The decision of getting a pet for your home is one difficult call to make, especially if you are already burdened with too many responsibilities. No matter what the husband or kids say, deep down we mums do know that taking care of the new family member will be our job. Before making the call, you need to weigh the pros and cons. Of course, the cuteness is irresistible, but a pet can do much more than just that. A new pet can help bring your family closer and improve the bond between members.

These days in most families, members have limited interaction with each other due to different working hours, busy schedules, and then thanks to social media that keeps us all hooked. Once you get a pet this changes as now, the family has a shared subject of interest. For instance, if you get a dog, you and your kids can go together to walk him around the park. It would provide you an opportunity to interact with your kids and have a heart to heart conversation, especially with the teenagers. Those who are off to college and are away from home would frequently call to check on their furry friend.

Let me share my personal experiences with you guys; we are a family of four with two dogs, Malt, and Charlie and a cat that we adopted last year, Oscar. Since I have always been fond of animals, I wanted my kids to grow up around pets as I knew how beneficial it would be for them. Michael (the husband) wasn’t a big fan of pets. Five years ago when I told him I met a cute dog at the shelter, he immediately refused the idea of bringing another one home as we already had Malt. But I couldn’t help it (I had fallen in love with Charlie) and ended up making the call on my own. Honestly, it was hard work, all of it, from getting Charlie to settle in the house, to explaining Michael why I made the decision, but it was all worth it. Our house has benefitted so much from the decision I made. The kids have become much more responsible, they manage the vet visits and make sure the pets are always fed,  have access to clean water and aren’t bored. They help me prepare food for our dogs and Oscar; this has become a family activity now, which brings us all into the kitchen. Since they have to work together as a team to care for the animals, their communication has evolved.

When any of these adorable devils are up to some adventure, we all gather together and watch, or someone records it, and it becomes the topic of discussion for the entire family. It provides us with laughter, and the video is repeated multiple times until we find another antic to record. Michael and I have grown close to each other as we have another fun topic to discuss than just errands, chores and bills. We talk about each decision regarding the pets and share our responsibilities. We have divided the chief duties amongst ourselves as the kids are often busy with their schedules. When one of us is working, the other steps up to take charge; it’s like the beginning of parenthood all over again.

Above all these creatures have taught us the meaning of unconditional love. The kids have become patient; just a month ago Oscar chewed Brian’s new headphones that he got as a present. When I found out I was pretty sure that Brian would have a breakdown and it’s going to be a huge family drama, but his reaction took me by surprise. He did shout a little at Oscar but immediately apologized. This was when I knew that my decision of adopting these fur balls was the best one ever. They have not only brought our family closer but have taught us kindness, compassion and brought immense joy and happiness to our home.




Jenny Perkins is an Animal Behavior Specialist and a passionate writer. She loves to write about the nutrition, health, and care of dogs. She aims at providing tips to dog owners that can help them become better pet parents. She writes for the blog Here Pup.