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Making a baby registry was something I avoided for awhile while I was pregnant. The thought of trying to weed out the good products from the cheap ones overwhelmed me. With the help of my mom and other moms, I was able to figure out exactly what I needed on the registry (or just in general that I wanted to buy). So I am going to write about the “must have” items I had on my registry that I absolutely love having! 

  • Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor with Interchangeable Optical Lens
    • This baby monitor has been one of my favorite items! We didn’t end up getting it until a few weeks in (and looking back I wished I had gotten it sooner!). The camera range is amazing! My parents have a house with a total of four floors and the house is very long. The camera range is 3 floors and can go a really nice distance. The night vision on the camera is very impressive. I also love that you can adjust the contrast, you can zoom, add in other camera’s and lenses as well! To me, this has been the most versatile camera. You can even mount it on your wall!
  • Halo – Swivel Sleeper Bassinet Premiere Series with 100 Cotton Fitted Sheet – Harmony Circles
    • I am in love with this bassinet! I remember trying to figure out whether we wanted a bassinet or just go for a cradle. Given our bedroom isn’t the biggest, we figured a bassinet that could be easily moved around was our best bet. I love how you can swivel the bassinet around and the height is adjustable which is great since we have a high bed! The bassinet also plays tunes, white noise, and has a night light! I am nothing less than impressed with this item that we got from our registry.
  • Stork Craft Custom Hoop Glider and Ottoman, White/Slate Gray Swirl
    • I originally wasn’t sure if we needed a rocking chair, but my mother reminded me of how much I loved it when I was a baby. It took me a while to find one I thought would be good, but not only do I love this but my son and husband love it too! The chair is so comfy, honestly, I’ve almost fallen asleep in it! My son, Xander loves when we rock him to sleep on the fussy nights, and my husband Jak loves sitting in it because it’s probably one of the comfiest pieces of furniture we have!
  • Ultra Soft Hooded Baby Towel and Washcloth Set, 100% Organic Bamboo, Super Absorbent Baby Bath Towel with Hood for Boys & Girls
    • I remember looking for a bath towel because I remember my “blankie” as a kid was originally a bath towel. I remember how much I loved that blankie and loved wearing it on my head and the softness. I wanted my son to be able to have a very soft bath towel that is gentle on the skin, and found this highly recommended. This is one of the softest bath towels I’ve ever felt, Xander gets dried off quickly and likes to just be wrapped up in it after getting his bath.
  • Chicco Bravo Travel System, Orion
    • This was one of the most important choices a parent can make, finding the safest car seat. This car seat actually clicks right into the stroller that is made for it! This makes traveling quick and efficient, which is important when baby starts crying and wants to get inside or have food! My dad took out the car seat base because he was taking my car, and he told me he by kicked it down the stairs by accident and he worried he broke it. He picked it up and not a scratch on it! This is very durable, has great safety ratings, and has been so nice when going places. The stroller is smooth and turns easily. It even has a cup holder, and the handle is adjustable for height and has a great storage area underneath. I highly recommend this set as something a new parent must have!
  •  Skip Hop Uplift Multi-Level Adjustable Bouncer, Grey
    • Xander is in love with his bouncer, it’s the first place he wants to be when he wakes up in the morning. He doesn’t want to lay down in his bassinet at 12 weeks, he wants to be upright taking in everything around him. Whenever Xander gets fussy during the day, he wants to go in this and be bounced while the sounds are playing (birds, ocean, and lullaby tunes) and the vibration is on. I definitely recommend this item. It’s not too heavy, and can easily be moved around, and the height is adjustable, which is great when moving around to different tables and desks!

There are many more items you would want to put on your registry, but these are my top choices of must-have items. These items have proven to be durable, sturdy, can be moved around without much hassle, and just has made life more enjoyable for Xander and my husband and I.

XOXO Savvy