So for those who’ve followed us, you know we’ve gone through so many changes and transformations since 2017. Part of that is the natural evolution of a business, and other changes are from the insane knowledge I’ve learned from some AMAZING programs!

If you’re BRAND NEW to coaching and consulting and other service based industries and are absolutely new to business, let me tell you some of the amazing programs I’ve gone through so that you can check them out yourself to see if they are right for you and grow like I have!

Uncage Your Business by Rebecca Tracey

So, back in 2018 I found Rebecca’s Uncage Your Business program and I was absolutely inspired! I knew that I wanted to help people in a deeper way than through just blogging and videos. I wanted that one on one connection, that relationship you build and get to see their success.

The thing was…. I had no idea how to even get started, until I found Uncage Your Business. I started watching Rebecca’s videos in her public Facebook group called Uncaged Lifers and was like, “This girl is amazing and I need her program.”

Of course, I had NEVER invested in myself before. I’ve actually always struggled to spend money on myself because I figured it was selfish of me. Needless to say I’ve worked on that mentality and had a shift, but when I was originally looking at Becca’s program, I was hesitant to spend the money because I just had never spent that much on myself.

I talked with my husband and took the leap to get her program, and I am SO HAPPY I did. Without her program I would not be where I am today.

On her videos and training’s I saw that she specialized in those who are in the beginning phase of their business, working with them on packaging, nicheing, messaging, and POV, with some killer mindset help from Erin Foley!

When I started her program, I was absolutely amazed. I loved how to the point she was, and the fact that she was so highly engaged with her clients. Her videos were bite sized, yet filled with so much knowledge! I went from knowing NOTHING about business and coaching to feeling CONFIDENT about moving forward and knowing the type of clients I want to work with and how to create a package in the area I am strong in.

One of the things I loved most about her program was the option to team up with other members to meet weekly and be accountable. I was lucky enough to be teamed with two amazing other coaches Ellie Mout, whose focus at the moment is on Neonora but you can also email her at if interested in talking with her about using your business as a spiritual practice,  and Robin Harris who helps people who struggle with depression and anxiety gain peace, clarity, and confidence in his Building Resilience Now practice.

Even though we all had different areas of expertise and coaching we all learned so much from our weekly calls with each other. There were times when we could really encourage each other to keep going, times where we called BS on our reasons for not doing the work, and times where we got to celebrate in each other’s successes!

The program moved quickly, and challenged you to get out of your comfort zone, which we all know is needed to grow. I absolutely challenged myself in her program and overcome so many mental blocks it’s insane! Through her program she also introduced us to other amazing coaches in other area’s of service like sales and copy writing in case you needed help in those area’s.

Becca has a live version and a self study version for those who want to go at their own pace. I took the live version and loved it, but I know so many others who love the self-study as well! So if you’re new, trying to figure out who your clients are, wanting to give them an amazing service, and get clear on your messaging and point of view, I say invest in yourself and take the leap with Uncage Your Business!


Consulting Accelerator by Sam Ovens

After taking Becca’s program I felt confident, but as I was moving forward I realized there was so much more to learn about business. I wanted to (and needed to) learn more to really be successful.

When I found Sam’s program I was on one of his webinars and loved what he was saying. I personally resonated with him because of his knowledge of science and psychology, and since I am a total psych person I felt like someone else “got it” and was able to translate that into business terms, which really impressed me.

I loved his honesty, bluntness, and reality checks. It was very similar to Becca, because she doesn’t bullshit you either and is straight to the point.

I, of course, consulted my husband about the investment, and this was a higher investment than Becca’s course, and again, I’d NEVER spent this much money on myself. I was really nervous buying Sam’s course simply because at that time my mindset around money was very different.

Sam’s program is longer than Becca’s and his video’s are not bite sized but range between 45 minutes to 2.5 hours. I know to some people that can sound intimidating, and even though I am highly ambitious and driven, I’ll admit at times the video length seemed intimidating, but the second I would hit play, I would completely forget about the time of the video as I was so in awe of the vast amount of knowledge I was learning.

In Consulting Accelerator he takes you through mindset work in the beginning of the program, which is essential to success guys, all the way to setting up your entire website, funnels, Facebook ads and more. If you’re a more “beginning/mid-level” business rather than the “I am starting from scratch” Sam’s program would be great, especially if you struggle with the tech side as it’s all pretty much done for you.

There is so much in Sam’s program that is of benefit and builds off of what I learned in Becca’s program, but I want to say that the in depth Facebook Ads training and funnel training was super beneficial. I haven’t run FB ads yet or built in this huge funnel but having that knowledge for when I am ready makes me feel super secure. Sam also has a sales training in there as well and can really help those who are shy get out of their shell.

So, if you’re like, “yes, I need to learn mindset, selling, Facebook ads, setting up a website, packaging a product and nicheing,” then Sam’s program would be a great fit for you! In fact, if you want a free trial and a $500 off the program if you sign up, click here!


Sales Power by Emily Utter

I actually was introduced to Emily through Becca’s program. I remember seeing Emily and her bubbly personality and instantly loving her vibe! I checked out Emily’s videos time to time as I really enjoyed her energy and bluntness.

If you couldn’t tell guys, I love investing with no-bullshit people. Seriously, Becca, Sam, and Emily tell it like it is and tell you what you NEED to hear rather than what you want to hear (which is SUPER VALUABLE!). I mean, how else will you grow if you don’t get out of your comfort zone and take an honest look at yourself?

Anyways, I knew about Sales Power since 2017 and just recently invested in her program this year! I was on one of her training’s and knew that I either had to get good at selling and changing my mindset around selling or hire someone else, which didn’t feel right for me. So I again, discussed with my husband, and he again supported me.

This time investing didn’t seem scary. Emily’s program was less than Sam’s and about the price of Becca’s. The thing is the price isn’t what sold me or broke me, the price definitely was comfortable for me, but it was a no-brainer given how much I connected with Emily’s vibe and energy and her knowledge just in the video’s I’d watched in my free time. Plus, come on, you need sales skills if you’re in business.

Now, Sales Power hasn’t even started as it begins in September, but I already signed up, got killer amazing bonuses and have access to the content right now and I’ve been going through it, watching all Emily’s video’s in her FB group Authentic Sales Power and am in sponge mode, absorbing it all.

I have since realized I still needed to work on some money mindset issues I’ve had that went way back to childhood shit guys, I kid you not! I also learned that I wasn’t feeling super confident when talking to prospective clients and needed to realize I am worthy as I am with the killer knowledge and life experience I have to offer my clients. Another realization was that I sucked at handling objections and wasn’t sure how to address them appropriately.

Now… all this has happened BEFORE her program has even freaking begun guys! This is all stuff I’ve learned as I’ve gone through the program material on my own and by watching the videos in the group. I cannot even begin to think about how much more I will learn and grow from her program when it officially begins!

So if you need killer selling skills and want to realize Sales is a Service and doesn’t have to be gross or manipulative join Emily’s Sales Power Program!!

Killer Programs For Coaches & Consultants

So, now that you’ve read about those three, there are always other programs out there. But what I want you to know is that YOU ARE WORTH IT. You are worth investing in. Yes, it can always be scary to invest when money isn’t rolling in, but that could be the very reason you need to invest!

If you know you will do the work, if you know you’re ambitious, if you know your driven and want to be a better business person and feel in line with yourself when running your business, then the programs above can totally help you get there! Whatever your weakness, you can always become stronger in that area! Believe in yourself and your abilities to kick ass and totally help your clients go from point A to point B!