So you want to know if being a Stay-at-Home Mom or Dad is right for you?

Hi, my name is Anna Havens (from Momma Bird Blog). I just want to thank Savannah for letting me guest post! I am a Stay-at-Home Mom of 3 little boys. It is honestly so hard, but I love being with my family. And like many other things, there is a sacrifice to choosing this lifestyle.

If you’re thinking of staying home with the kids, answer these 10 questions:

  1. Is your child nursing or does she have special health needs?
  2. Does your spouse work weird hours, long days, or is gone a lot?
  3. Would you like to be more available for doctor’s appointments, play dates, and visiting friends and family?
  4. Would you like to watch your child grow up, missing very little of his developmental milestones?
  5. Do you like to spend quality time teaching your child preschool activities?
  6. Is your daily routine too hectic?
  7. Would you like to snuggle with your child longer?
  8. Are you okay with using your free time to get laundry and dishes done to get ahead?
  9. Would you mind saving in other areas so you don’t have the cost of childcare?
  10. Most importantly, if you do the figuring and cut out extra expenses, is this something you can afford?


Now staying home isn’t for everyone.

And don’t feel bad about the way you answered these questions. We all love our children dearly. But if you can find a way to afford it by cutting costs, and you answered “yes” to most questions, it’s something to consider. 


How do you know if you shouldn’t stay home?

According to the American Psychological Association, women who tend to stay home are at a higher risk of depression. So if you have a history of depression or are feeling too alone, you may want to choose to forgo staying in.

Another reason might be that you can’t leave your career for fear that you would entirely lose a job or career.

Maybe you don’t want to. You want to feel like more of an individual and prefer being in the office with other adults.

And one of the main reasons you might not be able to be a Stay-at-Home parent is because you can’t afford it!


Our family has made lots of sacrifices in order for me to be home with the kids. Often we don’t; eat out, go on shopping sprees, go on out-of-state vacations, and various other forms of luxury.

Our family of 5 was living off of one income at one point. However, once my husband left his military job, I had to get a little part-time job to help out. And still, we sacrifice those luxurious things.


Because I don’t want to pay someone to watch my kids all day. But, once they are in school I would gladly take a full-time or almost full-time position! And being next to my kids as they play and giggle will feel like a distant memory. However, then we will be able to go on some really neat vacations and discover life together.

There really is no right or wrong answer to staying home or not staying home.

If you can be with your kids and it makes you happy, do it!


Anna Havens is a stay-at-home-mom of 3 little boys, military wife, and blogger (on Momma Bird Blog and SCCVB). Momma Bird Blog focuses on the parenting lifestyle and early child learning. Momma Bird Blog is dedicated to frugal living tips, recipe ideas, kids activities, and more!