That seems to be the compelling questions over Masturbation. Is there such a thing? There is a whole lot of debate surrounding this very subject. So, dig in, take a look, and add clarity so that you can make an informed decision, and decide for yourself.

A Necessary Distinction

Yes, pornography may be a problem of addiction. But that’s not really the underlying problem. If we follow the trail of addiction, examine it very closely, what we would find is that the pornography addiction, in and of itself, isn’t the root of the problem. It’s only a symptom. Peeling back the layers like an onion, generally speaking, the problem is several layers beneath pornography. The pornography addiction services the addiction to masturbation. The masturbation addiction services the addiction to orgasm. The orgasm addiction services the addiction to dopamine. Dopamine is at the core of it. When the dopamine is finally released, the cycle is all but complete, aside from the cortisol dump that goes along with it, but we really don’t need to get into that level of detail here. The addiction to dopamine fuels and spawns the other addictions leading up to it. And oftentimes, there are also other addictions that also coincide and contribute to it as well. In the end, the addiction is to dopamine, but all of it is spawned and originates by the seeds planted by the wounds that were sowed there long before.

About The Internet

When we embark on a mission to support our own agenda, we often search solely for sources to sustain it. It’s a natural progression and reaction for us because we all want to believe that what we know is right, real, and true to us. For example, if I want to search for examples of an anti-masturbation campaign, there will be just as many resources that will appear for pro-masturbation. This is why I subscribe to the belief:

“Don’t believe anything you see, hear, or read, unless it is something that you already know to be true, or you have taken the time to research it for yourself.”

This should truly resonate with all of us, as the internet is so littered with (mis)information. 

As we go about talking about this discrepancy, it is important to note:

  1. Just because your resource is a very well known, well established, reputable, and I use that term loosely, publication, doesn’t mean that the content that comes from it is. Corroborating evidence needs to support it.
  2. Beware of those of celebrity status whose own lives are an unmitigated disaster offering up relationship, or worse, addiction advice who haven’t exactly been living by example.
  3. Just because the author has a Pulitzer Prize, doesn’t mean they are an authoritarian on the subject. It means they are an exceptionally good writer.
  4. Beware of those who preach one thing but do another (i.e. politicians). That may seem intuitively obvious, but not always.
  5. Pay attention to where, within a resource, you’re getting your information. If it  comes from the “Opinion” Section, it is an opinion; not fact. Sometimes, even when an article is portrayed as fact, it isn’t. A lot of periodicals have pools of writers, many of them syndicated, providing a constant flow of information. 
  6. There is more to credibility than just a list of credentials behind a name. Seek wisdom encapsulated collectively by education, experience, and knowledge in lieu of it.
  7. Much of the available information is taken out of context. Be careful to stick with objective interpretations for the subjective ones. 
  8. Ignore input from those who quote “You think…” or “You believe…” or even “I think…” or “I believe…” Those are nothing more than opinions. 
  9. Beware of (mis)interpretations of empirical scientific data. Some of the best reputable resources for information are littered with it. It is why I refuse to accept the ramblings of interpretations of data from their experts, and instead insist on reviewing the raw scientific data with all of its parameters, not just their selected ones.
  10. As for government resources, don’t get me started. It is so far beyond the scope of this story, but it is worth mentioning that even the layered bureaucracy that is our government is littered with totally inaccurate information, propaganda, and distortions of the truth. It coincides with my supposition that the three greatest lies perpetuated by our government are as follows:
    • We’re here to help
    • We have everything under control
    • We’ll take care of everything

It’s probably safe to say that this also applies to public utilities and insurance companies as well. And for the record, this is IMHO (In my humble opinion).

Masturbation is Healthy

No it’s not. I find this statement to be incredibly short sighted because when I look at the depth of what the layers of addiction does to individuals, it’s anything but healthy. Physically, mentally, emotionally, it’s all encompassing.

The case that for pornography (it is harmless, nobody is hurt by it, and it is enjoyable) and for masturbation (it is stress and anxiety reducing, it helps me to relax and sleep, and it is self-gratifying) would lead us to believe that there is nothing wrong with it. But the supposition that it is healthy is patently false. Pornography changes your neural pathways such that your brain no longer responds to a relationship with a Partner, but to images on a screen or magazine. That is the quintessential definition of dysfunction. Masturbation, an epidemic problem, affects one’s ability to perform to the point where physical symptoms such as PIED (Pornography Induced Erectile Dysfunction) is no longer the exception, but the rule. This is a huge problem in relationships that is extremely difficult to overcome.

