Hey guys! Those on my email subscriber list already know that Facebook Live will be a part of Millennials New Year. My question to all of you guys who are reading, follow or are new to Millennial is what questions do you want answered?

I’ll be doing Facebook Live regarding relationships in 2019. I am looking to make sure that I answer your burning questions for when I do a Facebook Live on the following topics.¬†Here are some (not all) of the topics I’ll be addressing (in no particular order):

  • Fixing a Relationship: Who Has More Power Over The Fate?
  • In Love versus Love: Why it Matters
  • The Definition of Cheating
  • Trust and Betrayals: Earning Trust in Broken Relationships
  • Healthy versus Unhealthy Communication
  • Love Languages: Why They Matter
  • Addiction in Relationships
  • Health and the Affects on Relationships
  • When Kids Enter The Picture (and How To Cope!)
  • What Does Love Mean (and How To Express It)
  • How to Have a Mutually Satisfying Sex Life
  • Q & A for Jak and Me on how we have handled our own challenges (relating to my anorexia, his porn addiction, addiction in general, sexual trauma, having a kid in the first year of marriage, etc.)
  • Sexual Trauma and it’s Affects on Relationships
  • How to Create Intimacy in Your Relationship
  • Porn Addiction: The Signs and How To Rebuild Your Relationship
  • Going from “I” to “We”: The Importance of Having a Team Mentality
  • The Cost of Lying in Relationships
  • Talking About Tough Topics in Relationships: How To Do It Gracefully
  • Are They Really “The One”?
  • Myths That Hurt Your Relationships
  • The Importance of Long-Term Romance

There will be much more, but these are just to get you psyched for the Lives in the New Year. With the above topics in mind, what are the specifics you want to know more about? Is there something I didn’t list that you want a Facebook Live on?

Let me know by leaving a comment or you can email me at savannah@millennialmrsandmom.com with the subject, “Facebook Live” with the topics and questions you want to hear about!

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