I always dreamed of working from home with my kids. Make money and not miss my kids growing up? Sign me up! And once I had twins, it became more of a need over a dream. No one wants to pay for twins in daycare!

When I first started working at home, my twins were 2 months old and they took big, long naps multiple times a day, which gave me multiple uninterrupted hours of work each day. But as they grew older, their naps shortened and their levels of energy increased. This left me wondering when and how I was going to work at home without losing my mind.

I started asking other moms how they did it, but I noticed there was a big difference between myself and them: they had one tiny human to entertain while I had two – two tiny humans that work together to destroy your home in a blink of an eye.

But through trial and error, I discovered a few ways to successfully work at home with twins toddlers.


Tip #1: Find Your Sweet Hour

Similar to finding your sweet spot, but you are finding your sweet time to work. Are you a night owl? Early riser? Use this to your advantage.

I am not going to tell you to wake up early to get more stuff done because in reality, it wouldn’t work for me. However, staying up until 1am works wonders for me. I work the best between 10pm to 1am. Your sweet spot might be from 4am – 6am.

Find that sweet spot and use it to your advantage. Because us twin mamas know there isn’t often quiet time in our homes.

Tip #2: Random Bath Times

Toddler moms can usually get away with their toddler playing on their own for 20-30 min. But as a twin mom, we know that is a very rare occurrence. Two toddlers together often mean destruction in seconds.

But all toddlers love bath time. Need to get some work in? Toss the kids in the bath with some bath crayons and floating ducks. You can sit on the floor with your computer and work while watching them entertain each other. Not only are they contained, they are also entertained.

Tip #3: Pay Someone

Sometimes we just have to bring in help. You don’t need someone all day nor do you need someone every day. But if you can get someone to come in for a couple hours a day once or twice a week, you will get quite a bit of work done.

I have someone help me out twice a week, and I overload my meetings and client calls during those times. I can talk to my clients while someone else takes care of my kids for a few hours. Win-win.

Tip #4: Take It Outside

We work remotely so we can do just that – work remotely. So grab your laptop and head outside. The kids can play in the backyard while you get some work in at the patio table.

Another benefit from this one? They will be more worn out and you might can get a longer nap in.

Tip #5: Embrace the Craziness

Mama, you are a mom of twins. Of all people who can appreciate craziness, it is you. And working from home is no different.

Some days you just aren’t going to get as much done as you need to. Your kids want you, they need you, and they need your undivided attention. Shut your computer down, turn your phone off, and get on the floor.

If you can give them an hour of your undivided attention, I promise you that they will let you get a few more hours of work in afterward. As for the toys everywhere, the laundry that needs done, the dishes that are piling up. It is ok! You are a working mom, raising twins, and running a household. You are already a rockstar! Embrace the craziness and enjoy this chapter.

Working at home can be exhausting. Raising twins is exhausting. Add them together and it can be downright debilitating.

But it is also extremely rewarding. As tired as we are, us twin moms also know how lucky we are to be front row for this loving, unique relationship. And working from home lets us experience it every day.


Written by: Sandi Griffith

Website Designer and Social Media Manager – Sandi uses her skills to take the guesswork out of leveraging technology to increase visibility for businesses to grow online.  Her carefully crafted plans to keep her clients visible and relevant help her clients achieve their dreams through real, authentic connections on social media platforms across the board!