a set time that I have a deadline every day which helps keep me on track. If I don’t have coffee or tea in my hand I can’t seem to stay focused. I think I have conditioned myself to associate tea or coffee with work. Back in high school, I couldn’t start homework without a cup of tea and if I had some kind of caffeine, I was able to have a burst of inspiration and was able to focus on the task at hand.

If you are also a writer, inspiration is everywhere. It could be looking outside your window and seeing a fall scene that inspires a story, it could be hearing sirens passing outside your house. As a writer, I have to be open to inspiration around me all the time. If I am closed off, I miss opportunities to get ideas. Writer’s block is the worst thing in the world to a writer. I know first hand how frustrating it can be to want to write but feel stuck. One teacher told me that stream of consciousness writing can help you to get out of writer’s block and it can work if you allow yourself to be free of judgment.

XOXO Savvy