Three weeks in, I am feeling much better than I was at the beginning. I’ve gotten down the hang of taking care of Xander and getting work done (for the most part!). I am still learning how to balance everything. 

During the day, I’ve learned to try to get the most important things done right after I feed Xander since it will be two or so hours before Xander starts to cry again. The weekdays blur since it’s the same routine. Wake up, change and feed him, put him down, try to get writing done (for MM&M, CTM, or the Secret Project). It can be hard to concentrate though if Xander has a fussy day. Those days I feel bad since I don’t know what could be wrong if I’ve tried everything to calm him. Luckily those days are the rarity. Though today is one of those days, hence why this post is being posted later than usual, it’s been nonstop. 

Given that I’ve been promoted to Deputy Editor for the Sex & Relationships column, I’ve felt a bit anxious but mainly excited to take on the new role. New responsibilities with that role, balancing Xander, Blog, Secret Project, Jak, the house, the cats… it’s never ending! I don’t always get it right, and there are days where I can’t accomplish everything. Those are just the things in my immediate family/life. 

I’ve also learned that the second you become a mom it’s suddenly like everyone needs something from you. I can’t tell you how many times my phone goes off a day now with someone needing something. There are times I just can’t get to my phone because I’m taking care of Xander. Days where my phones blowing up are days where I start to feel a bit overwhelmed. Those days I often don’t have a second to myself to do what I personally needed to do. 

I used to be not so great at multitasking but I am quickly learning to be better at that. I’ve learned that I can be in the middle of an article, blog post, chapter, and have to be sending out work emails, or texting, or also checking over emails that come in. It makes getting things done a little slower, but usually, it gets done. It’s really a change for me since I was someone who always did one thing, checked it off, then continued to the next task. 

It’s an adjustment, with a learning curve, but I learn every day something new in how to handle everything that life throws at me. I think I’ve learned coffee is my new best friend over the past couple weeks!

XOXO Savvy