When you think about coaching, often you’ll think about meeting face to face, over a zoom call or maybe even a phone call. But did you ever think about coaching over email?

Well, email coaching exists, and it’s my favorite method of coaching. The benefits of email coaching are many!

Whether you’re struggling in your relationship, business, marriage, or career, email coaching is the perfect solution for helping you achieve your goals if you value the following benefits!

Top Benefits of Email Coaching

#1 Benefit of Email Coaching is Scheduling

The number one benefit of email coaching is receiving coaching without needing to find 1 hour per week in your schedule can be extremely freeing when you’ve got a busy life going on with work, kids, family and friends, not to mention time with your partner. Plus there’s no late cancellation fees! As a coach, this also is a benefit to me as I’m able to take intentional time to reply to clients when I’m in my best state to reflect and respond thoroughly.

#2 Benefit of Email Coaching is Spaciousness

The second benefit of email coaching is instead of feeling on the spot in a video/audio session, you have time to process, reflect, and come back to writing out your thoughts. You can take the time you need to reflect on a poignant question before replying. Sometimes my video/audio clients will be asked a powerful question and say, “I don’t know. I really need to think on that.”

#3 Benefit of Email Coaching is Written Record

The third benefit of email coaching is having a written record of your coaching time is insanely valuable! You have all the “Recovery/Relationship Opportunities”, your “aha” moments, and your thought process in your inbox. You can measure your progress, see where you got blocked, and see what solutions worked best.

#4 Benefit of Email Coaching is Greater Commitment

The fourth benefit of email coaching is that when we write something down, it becomes real and it gives us a sense of greater commitment. I know personally I’ve avoided writing things down in the past because “then it’s real, and I have to face it.” Truly, writing something down is powerful psychologically.

#5 Benefit of Email Coaching is Clarity

The fifth benefit of email coaching is the pace of email coaching can be fast, medium, or slow depending on the spaciousness you need, your commitment to taking actions, and your time to participating. Oftentimes when we write, we are more comprehensive and clear in our thoughts, which leads to greater clarity and ability to take action.

#6 Benefit of Email Coaching is Honesty & Self-Awareness

The sixth benefit of email coaching is that writing flexes those creative muscles as well as allows you to share your emotional experiences in a new way. Oftentimes on video/audio sessions a client can struggle to share their feelings as they want to “word it just right.” In email coaching, you can do a stream of consciousness where you write out your thoughts as you have them, which allows for more honesty and self-awareness.

#7 Benefit of Email Coaching is Confidence

The seventh benefit of email coaching is that when we’re in person we can sensor ourselves or feel more self-conscious about sharing. However, when behind a screen, many times people feel more confident, comfortable, and are willing to share more than they would in person.

#8 Benefit of Email Coaching is Language

The eighth benefit of email coaching is that as a coach, I pay close attention to the language a client uses. In email coaching I’m able to truly hone in on the language, which gives me greater insights and ability to support my clients.

#9 Benefit of Email Coaching is On Demand Access

The ninth benefit of email coaching is that the price is much more economical. Now, most video/audio clients that have 24/7 access to their coach, if the coach offers that type of access, will often pay $5-10k per month for that access. With email coaching, you invest much less for the same benefits. Gaining access to your coach when things are occurring is refreshing and stabilizing. You don’t need to wait until the next scheduled appointment, you can just hit send.

#10 Benefit of Email Coaching is Flexibility & Freedom

The tenth benefit of email coaching is that as a busy mom and wife, email coaching has really been a wonderful experience for me as a coach to help my clients. I truly enjoy writing and love the spaciousness and freedom email coaching brings to me to be the very best for my clients! I know many of my clients can have demanding jobs, are parents of multiple kids, or have a job that has them traveling, and email coaching is just the optimal way to get support during those busy seasons of life.


Not Convinced?

If you’re still not convinced on the benefits of email coaching, check out this post, “The Benefits and Advantages of Email Coaching” or this post, “10 Benefits of Email Coaching (especially for introverts)

While I know not everyone would prefer email coaching, I truly think it’s a powerful service that many coaches should be offering. I only know of a handful of coaches that offer email coaching right now, which means if you’re looking for email coaches, the pool is small.

Convinced Email Coaching Is For Me!

That’s awesome! Knowing that Email Coaching is the best fit for you is the first step to getting the support you need!

Because I know that email coaching might not be everything a client needs, that’s why I allow my email coaching clients to schedule 1 video/audio session per month with me if they want that “face to face” interaction that helps build rapport quicker.

So, you get the best of both worlds with my offer!

If you’re ready to become a client, check out my Email Coaching page for more details!