Relationships can be tricky. Whether you are dealing with love relationships, friendships, family relationships, or relationships with co-workers, problems frequently arise between two or more people. How you handle those problems individually and together will determine the strength and duration of your relationship.

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There are a lot of things that you can do to help you overcome the obstacles that can crop up in relationships. From focusing on communication to compromise, it really does take two to tango. However, if you have noticed the same problems cropping up in all of your relationships, you may need to take a closer look at your own contributions to those relationships and situations.

Communication is Key

Knowing how to communicate with your partner, family, or friends is an important step in improving relationships. If you are not an effective communicator, you will not be able to contribute to resolving issues or arguments that may arise. Communication in relationships is as much about truly listening as it is being able to explain your own thoughts and feelings.

Telehealth counselors can help you learn where you are failing as a communicator and help you to improve. They can go over arguments or scenarios with you and help you understand how communication plays a role, and what you might have done differently to improve the situation or relationship.

Recognizing Patterns

Telehealth therapists can also help you recognize patterns in your relationships. There may be a pattern in how one particular relationship continues to play out. These patterns could be a problem that you are causing, a problem the other person is causing, or simply an incompatibility issue. A professional therapist can help you examine the relationship from all sides to discover the truth and help you make a plan for improvement.

Sometimes there may be a pattern to be found in all of your current and past relationships. When a pattern emerges with all relationships, it is a sign that you may have some things to work on yourself. You may not be communicating well, you may be quick to temper, or you may be making other mistakes again and again in your relationships. Often when such a pattern emerges it is not something that you would be able to recognize or control on your own, but a therapist can help.

How to Use Telehealth

There are a lot of options for telehealth these days. Telehealth services such as BetterHelp allow you to talk to a licensed therapist or counselor wherever and whenever it is convenient for you. With such convenient access, there is really no reason to avoid therapy if it can help. Therapists can give you advice on how to proceed in your relationships, teach you what is healthy in relationships, and help you make a plan for the future of your relationships with others and with yourself. For more information about how telehealth and therapy can help you in your relationships, click here for helpful articles.



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