Do you think yoga is a tad overrated? Well, you might change your opinion once you read this article. Yoga, as you know, has so much goodness to offer. From, weight loss to heart health, it does it all. But, we bet you did not know that it can amp up your sex life. Research states that an hour of yoga every day can result in prolonged ejaculation and enhances your overall sexual performance.

Basically, stamina is the capability to engage in strenuous activities for longer than usual. The activity can be that which strains your muscles such as a marathon, workout, yoga, or sex. In the context of sex, stamina is the ability to last longer in bed and engage in sex positions that are considered strenuous for an extended duration.

Stamina is essential during sex because it acts as a spice that adds to the taste of your sexual experience. Furthermore, stamina is an aspect that both men and women should intentionally work on to boost their physical endurance and improve the flexibility of their bodies. Besides acting as a natural medication for several body diseases, yoga is a powerful aphrodisiac that increases your sexual desires.

Additionally, research has confirmed that yoga exercises are effective at treating erectile dysfunctions and orgasm problems. In this article, you will learn how yoga improves your sexual stamina and adds flavor to your sex life.


How Yoga For Sex Benefits Your Sexual Stamina


  1. Yoga Improves Your Overall Flexibility

 Sex is an activity that demands great flexibility. For this reason, it necessary for you to engage in positions that will help you enjoy sex to the fullest. For instance, the happy baby yoga position is efficient at helping you relax during sex and also facilitates the opening up of your hip muscles. In this manner, you will be more flexible during sex, and your sexual activity will be transformed into a breathtaking experience.


  1. Yoga Boosts Your Personal Confidence

Having a positive outlook of yourself is also vital for sex to be a fantastic experience. On top of helping you have a healthy body, yoga makes your skin glow and magnifies your sexual appeal. In light of this fact, you will be more comfortable in your skin, an aspect that will make you have a better experience.


  1. Yoga Helps You Control Your Ejaculations

Anxiety is a great killer that has adversely affected so many sexual relationships. Recent research has proven that for someone to experience better orgasms, stress and anxiety should be well managed before, during, and after sex. Yoga fills this gap by empowering you to have control over your kegel muscles. Kegel’s muscles are responsible for controlling ejaculations and orgasms. The more you have control of your kegel muscles, the higher the likelihood of you enjoying longer and satisfying sex.


  1. Yoga For Sex Strengthens Your Body

Yoga is a great exercise that helps to strengthen your body muscles that are most active during sex. From building up your spine to enhancing the strength of your pelvic muscles, yoga has proven to be an exercise worth engaging in. According to fitness studies, yoga reinforces the power of your hip joints and knee joints, and this improves your overall stamina during sex.


  1. Yoga For Sex Boosts Your Sexual Desire

Low libido is a big spoiler for sexual experiences. However, yoga connects your mind and body, helping you to manage anxiety and eliminate self-imposed mental barriers. Science has confirmed that anxiety and depression increase the levels of cortisol, a stress hormone in your body. Higher concentrations of cortisol lead to suppression of sex hormones, causing your libido to drop. On the contrary, yoga promotes the production of more sex hormones by reducing anxiety and increasing your sexual desires.


Yoga Poses For Better Sexual Stamina

 This part will help you understand the proven yoga poses that are bound to re-ignite your libido and improve your sexual experiences.

  1. Happy Baby Pose- The happy baby pose is effective during the missionary sex position. The pose helps in improving the flexibility of your hip muscles.
  2. Corpse Pose- In this pose, you lie flat on your back. The pose helps you to let go of stress and depression for a better sexual experience.
  3. Lotus Pose- The pose is an excellent position for helping you during meditation. Meditation enables you to weaken and let go of negative emotions that are inhibiting your sex life.
  4. Eagle Pose- The eagle pose helps to increase the rate of blood circulation around your pelvic region. In this manner, your pelvic muscles will be enriched with oxygen and body nutrients for incredible sex action.
  5. Cat Pose/ Cow Pose- These two poses go hand in hand, and they are effective at helping your spine relax. On top of that, the two poses can guarantee great orgasms during rear entry sex.


As the saying goes, an active body translates to a proactive mind. And, yoga is best at that. To keep your mind, body, and soul engaged. It helps you strike a balance physically, mentally, and emotionally. Now that you know yoga not only tones your body, but it can also fire up your sex life, what are you waiting for? Embrace this fitness style and pave the path for a healthier life.


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