From a person not struggling with addiction, infidelity or betrayal in their relationship:

Q: How can you figure out where your partner enjoys being touched, kissed, and how they like to be touched and kissed?


The Savvy Answer:

There are a couple of ways to figure out what your partner likes. One thing to note is everyone has a different preference. Some women enjoy their neck being kissed while others hate it.

One way to address this is to simply bring up the topic with them. You can approach it from a place of wanting to get to know them more and being able to please them more.

Another way that is less direct is to pay attention to your partner’s body language while you are engaging in kissing and touching. If their breathing speeds up they could be enjoying it, if their body tenses/freezes you may have crossed a line.

Being able to be present with your partner can really help you gauge their reactions.

Finally, you can try something a little more fun and suggest you each explore each other’s bodies and see what touches and kisses you both enjoy and don’t enjoy as a way to get to know your sexual and romantic preferences. You’d be shocked to know that many people don’t actually know if they enjoy certain parts of their body touched, caressed, or kissed until it happens and the “aha” moment happens.

I hope that helps you with beginning the process of discovering your partners likes and dislikes!


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