Well ok it was only an hour but it felt like a day to me. Time out from the sick clingy 1 year old because if l didn’t I’m sure my nipples were about to fall off. (I’m not kidding). They are his best source of comfort but they are certainly not mine. Don’t get me wrong l love breastfeeding and support any woman in how she chooses to feed her child, but when it’s nearly continuous, you ask yourself how much more can you & your boobs take?

Anyways back to the supermarket or adventure or holiday; whatever you’d like to call it. Reveling in the quietness and wondering if they always played music. Zooming up and down the aisle like you had no cares in the world. Feeling relaxed and excited you can actually read some food labels. Now l know l need to get home to a sick child but the temptation to stay a little longer and drive a little slower on the way home were too overwhelming. He was in good hands with my husband, wasn’t he? Of course, he is. What now you’re feeling guilty about leaving your child with the other parent for 1 hour? For goodness sake mummies need time out.

Awesome, you run into someone you know and stop for a chat. They have their kids with them who are vying for their attention and you’re just feeling a little smug because you only have you to look after! Ahhh the serenity… hmmm pork or beef sausages. The kids need their iron so I choose beef. Hmmm yes full cream milk for the kids. Even though they are not in your presence they are always with you like a fly on a hot summer’s day. You know that’s ok. Even though I wish the fly would go away… I know it will still hang around.

The funny thing is that you don’t mind waiting in queue at the checkout. Actually, it’s like a little rest period where your mind can wonder and your thoughts drift. But then it comes back with a vengeance. Did I feed the fish this morning? I need to take the clothes off the line when I get home. Oh, I must make an appointment for the dentist that I’ve been putting off for the last 6 months. Mindfulness, you think of it now….

Ok if I had the choice going out without the kids, I wouldn’t choose to go to the supermarket. But anywhere alone will do. Even the toilet (that’s if they don’t follow you). But today my outing was able to lift my spirits and recharge my ‘self’ just enough to get through the rest of the day. If you recharge you will be better able to look after yourself and your children. I can’t tell you enough how important this is. Burnout is real and it’s really difficult to deal with. Please don’t get to that stage. Go hang out at the supermarket 🙃


Written By: Fiona from Passionate Parenting