ACED: The exercise that was once only shared in Knights & Warriors, that has transformed marriages, is now accessible to everyone!

I have been helping married couples struggling from sexual addiction, intimacy anorexia, and betrayal trauma overcome the fallout and save themselves, their marriage, and build out a successful recovery lifestyle since 2017.

2020 shook the world with COVID 19.

Families, finances, and lives were all impacted.

The need for help was and is still exceeding what various helping professionals can handle.

Waitlists for months are now common place.

Finances to get quality help can be out of reach.

That is why in 2021 I wanted to release something powerful that everyone could have access to.

I see a maximum of 6 couples a year in Knights & Warriors, and I want to help more individuals and couples in 2021. 

Client Experiences With Our Daily ACED Exercise

“I love the ACED exercise! My husband and I are more open and honest. I feel stronger and better equipped to deal with the addiction and the consequences. He is more aware of how this has affected me and himself. Recovery is now a daily thing not just once in a while.

Lori, Knights & Warriors Client

“It is helping me develop a habit of honesty and communication which is solidifying a new foundation between my wife and I. My wife and I have been able to develop and work on a very solid base of communication through regular sharing of our daily thoughts and our daily activities. We sit down every night and talk, so that the little issues never have a chance to grow into the big issues.” 

Dale, Knights & Warriors Client

“Our fighting has also decreased & our communication with each other has greatly increased both with the quality & quantity of intimate conversations. My husband is finally starting to desire a more intimate connection. 

Blake, Knights & Warriors Client

“The main things are that I have emotions for the first time and actually know how I feel during these emotions. Me and my wife’s communication is outstanding. I actually feel no fear in telling her how I feel and she doesn’t either. We tell each other everything now – the good and the bad. I’m also so much calmer and willing to listen without giving my opinion.”

JD, Knights & Warriors Client

I designed this workbook specifically so that your marriage can reconnect, have transparency, and regain connection and intimacy in your recovery journey when you each do the work from your individual workbooks.

In ACED you get:

✓ Exercise Instructions (and examples) so that you feel confident when doing the exercises

✓ 30 days of ACED exercises so that you build in the habit of daily intimacy and connection

✓ 3 Relationship Quality Scales so that you can measure your progress



Q: Why only 30 days in this workbook?

A: Because when I made the workbook longer than that, the cost of the book and size was intimidating! But truly, 30 days is long enough to build a habit -if you’re consistent. Plus the workbook remains affordable at $30 USD.

Q: Should we each get our own workbook?

A: Yes! That way you each have your own space to do your own work and then come together to share with each other.

Q: After 30 days should we get new books?

A: That is totally up to you!

If you are someone who values writing out your answers, having time to think, and being able to read out your writings to your partner, getting another book would be wise!

If you feel you are able to verbally do the exercise, then you don’t have to.