From a Betrayed Partner with an SSA + IA Spouse

Q: What is your best advice for a woman who was betrayed and have so much to give. She is also a loving mother, Daughter and sister. I can’t let him take my joy and energy back. I can’t let him hurt me so much. Should I move on?


Savvy Answer:

I would say every betrayed partner I have met has been an amazingly successful woman in her professional life and in her personal life. Usually betrayed partners are very high functioning and healthy and have fulfilling lives, even if they still have old wounds to do work on themselves.

When you’ve been traumatized, there is a period where you will not be at your A Game. (And that’s 100% normal and okay!)

You have experienced trauma and it is going to take time to find yourself again. Making sure you invest in your individual recovery is so important! Without outside help you can feel like you’re drowning and there’s no way out.


Remember this image when you feel lost:




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