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You + Your Partner = a Team

When you and your partner are in sync, you feel on top of the world.

You feel heard, loved, confident, and happy. You know your partner has your back as you get into the world and follow your passions. There’s nothing better to boost your confidence than feeling safe and loved, am I right?


But, when you and your partner aren’t a team, life gets hard.

Arguments are endless, you start to view each other as the enemy, work is suddenly stressful, you’ve lost confidence and even feel like a failure at times.


Relationships are a 24/7 job

You heard me!

Relationships are work!

I know that might not be something you want to hear, but it’s something you need to hear.

Relationships are not easy, that’s a fact. Society has not taught us the needed skills to have healthy, connected, and successful relationships. And why is that? Because we are fed bullshit every day about relationships.

Think for a moment.

What matters more?

Your looks or feeling safe? How many women you’ve hooked up with or feeling loved by one? The perfect photos on Instagram or those cute dorky photos on your phone for just you to see?

Society teaches women that we are worth our looks and men are worth how many women they sleep with. We are fed this bullshit at a young impressionable age, so we never get the chance to learn that it’s wrong.

We learn it’s how much sex we are having that defines how good our relationships are, not that it’s about the quality and the person we are with.

Let’s Get Things Straight

  • It’s not how much sex you’re having, but rather the quality
  • It’s not about how many people you’re having sex with, but rather how are you treating those people
  • It’s not how much you communicate, but how you communicate
  • It’s not about how much you argue, but how you argue
  • It’s not about hearing each other, but rather about listening
  • It’s not about being right, but rather about understanding
  • It’s not about how much time, but about quality time
  • It’s not about “my way,” it’s about compromise
  • It’s not “me and you,” it’s “us”
  • It’s not about taking, but about giving and receiving

We are not taught the skills we need to be successful and happy.

We are taught that relationships will fulfill us. We aren’t taught that relationships are to enhance us and help us grow as individuals.

We get so stuck in patterns we learned from our parents, that we never took the time to realize that maybe our parents didn’t teach us well.

If you didn’t learn how to love and be in a relationship at home and you sure didn’t learn from school, then…

How are you expected to know how to connect?

Think about what you’ve learned in life and what society has taught you about relationships? Did you learn what you needed to have a connected and fulfilling relationship, or did society teach you how to have instant gratification and live on the surface level?


Without the foundations, you won’t have the relationship you desire.



What Are the Foundations?


Think about it. Can a house stay up if there isn’t a foundation? Same thing goes for a relationship, is there a relationship without trust?


How can you be in a relationship when you don’t even understand yourself and your own behaviors?


If you cannot allow another person in, why would they let you in? Vulnerability requires trust and self-awareness!


How can you be vulnerable when you aren’t sure how to communicate your inner world?

Delayed Gratification

Society has taught us to want things NOW. Relationships take patience and delayed gratification to succeed long-term.

Being a Team

This means it’s not “ME” It’s “WE.” You think about your partner in your daily decisions, how things impact your relationship. Your relationship is considered, always.


This basically means identifying where you start and your partner begins. What are you okay with? What are you not okay with? What are your lines that should not be crossed?


This means it’s not all about you. This means it’s about what’s best for “us,” the team. What can you both agree on. What can you sacrifice that ensures a happier relationship?

Maybe you’re thinking, “No Duh, Savannah!” but really. Have you really taken the time to get to know your partner? To put yourself out there and take the risk to let yourself be fully known? To share the best and worst times? Have you really taken the time to do the work *daily* to improve your relationship and stay connected and a team? Sometimes you might just not do these things because they seem so obvious, or maybe you avoid these things because, well, they can be damn scary!


But skipping these things, holding back, keeping secrets, not putting in the effort won’t solve anything.



We At The Mod Are offering Our help if you’re struggling with…


You’re unable to see eye to eye, constantly fighting, putting each other down, yelling, holding feelings back, and just eventually shutting down.


You’re feeling alone, wondering whether your partner has your back. You don’t allow yourself to feel vulnerable and share anymore because you feel you’ll just be judged or criticized, so you say nothing and remain alone.

Sexual Intimacy

The sexual intimacy has lost it’s spark, it’s frequency, and passion. Sex has become boring, once a month, or non-existent. It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve tried to talk about it, nothing changes.


