God, if only I could restrict,
Until I’m fucking sick.
Then Cut as foreplay,
With the Big O a Burn away.
Drink and dance my getaway,
pass out until light of day.

When sun arrives
I’ll be only half alive.
Zombified by the trauma of life
Not one day was I his wife.
Day to day routines,
make you wanna scream.

Darkness falls,
Up come the walls.



Married and Alone,
I’ll simply turn to bones
escape pain, starvation of the soul.
Round we go, will I ever be whole?

Not a day goes by
where I don’t lie.
Wear my heart on my sleeve
be broken when he deceives.
Autopilot hits,
until it goes to shit.

Self-Destruction is our fate
As he’s always too late.
Try as he must
But he always lusts.

Alone in my bed
Alive but dead.
Suicide hits
Makes me wanna quit.
Drinks and baths
Living with a psychopath.

Demons in my head
Whispers embed.
Choose life or death
I take my last breath.
Red rivers ahead
on my deathbed.