I am extremely excited since there are only four weeks left until Xander’s due date. I honestly can’t wait to see him! Jak and I went to a childbirth class this past weekend and feel a million times more confident about the labor process. I am terrified of the pain and the length but at the same time motivated and feel that I have things to comfort me throughout the process. We still have to pack the to go bag. There are so many things that I don’t want to forget. I know Jak will need his own separate bag just for snacks and food to get him through! The one thing he asked about after the childbirth class was over and the instructor asked about if anyone had questions, he asked, “Does the hospital have good coffee?” I laughed because I knew he would ask that.

See, Jak is very particular about his coffee, he only drinks Shearwater coffee (which has amazing coffee!), so when he asked, the instructor actually gave him a very good answer. She told him the worst place to get coffee (which was by the nurse’s station), and the best place to get coffee (the cafeteria), and that the waiting room for families has some decent dark roasts. I could tell Jak was happy with her specificity in answering the question. I knew Jak would be thinking about coffee as something to help him get him through this process.

Throughout the childbirth class, Xander was moving a lot, especially when the instructor was teaching us different positions that would help labor. I felt much better knowing positions that were more comfortable, knowing what types of things that would be helpful to me, like asking for the Jacuzzi room (the hospital has three, so when you call to say you’re heading over you ask to reserve the room if one is available), or using a shower during labor. I wrote down a list of things I figured would be helpful during the different stages of labor, and Jak and I are feeling quite confident about using those comfort methods.

At the OBGYN yesterday the doctor measured Xander, and he is perfectly on track! She estimates him to be about 6 pounds right now, and he is in the correct position for birth, so yay to that! Jak and I still need to get diapers and wipes, and a diaper pail and then I think we are done with getting things for Xander. I was telling Jak that when Xander arrives I think I would miss feeling him inside me. I honestly have to say that when I first felt Xander move months ago, I was a bit freaked out, but now I’ve gotten so used to it that I think it would be strange to not feel something moving around in there. I know Jak still gets shocked at some of Xander’s movements and how strong they are. In fact, Xander was moving a lot the other night and my stomach was against Jak’s back and Jak was like, “Xander, stop kicking me.” It was really cute!

It’s crazy to think that only four more weeks and we will be holding Xander and he will be home with us. I know Jak is getting impatient and wants Xander here now, but I am glad we still have a couple weeks. We can do our best to get a lot of rest, double check our lists, and have some time to practice the positions we learned and try associating certain things with being relaxed so when labor hits I can use those to help keep me relaxed. And as much as we prepare, in the end, I still feel unprepared, which I am sure all parents feel as the due date approaches. One thing one mother told me was that she took it one day at a time and still was learning three months in. I try to remind myself to take it day by day when I get anxious about feeling unprepared and to just breathe.

XOXO Savvy