I HATE flowers. I HATE THEM. I think they are the most stupid pointless gift. I don’t know why people buy something for someone that dies. So, what if they look pretty. They only look pretty for 3 days and then you throw them away. You don’t eat them, they serve No purpose. They don’t sit as a fixed appliance or decor unless you keep replacing them (which is a Scam!) Really… What is The Point?? But… I get it… Women like them. They are pretty. They smell nice. Look nice… Even for a moment.

Men bring them because they think that you look pretty and you smell good and deserve good smelling pretty things like you, right? I have never gotten flowers. I have gotten A Flower.

Once. Waaaay back in time and it wasn’t a big deal. I’m not a “Flower girl.” I’m not a “chocolate girl” or a “Valentine’s Date” sort. Not the Rom-Com Gal Pal. I was surprised when my husband came home with a beautiful orchid the other day.

“Just because” – He said.

“Okay” – I said back.

It doesn’t fill my Love Cup or do anything special for me, he knows.

“It made me think of you” – he told me.


It really didn’t hit me. It didn’t. Until later, when my daughter saw the flowers. Her face lit up like it does on Christmas morning – “beautiful flowers!” – she exclaimed – “where did they come from?”

“Daddy got them for me” – I told her

“Daddy did? WHHHYY??”

“Just because”

“WOW! how special! This is the flower Juliet got from Gnomeo! Like in the movie!” – she beamed

That’s when it hit me. My husband knew (and is perfectly okay with) my not needing flowers, and he understood my reaction and he loves me anyway. My daughter, however, is forever imprinted with a new reality on relationships now, she’s looking at how men treat women, looking at how her father is treating me…whether I like flowers or not is irrelevant. I’m so glad she has learned this! 

That women are special and deserve to be treated kindly. She will grow up wanting this sort of kindness. It’s Literally the best gift for her future, her father could ever give her. Men should want to be Kind to their women. Why? Just because! Because we chose this other person as our Special person, that’s why! That’s the important part! It doesn’t need to be more complicated than that! What have you done for your significant other today – Just Because? My kids are always going to remember my flowers. Now…. I will too.