Trying to become the best version of yourself can feel like a losing battle when your time – your most valuable asset – is drained with work, appointments, and running errands.

Finding time for your own self-development can be put on the back burner because you don’t know how to fit an hour coaching session into your weekly schedule.

Well, I say, no longer is that an issue when you have the opportunity to begin asynchronous coaching.

You have the chance to gain the support, motivation, guidance, accountability, and the flexibility you need to succeed – all through Slack!

If you’re someone who loves sending voice, video, or written messages, then asynchronous coaching is a great fit!

When you write it encourages reflection and processing, so instead of journaling and leaving it there, asynchronous coaching can be like writing a journal entry where you get the support, accountability, motivation, and guidance from a professional!

Slack is an amazing app not only for work-use but for personal use! Within Slack it’s easy to send video, audio, or written messages, as well as to send PDF exercises, links to articles and videos to support your goals and so much more!

Client LOVE slack as it’s easy to pull up, stay in touch, express themselves, and keep track of all the coaching exercises and progress they’ve made during our time together!


Asynchronous Coaching Is A Perfect Fit If You…


☑️ Have a busy, tight, or irregular schedule because our coaching interactions happen when it’s convenient for you!


☑️ Aren’t a fan of video coaching and prefer written or audio engagement.


☑️ Love having access to your coach right when an issue, block, or insight occurs so that you get what you need when you need it versus waiting for the next scheduled appointment.

Meet Your Coach

“You Are Safe, You Are Loved, You Are Not Alone” – Savannah Esposito

Savannah has her Bachelors in Forensic Psychology from John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City as well as her certifications in Life, Relationship and Recovery Coaching from The Addiction Academy. She also created and teaches the Nationally Certified Sexual Addiction Coach Certification at The Addictions Academy as well.

Savannah has always had a passion for understanding the motivation and drivers of human behavior and how people can connect with one another in a healthy and loving way. Her desire to understand has aided her in her ability to help individuals and couples build trust, communicate, and gain as well as maintain long-term intimacy with one another.

Her natural ability to actively listen and empathize as well as take other’s perspectives has led her to the natural fitting career of being a coach that her clients are able to trust and get results with.

How Asynchronous Coaching Works


📋 Fill out a client intake so that I can tailor my coaching approach to meet your unique needs and goals.


🔓 Have access to me via Slack from 9am – 5pm eastern so that you can have consistent accountability, support, and guidance to reach your goals.


📨 Get a personalized, thoughtful, response with actionable steps to take. My responses can be written, audio, or video format depending on what is needed to best support you!

📑 Have a complete history of our coaching time together so that you can review, reflect, be accountable, and measure progress.

1. VIP Day – $245

You get to choose your day of VIP Slack Coaching! Your VIP day begins 9am and ends 5pm eastern. Now, you don’t need to free your calendar as you won’t be glued to your phone all day. You have the entire day with me to explore what you’re bringing with you. I’ll invite you to Slack, it’s free. On your day, we focus on what you need most, and you can ask me all the things so that you have the most productive day possible! We will message back and forth throughout your day, at a relaxed pace. There will be times where you will work on an exercise, or read and reflect between messages. You have the space you need to process and implement. Ready? Schedule your VIP Day below and I’ll see you soon!

2. VIP Month – $2,000

You are top priority and get replied to first with more access, support, coaching, and guidance (7am – 9pm eastern Monday – Saturday). It’s like having your coach in your pocket whenever you need them! Plus access to coaching programs, trainings, exercises that are applicable to achieving your goals! Want something from Relationship Evolution and something from Knights & Warriors? You got it! Want to work all the programs? Done, let’s do it!

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