Happy Thanksgiving to those who are celebrating the holiday! I hope you all are having a wonderful time with your families and friends. 

Xander is still not here for Thanksgiving, but hopefully, he will be here soon! Yesterday, in fact, we thought he was going to be here! That’s why I didn’t post a “Mom Wednesday” post, Jak and me were at the hospital because I was having contractions every 3-5 min apart and it had been going on for a while with lots of pain. We got to the hospital and they monitored and checked me, and they wanted me to stay and walk for two hours to see if anything changed. Things did change, but not dramatically enough. I am 2.5-3 cm and 70-80% effaced, so until I am between 4-6 cm and in excruciating pain, I shouldn’t go to the hospital. Things slowed down later in the day and I took a nap and rested in case things started up again. 

This Thanksgiving we are spending it at our house. My mom even was debating on not making Thanksgiving dinner in case I did go into labor enough so that the hospital would admit me. I told her to make dinner since I didn’t think anything drastic would happen, so she is upstairs making dinner right now and it smells delicious! I can’t wait until this evening to spend time with family!

XOXO Savvy

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