Female pioneers in the sex addiction field, Savannah and Chloe of The Modern Mr. and Mrs. LLC was approached by Dr. Cali Estes of The Addictions Academy to create and teach the most up to date certification for coaches in the sexual addiction field back in 2021. Savannah and Chloe spent months creating the National Certification for Sexual Addiction Coaches and  each year they dedicate time to continue their research, insights, and developments in the field and implementing their findings into the NCSAC certification at The Addictions Academy.


While this is a certification to become a certified sexual addictions coach, therapists have and do take this training so that they can be the most ethical and knowledgeable professionals in this field.

Becoming a certified sex addiction coach is a great move in 2023 given how the pandemic has impacted those who’ve been struggling with sexual addiction. If you’ve overcome your own sexual addiction, betrayal trauma, or have a passion for helping those recover from the fallout of sexual addiction, the National Sexual Addiction Certification is the certification to ensure a well-rounded program that addresses the nuances within the sexual addiction field. 


Each year new technology, social media, and ways to act out in sexual addiction come to light. Each year the age of children becoming addicted to pornography becomes lower. Many addicts began their addiction between  9-12 year old, but these days kids as young as 6 years old are becoming sexually addicted. 


It’s time for professionals – therapists and coaches alike – to gain proficiency in this field, as sexual addiction is one of the most common addictions that you will be faced with when seeing clients.

While Savannah and Chloe love it when you can make it to the live classes they run twice a year, they also understand that not everyone can make it to the live classes, and that’s why there is also a self-study option!

Savannah, Chloe, and Cali value your time and whether you decide to take the live class or self-study, you will walk away with the confidence to help clients in this field, as well as have the opportunity to attend supervision to hone your coaching skills!

What NCSAC Covers

☑️ What Is Sexual Addiction?
☑️ What are the Warning Signs of Sexual Addiction?
☑️ How Romantic Relationships Impact the Recovering Addict (As Well As Your Job as Coach!)
☑️ Single Addicts
☑️ Dating Addicts
☑️ Long-Term Relationship Addicts
☑️ Married Addicts
☑️ Levels of Honesty
☑️ Honesty vs. Transparency
☑️ Fetish Cycling
☑️ Learning about Kinks vs. Fetishes & Natural Fetishes vs. Conditioned-In Fetishes
☑️ Pornhub Stats 
☑️ Marital Recovery
☑️ The Core Three Recoveries
☑️ Other Potential Recoveries to Look Out For
☑️ The Modern Mr. and Mrs. LLC’s Marital Approach
☑️ Common Couples Dynamic Pitfalls in Recovery
☑️ Triggers & Relapse Prevention in Recovery
☑️ Self-Care vs. Selfishness & Coping Skills in Recovery
☑️ The Disclosure Processes
☑️ Types of Disclosures
☑️ The Recovery Team
☑️ Guidance System vs. Support System
☑️ Vetting Professionals
☑️ What a Client Should Ask You Before Hiring You

☑️ And so much more!

Get to know more about one of your teachers, Savannah, in this interview she did on Melody and Friends!