What, I’m pregnant?! – That small, yet powerful realization in my mind, as I stared at my pregnancy test for the millionth time, had me excited, yet stunned. I was shocked to be sitting there and having been only married for a few months. While my husband and I had planned to start a family soon, I thought maybe after a year or so. Boy, was the universe trying to tell me something different!  

Looking back, it’s been a little over a year since I found out and my life has truly changed for the better. That doesn’t mean there haven’t been times of hardship, but I wouldn’t change my circumstances for a thing. By sharing my experiences with you, I hope that if you are expecting a baby in your first year of marriage as well you can find some comfort in my words and advice.


Communication is Key

In the first year of marriage, communicating with one’s spouse is very important to have a healthy, and happy marriage. Now add a pregnancy and welcoming a little one on top of that and you can imagine the major learning curve that two people go through in just one year. I have learned it is much better to speak up and say what is on one’s mind rather than bottle up your thoughts and wait for your partner to say something.


You Will Cry Oh So Much

Tears of joy and sadness come your way often. I wish someone would have told me that feeling so emotional in my first year of marriage as a pregnant woman and new mom was normal. With so much change in your life, try to embrace how you are feeling rather than push your emotions away.


Lean On Your Spouse

Often in times of stress or change, it can be ever so easy to become frustrated with the one you are closest within other words your life partner. PLEASE remember that blaming someone else for your frustration about something or worries will only make you feel more overwhelmed. Expecting a baby in your first year of marriage is truly a blessing and at times if you feel overcome with emotion, lean on your spouse.


Be A Team


Now this one is coming from my husband. One of the things he told me when we first were together was that we were a team now and needed to act like it. Bringing your little one into the world during a new marriage will rely on you and your partner working together for positive outcomes.


You Will Get Up Close and Personal

Childbirth brings a whole new element to your partner understanding your physical and emotional needs during a stressful time. You and your partner will become additionally close by going through having a baby when you are newly married. While you may not feel 100% comfortable at first showing your spouse your pain, it is perfectly okay and you will learn that marriage is not always glamorous.


It Will Test Your Relationship, But Make You Stronger

Whether planned or not, having a baby in your first year of marriage is an event that will forever change your way of life. In the end, I have found strength in my relationship with my husband that I never even knew could exist by going through change.

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Written by: Athena

Hi, I’m Athena. I’m a mom to a sweet baby boy, happy wife, and lover of the outdoors. I blog about all things motherhood, lifestyle hacks, and travel at Little Mountain Mommy. I truly enjoy sharing my stories and encouraging you to live your best life! When I’m not blogging with a warm cup of coffee in hand you can usually find me on my next mommy and me adventure with my husband and little one exploring the mountains of Idaho which we call home.

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