When you are recovering from porn addiction and betrayal trauma, the importance of getting expert help cannot be understated. Making your priority number one is the way to overcome your addiction and trauma and reconstruct your new relationship.

One of the things that helped me immensely in recovery was getting into a support group. I not only was able to feel validated, but I was able to make amazing connections, and we all got to learn from each other what worked and didn’t work.

I wanted to share with you different types of support groups you can get involved in, and the pros and cons that can come along with them so you can figure out what type of help is best for you!


Today I Challenge You to make Recovery Priority Number 1 by finding a support group!

We at The Mod have a Betrayal Trauma AND a Porn Addiction support group and we have an Early Bird Sale going on RIGHT NOW! Ends in 2 days!! Check our groups out! If you get on my calendar by July 17th you will still qualify for the Early Bird Sale!

Enjoy your week and keep up the recovery efforts!

Always here for you,

Savannah Esposito – CEO | Relationship & Recovery Coach