At the baby shower this past weekend one friend said to me, “You can have it all,” when I was telling her about school, Xander, and Jak. I started really thinking about that. Honestly, taking this semester off school has been very difficult for me. The only times I’d ever taken off school in the past was for medical issues or a family emergency. I understand I am pregnant, and will be giving birth around midterms, but I still miss being a student right now.

Jak and I met with his dad this weekend and we were discussing life, our plans, how things are going. I couldn’t help but feel a bit left out because I wasn’t in school and I don’t have a job besides writing for Conscious Talk Magazine, which I love!

I went to John Jay’s site and started looking up what classes were being offered for the Winter and Spring quarter that was online that I would need to finish my Bachelors. Luckily, I found one online class for the winter (which is a sped-up class that lasts 5 weeks) and found two online classes for the spring semester. So I submitted my readmission since if you take one semester off, you just have to hit a submit readmission button when you’re ready to come back. I am going to NYC tomorrow with my dad so I can show them my name change since getting married. Then in two or three weeks, I should be able to sign up for classes. That means by summer I’ll have only about seven classes to take until graduation! Ideally, I’ll take three summer classes if I can.

I am horribly nervous about how I am going to handle classes and Xander, but I am sure Jak and I will figure something out. I just don’t want to “fall behind” any more than I already feel I have. I want to get my Bachelors done and move on to get my Masters in Counseling. I am a highly ambitious person and love learning. I also am so excited for Xander to get here and start getting to know his personality and who is he. I want to be a mom, a student, and eventually, have my career. I do in fact want it all and know that one day I can achieve having it. Getting there will take hard work, determination, organization, and planning, but it can be done. I want to be the best mother and wife, and part of doing that is achieving goals that will make me overall a more productive person and be able to support the family.

XOXO Savvy