“#RealLifeConfessions” is a segment where anyone can submit an anonymous post about anything relating to parenting, family, relationships, mental health, divorce, marriage, etc. 

The reality is we live in such a filtered world, and this segment is a way to get a real raw look at the reality we all go through. Maybe someone is struggling with depression, and another from recovering from a cheating spouse. Sometimes in life, when things are really low, we feel alone. We feel we are the only ones going through this shit. Especially when we look to social media to see everyone else’s so-called “perfect” lives. 

The Mod was started for parents and those in relationships to have a place to learn and connect, and that is why I am adding this new segment. When my husband’s addiction was discovered, I can tell you that I felt so alone and like such a failure for missing it. I had no one to talk to. I wish I had found someone, but for months I suffered alone, thinking I was the only spouse going through what I was going through.

I never want you or anyone else to feel like whatever you’re going through is something that no one can relate to. I want you to know that you’re not alone in your struggles. So, if you have a story to tell and want to make it anonymous, I encourage you to submit your story! Whether it’s just a snippet, or the entire story with lessons learned, or a place to vent out the emotions, use this segment and write to your heart’s desire!

The #RealLifeConfessions will go up every other Sunday!

*Posts may be edited for fluidity, grammar, and swearing will be starred


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