In relationships and marriage, the goal is to be working as a team. In life, there are many challenges that you will face, and having your partner there to support you and encourage you is so important. Whether there is a job change, loss in the family, or the birth of a child, being each other’s rock is essential. There is nothing more comforting than knowing your partner has your back, won’t judge you and will be cheering you on during those hard times.

I know for Jak and I, at the moment, we are expecting Xander at any time. This past weekend I honestly thought I was going to be heading to the hospital a couple times because of the pressure and pain that I assume he was causing by pushing down (at least that’s how it felt). The doctors told me that I can’t go into the hospital unless I am having painful contractions 5 minutes apart for 2 hours and can’t talk or breathe through them. Now, I have been having contractions since Wednesday not painful ones, but some have been intense. Jak has stayed by my side since Thursday. This weekend, the pushing/pressure pain was something newer and much more intense. I honestly am not sure what is happening and it’s been quite scary to be in so much pain, thinking I have to keep my legs closed to keep him in there haha. Jak has been my rock during this, and it’s been so calming. Knowing he is there, holding my hand, telling me everything’s okay, is reassuring and I know I am able to get through those strange pressure/pushing pains (and three of them were enough to stop me in my tracks, and be screaming!) I know that I’ve been Jak’s rock at times, and it’s nice knowing that he is able to be mine in a time where I am feeling vulnerable and scared. That sense of trust, that the person you love is there is the best feeling.

When one partner is going through something and the other is strong, all that means is doing things that can alleviate or help them during a tough time. Whether that is being someone to talk things out with, or them helping you get an assignment done for a deadline, they are there, encouraging and supporting you in the way you need it. If you aren’t sure what they need, then ask. They might not know, and that’s okay, just being there offering support can go a long way. If you are there, holding them, supporting them, or encouraging them, then you are being their rock and that means the world to them during a tough or stressful time.

XOXO Savvy