The next issue of Conscious Talk Magazine is out! There are some really great articles in this issue. I only wrote two articles for this issue, but I am very happy with those articles.

The first article I wrote for this issue is:

Rape in Relationships: What Happens Next?


Rape happens to many people. Most believe that by walking in groups, carrying pepper spray, and being alert to ominous strangers they can prevent rape. Often people let their guard down with the people closest to them; in their minds, those closest are the safest. What if you knew that the most common type of rape is… Click to read the rest.

The second article I wrote is:

“The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse” in Relationships


John Gottman, Ph.D., identified four key behaviors that can lead a relationship to its death. In fact, these behaviors have been shown to be predictors of divorce if not addressed. These four behaviors are destructive to intimacy and trust building, leading to disconnection. If these four behaviors are constants in your relationship, then… Click to read the rest.


I am very proud of all the work that the writers have been doing for CTM! We really have been putting our heart and soul into our work, so check out this issue!

XOXO Savvy