Stuck In The Same Pattern

Constantly wondering why nothing seems to change, repeating the same mistakes, fighting over the same issues, and getting nowhere.

SSA (Sexual Stimulation Addiction – masturbation, porn, and/or sex addiction)

You’re secretly using masturbation,porn, and/or sex to cope and maybe have been caught by your partner and you’re in a constant cloud of shame, guilt, and remorse. You are wondering why you’re so “weak” and wonder why you can’t just stop even though you’ve tried hundreds of times. You are dying inside wanting to get rid of this addiction but no one understands the hell you’re in every day, trying to constantly stay sober.

Betrayal Trauma

You’re shattered, broken, and traumatized at the discovery of your partner’s addiction. You have no one to go to, no one to who understands, and experts you’ve reached out to blame your for his addiction, labeling you a “co-addict” or “co-dependent” when you’re just traumatized. You are suddenly someone you don’t recognize. You’re disorganized, forgetful, hyper-vigilant, insomniatic or waking from nightmares, and either losing or gaining weight from the disturbance of eating. You just want to get your feet back on the ground and return to living life but are at a loss as to how to do that.

Why do I care so much? What’s my story?

Want to get my book on overcoming porn addiction as a couple? Get on the subscription list to get a discount when it’s released!

My name is Savannah and I know how hard relationships can be. Relationships and marriage are hard, especially when you’re not on the same page with your partner.

I was where you are. I was frustrated, feeling alone, not understanding why there wasn’t a connection, love, and compromise. Sex was vanilla and boring, and my voice didn’t matter. There wasn’t any connection outside the bedroom, so why would there be any inside the bedroom?

Trust was lacking, secrets were discovered, and my life blew up. My husband was a porn addict. Hell, I didn’t even know that was a real problem!

Porn addiction does not mix with anorexia… at all. That’s why I stated my boundaries prior to getting in a relationship with him. It was so devastating and challenging once I found out everything. My illness and his sickness were the worst combinations one could ask for. I felt like the universe was playing a sick joke on me. We couldn’t connect, we couldn’t communicate, and we were not a team at that point.

Through recovery over the past couple of years I have learned an extensive amount of knowledge, not just pertaining to porn addiction and betrayal trauma, but relationships in general. I’ve learned about what it really means to love someone and what it means to crawl back from oblivion in your relationship when you thought it was hopeless.

What I learned was that my husband never knew how to love or what love was, or what being in a relationship meant. I quote him when he told me, “I thought a relationship was having sex and hanging out with the person you like.” Needless to say, he has come so far in not only his own recovery but his knowledge of relationships.

This is why foundations matter. Without the foundations, there is no structure for a successful, connected, and healthy relationship.

My husband came from a divorced household and never witnessed a romantic relationship growing up. I, on the other hand, came from a household where my parents loved each other and worked together. We had the complete opposite upbringing, totally different environments, and vastly different life lessons before meeting each other.

Through all our differences, and challenges, we have made it. And we continue to make it, every day. Love is a choice, and it requires daily effort. That is why I know I can help you, because I’ve been to hell and back (a good couples times now!) and have lived to tell the tale that we survived and continue to thrive.

We Believe In Programs!

At The Mod, Tim, Chloe and I believe in offering programs over courses and workbooks. 

So what’s the difference?

Programs can be an individuals, couples, or a group setting. Each type of setting has it’s own unique value. In a program no matter who is in it with you, you get structured help and know where you’ll be at the end. Programs are designed to bring you from “point A to point B” so to speak. They are proven systems that take you through a process. 

Courses and/or workbooks are usually done on your own time with pre-made worksheets and exercises. Courses also bring you from “point A to point B” but on your own time. 

At The Mod we see results when you are working within a time frame with us there each step of the way. If you have questions, we are there. If you get stuck, we are there. We know that there are just certain types of people that need the “live” help versus going at their own pace and keeping themselves accountable to do the work. We know that addicts struggle to be accountable and tend to put off recovery work, so that is why we subscribe to Programs.

No matter the program we offer, we are there to hold you accountable and help you reach your recovery & relationship goals. You’re never alone when you’re at The Mod.

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