Ah, the penis. 

Every other person in the world has one. Yet, to many it’s a mystery. They don’t understand what it is or how it communicates to you – even if you have one! Many don’t know anything about it other than to keep it clean. So let’s talk about it. 

Anatomy of penis is pretty simple, a penis is made up of a few parts. The parts of the penis are the base, shaft, glans, and foreskin. Inside the penis is the urethra that runs from the bladder to the tip, and expels urine. I’m sure at this point, you’re like “yeah yeah, I can pee, everyone pees.” 

However, there’s so much more to the internal workings that get glossed over often. Inside, you have the Dorsel Nerve, connective tissues and two erectile tissues that cause the penis to fill with blood to bring the penis up during an erection. For something so simple, this is where it gets complicated. 

Many people, both men and women alike, think that a penis can’t be “broken” because it lacks bones. This is incorrect. If you damage the erectile tissues or the main nerve in your penis, you have “broken” it. 

PIED – Pornography Induced Erectile Dysfunction is the most common way to “break” a penis, not external injuries which include, for example, being kicked there. 

1 in 3 men between the ages of 15 & 50 experience PIED, which is 1,000% increase from the year 1950. 

Why is this? 

A growing factor is high speed internet. To explore this, we will have to understand how our media consumption affects us. 

When we see a hypersexualized stimulus in the media, our brain does not register that what we are seeing may or may not be real. Only 1 in 10,000 people this day in age can tell a photoshopped picture from a untouched picture. 

This number is declining daily. That’s not a lot of people who are aware of what is real and what is fake. This means the girl on the Hardee’s commercial, our brain registers as a person you can talk, smell and walk up to. Which most of us can’t do. She’s just pictured on a commercial. It’s here that the brain becomes vulnerable when in the realm of Internet Pornography. Your brain views these women as real women (due to its evolutionary programming) and thinks it can “mate with them.”

When you masturbate to Pornography, this starts the process of “conditioning” your brain to receive this stimulus. Lack of touch other than oneself and lack of the sexual smells conditions your brain to not need the full sexual experience. According to the brain, you by arousing yourself and releasing your ejaculation, it’s “completed” the mating process. Then every time you see hypersexualized stimulus, it becomes aroused. Why shouldn’t it? You have succeeded in starting the process of rewiring a very complex system. 

Ways PIED can show up is an enormously wide category. You could experience pre-ejaculation, delayed ejaculation, loss of morning wood, loss of erection during sexual intercoarse, Peyronie’s disease (bent penis), loss of sensation and inflammation. All of these and more can be found as symptoms of PIED. 

How does PIED happen? 

Well, PIED occurs when you complete the steps of conditioning with your brain to Artificial Sexual Encounters enough times that it believes THIS is sexual intercoarse, not actual sex with a person. Then when you are with a real person, you start having problems which leads to Sexual Anxiety. 

It usually comes on slow, but depending on how much Pornography you are consuming or how much you are masturbating, it can fully submerge yourself into addiction and the byproduct of SSA (Sexual Stimulation Addiction) is PIED. Yes, if you soley consume Just Pornography or Just masturbate to your imagination, you can get PIED. It does not need both to achieve the development of this horrible disorder. 

Most of you may think “I’m not at risk.” Everyone is at risk for PIED, even women. This is largely due to the fact that we as a nation promote hypersexualized images as a way to sell or produce products. 

These images are not male exclusive. Women who masturbate (yes even with toys) can experience lack of moisture during sex or swelling and/desensitized feeling in their Vaginas. The inability to become aroused to a partner without self stimulation or external help (yes, even if your partner is helping you stimulate) conditions your brain to reduce pleasure. 

The world tries to coerce us with hypersexualized images and tomfoolery around the “seeing is believing.” It truly tries to entrap us all. Women don’t really look like that. Men don’t really know how to pleasure a woman from a copulation of video clips. It’s all lies. It all hurts our relationships, even if we can’t see immediately. 

The first sign of PIED is usually desensitization and inflammation for both men and women. 

Most men start to panic during sexual intercoarse if they “know” that they are being turned on, but don’t feel anything going on “down there.” 

Did you know that overmasturbation can lead you to change the size and shape of your penis? 

While most men think that being inflamed would make one’s penis appear larger, it actually decreases in size. Parts of your body that become inflamed recede. This makes recovering from PIED and SSA wonderful in a way, because both parties report a firmer manhood and thus more pleasurable sexual encounters. 

This is just one of the ways PIED  impacts your life. It takes away your ability to have good sex. PIED also robs your ability to Want sex. It destroys your libido and increases your conditioning to Artificial Intimacy. 

PIED can be extremely damaging to relationships. Men often feel emasculated, scared, not good enough, ashamed, and embarrassed by PIED. They feel something is wrong with them. This leads them to potentially lash out in anger at their partner and blame their partner for their PIED. 

Women who are with men with PIED feel total and utter rejection as a woman. They feel not enough in every way possible, especially if they know you can get it up for porn but not for them. Your partner not being able to be turned on by you makes you question to your core whether your partner has any sexul attraction to you….and if they don’t, why are they with you? 

Men who experience PIED can even stop having sex with their partner because of the shame they feel and so they go for porn because they know they can get erect and refuse their partner’s sexual advances – blaming them for wanting sex too much, or saying they are sex crazy, or plain just saying lose weight maybe then we can have sex.  

Those are all types of gaslighting, which is emotional and mental abuse. PIED isn’t innocent. It’s viscous. PIED cripples the guys manhood, and in turn destroys the girls womanhood, leaving two very embarrassed, isolated, and ashamed people who can’t communicate or trust one another and so the entire relationship begins to collapse. 

How do you bounce back if you are already experiencing PIED?

It’s very simple. 

Quit Masturbation and Pornography.

Get help. 

Talk to a therapist or join a group or program.

The only way to recover from PIED is to stop these behaviors. 

You can’t quit alone, but we at the Modern Mr. and Mrs. can help.

We have our signature programs that help both the betrayed partner and the current SSA. Our programs work individual recovery while weaving in key components that are necessary down the line for Relationship Reconstruction. These programs are built to give you freedom from trauma and addiction. At The Mod we use an Intensive Style where we are with you Every Single Day where

If you’re ready to leave addiction and PIED behind, check out our Sexual Stimulation Recovery (SSR) group or our Email Coaching options!