Everybody knows how expensive raising a child can be. We focus on the cost of clothing, food, childcare, education, etc. But not many of us think about the expense that hits us at the time of delivery. It’s the first bill you receive after childbirth that eats up a huge sum of your insurance. How about you get to know the 5 secrets to save money on baby delivery costs?

The epidural bill, hospital room bill, doctor’s fee, and what not. You end up spending thousands of precious dollars. But the good news here is that you can save some of it. Simply by educating yourself a little!

After all, spending money on overnight diapers or postpartum pads after childbirth is important. So, you might as well discover some secrets to save money at the time of delivery.

5 Secrets to Saving Money on Baby Delivery Costs

#1 Look for an inexpensive delivery doctor



During the first trimester, shop around a little. Not for products but for delivery doctors. Some of these medical professionals charge flat rates. And more often than not, they provide you with all the information you need during the first visit itself.

But it’s important to do this before the first semester ends. As the greater part of doctors don’t take in new patients once that pregnancy stage passes.

If the doctor says that he/she is going to charge as much as $4,500, it only makes sense to look around. Unless you haven’t used the words “baby on the way and no money!”

[YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zqjU9_LqNZI]

#2 Skip unnecessary procedures and tests


If you’re a first timer, then I don’t blame you for following your doctor’s advice. Without any hesitation! I mean he/she does have a proper medical license. And you don’t. So, the temptation is quite out there.

But here’s the problem with that. Doctors see hundreds of such patients on a yearly basis. So, they are more inclined toward basing their practice on habit. Instead of personal demands and requirements! Doesn’t that sound like a rational assumption?

Doctors customarily recommend as many as three ultrasounds. But what you actually need is only a single ultrasound. They might suggest extra genetic screenings or vaccines as well. But you can, without reluctance, ditch them.

Let me try to explain this better. Feeling tired during pregnancy is only common. So, it does seem a bit odd if your doctor recommends blood tests for thyroid and anemia at such times. Even though your symptoms don’t point in that direction at all! So, my advice to you would be to decline politely if you find these tests unnecessary.

But don’t opt out of the necessary procedures just because you want to save some dollars. Feel free to discuss anything with your doctor. After all, he/she will help you understand the difference between essential and additional tests.

#3 Consider a natural childbirth


Expect the cost of pregnancy to reduce drastically if you decide to have a drug-free, natural birth. Although this kind is not right for every pregnant woman. You have to be physically and mentally prepared for something like that. But it’s hard not to mention how you end up saving thousands if you opt for it.

Epidurals cost anywhere between $1,000 and $2,000. But here’s another delivery fact. More often than not, epidurals result in C-sections. This suggests that women who don’t choose epidurals undergo a quicker and easier recovery after birth. And such a recovery means a cheaper and shorter hospital stay. So, the outcome is fewer dollars spent on medications for pain.

In short, pick your battles wisely.

#4 Find out everything about the hospital billing method


A single day doesn’t necessarily mean 24 hours starting from your check-in time.

Not many of us feel like it’s important to ask questions related to the way hospitals bill. If you want to know how to save money on delivery, here are some questions you should pause to ask.

  • How long do I need to stay after childbirth?
  • Are my meal and my husband’s meal included?
  • Does the hospital charge extra for pain medication, pads, and diapers?
  • Are the newborn screenings a part of the price? Or do I have to pay for them separately?
  • How soon will I receive the bill once my baby’s out?

#5 If it’s a boy, skip circumcision

The health benefits of circumcision are out there and everybody knows about them. But that doesn’t mean skipping circumcision is an unhealthy option.

The choice is purely a personal one. If the procedure has a lot to do with culture or religion, then that matters more than saving money.

However, the truth remains that circumcision costs an additional $400 to $500. And that your uncircumcised baby boy will be absolutely healthy.

The End of the Money Saving Baby Tips!

So, these are my 5 secrets to saving money on baby delivery costs. I have tried to relate all of them to my personal experiences. You can rest assured knowing that I’m not shooting in the dark.

Babies are adorable, there’s no denying that. But at the same time, there’s no denying how expensive they can be. However, you don’t necessarily have to pay more just because others are doing the same thing. Keep that in mind.

Do you have any more such useful tips to offer? What do you think about adopting these methods to save some dollars? I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback. So, don’t think twice before reaching for the comments section.


Written by: Barbara Davis

Barbara Davis is the only person responsible for planning and directing Mom Trusted Choice. The success of this platform is the result of her genuine interest in the well-being of pregnant women and mothers. She writes only after conducting thorough research. So, you can save energy and time when trying to locate the right products and suggestions.


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