It reduces prostate cancer? There are studies that would imply that it does. So do routine prostate exams. Since the peak at which masturbation is most prevalent in both men and women is between the ages of 25-29, and steadily declines exponentially with age, and generally doesn’t affect men under the age of 50, I’m having a really difficult time correlating the relevance and significance of it. And there is one more thing. Women do not have a prostate to have good prostate health.

If someone is intent on watching pornography, masturbating, climaxing (orgasm), and achieving that high that only dopamine can produce, they’ll find no shortage of material to support and substantiate their position. There are over 600 million results to a Google search for “healthy masturbation”. It’s no wonder people are so confused by it. Planned Parenthood, an organization that has come under tremendous scrutiny, lays claim to “It’s totally normal”, “has health benefits”, and to “tell your children that it is normal, but they should do it in private”. That appalling diatribe alone lends credibility to the whole idea that:

“I found it on the internet so it must be true!”

Make no mistake though. Masturbation is many things to many people. “Healthy” isn’t one of them, and isn’t one of the vocabulary words I’d use to define it. This idea that there are health benefits to masturbation ignore the long term consequences, most specifically in the brain, of the action(s) and behavior(s). Immediate gratification seems to be the order of the day, and it simply doesn’t matter what happens in the long term, in the future, as a result.

Masturbation Is Natural

It is? In what language? In what culture? In what country? In what animals? There are over 390 million results to a Google search for “natural masturbation” The arguments are many. “The male body produces far more sperm than can ever possibly be utilized for reproduction” was one of them. No kidding! I don’t suppose the individual who came up with this argument researched just exactly how many different bodily functions must come together to actually conceive an offspring. It’s the very reason, all of us, produce millions of times more sperm than would ever become necessary since it only takes one. And where sperm is concerned, it is survival of the fittest.

As for animals? I will concede that many animals including porcupines, turtles, elephants, walruses, monkeys, birds, etc. engage in some form of stimulation. What I am not convinced of is that it is for sexual gratification purposes reminiscent of human beings masturbating. If someone could actually produce empirical scientific evidence to substantiate that hypothesis, I’m open to entertain the idea. We’re not doing it for the same reasons other animals are.

The impulse to masturbate is not natural. It is a learned action and behavior spawned by the overwhelming indoctrination, brainwashing, and conditioning of a society to do so. In fact, if we hadn’t ever been exposed to the idea, we’d never have thought to masturbate at all, let alone engage in a sexual activity.

Masturbation is Normal

“It’s normal” they say to which I respond by saying “you don’t say?”. Well of course it’s normal. Normalization generally occurs by consistent persistent exposure by and to vast numbers of people. It appears to be the fundamental understanding du jour as everyone involved becomes patronized, dominated, manipulated, brainwashed, indoctrinated and accepting into believing that these action(s) and behavior(s), and practices are normal, and thus “normalized”.

“The only requirement necessary for anything to become ‘normal’ is for an overwhelming number of people to believe, accept, and engage in it.”

That’s what makes it normal. There are a lot of things that are normalized that shouldn’t be. It goes along with the whole premise that:

“If a million people believe in a dumb idea, it’s still a dumb idea.” 

Normalization is just one of the pornography industry’s greatest propaganda tools. If they can manage to get us all addicted to it, then they create a steady stream of ready, willing, and able repeat business. Drug dealers often use this tactic and do this sort of thing to get us hooked by giving us a “just a taste” of the drug that they are pushing. It is because as we lose control, our addiction controls us, and by default, the industry that provides it. Of course there’s an abundance of willing participants as well as the complicity of the media, Hollywood, and liberal agendas to help promote and drive it. But here’s the problem with normalization. Once it’s there, society is hooked on it, and it is virtually impossible to get rid of it no matter how much of the scourge it has become on society. 

Masturbation is Inconsequential

If you believe that, you are sorely mistaken. If you are intent on masturbating, and you don’t see anything wrong with it, go ahead. But don’t pretend like there is anything healthy or natural about it. Yes it is normal. Even those who should know better, don’t, as demonstrated in How To Find The Right Help For Your Relationship With These 3 Insights!

And contrary to popular opinion, it is not a “need” to release. It is a “desire” to release. It not only affects you, but it also affects all of those around you. If you won’t quit for those you love, do it for yourself. After all, there is a reason I worded it that way. You have to do it for you, yourself, and you alone; no one else.