Being a masturbation, pornography, and/or sex addict (sexual stimulation addict – SSA) is one of the biggest challenges one can go through. As an addict, you have lost your sense of self, your self-esteem, your sense of reality, self-worth, and your ability to trust yourself. You have not only lost all that but you’ve lost self-love, self-respect, and even potentially your money, job, and spouse and kids over your addiction.

But you don’t have to stay in that place of feeling trapped and hopeless. You CAN recover (with or without your partner).


You have to work individual recovery FIRST.

Tim, Chloe, and I are here to show you how to leave betrayal trauma and addiction in your past and achieve a successful recovery and marriage!

Dear SSA,

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You make promises to yourself that “this is the last time I’ll use” but it’s NEVER the last time.

  • You use when you’re stressed or want to escape

  • You shut your partner down with anger and defensiveness when they bring up the topic of your porn usage, or sexting, or strip club visits.

  • You keep calling your partner crazy when they start catching on to your behavior

  • You feel like abosolute shit lying to your partner over and over again, and you feel like shit because you don’t know why you can’t stop

  • You feel you’re not enough for your partner after everything you’ve done in your addiction.

If so, you’re in the right place, and I’m SO grateful you’re here!

You are NOT alone.

Actually, there are SO many addicted spouses out there going through the exact same thing.

Truly, at The Mod, you’re in great company.

Often, SSA’s end up making key mistakes in attempts to solve the problem of having a masturbation, porn and/or sex addiction.

They often first go to a therapist – only for the therapist to enable the addict them keep using because “porn addiction doesn’t exist” and “all men use porn and need to get off.”

When reaching out for therapy ends up being a fail (time and time again) often you feel lost and even more hopeless and invalidated than before you began searching for help.

That is all HORRIFIC to experience on top of the struggle to stop using when the rest of the world shames you for trying to be porn-free.

At The Mod, we know SSA exists and we use the Betrayal Trauma Model and you and your partner are 100% validated in your feelings and your reality.

“Before The Knights I was honestly quite nervous about how the program was going to go, but because of the importance of the material and how much we needed this course, I was also a little bit excited.

The biggest obstacles people find are money, time, and their spouse. First of all, if you don’t have the time to invest in to your relationship, there’s not much hope in the first place. The one big one for us was money. Finances are always tight with us, but we were able to move some things around financially, sit down and do a bit of a budget session, and make it work. And timing was perfect as well as the coaches offer regular discounts for the programs.

The Knights is uncovering a lot of past hurt between my wife and I, but more than anything it is helping me develop a habit of honesty and communication which is solidifying a new foundation between my wife and I.

The best part for me has been the slack group. It has become an absolute pillar in my daily life, as I am able to dump all of my thoughts and garbage on them on a regular basis, which helps me process my thoughts and come back to my relationship with a healthy approach. I’m able to share my thoughts feelings and emotions with the group, instead of putting the burden on my wife. We all support each other, share with each other, and love on each other.

Since joining Knights, my wife and I have been able to develop and work on a very solid base of communication through regular sharing of our daily thoughts and our daily activities. We sit down every night and talk, so that the little issues never have a chance to grow into the big issues

Second, I have learned a handful of tools and techniques to help me battle various addictive habits in my day to day lifestyle, and many exercises with help me start to understand why I have done some of the things I have done

Third, and I apologize if this is too much information for anyone reading this, but I’ve been able to stop masturbating, looking at porn, and drinking as well through various approaches I have learned in this group and the severity of their effects.

What I see as special and unique about the way the coaches do things is that these coaches aren’t just educated experts, but they also have experience in the related fields of addiction and trauma. And each coach has a specified field of expertise, so they are able to collaborate their experience to provide the best coaching possible.

I love that Chloe is direct, doesn’t beat around the bush, is very descriptive and knowledgeable, & I love that so much and her field of expertise is based around science and physiology.

Savannah is creative, reflective, and very descriptive in her coaching. She uses fantastic metaphorical explanations and analogies to communicate her message and her answer.

This will be a weird compliment but Tim can be offensive, a little condescending, and a tad harsh at times, but he does so through a purely intentional and loving heart. Tim gives us guys love and support when we need it, and kicks us right in the metaphorical ball sack when he deems it necessary. Tim has been there before, he has gone through it, and he understands what we need at what times.

If you’re on the fence about joining The Knights, let me tell you there is no substitute for experience. Let me say that again. There is no substitute for experience. A therapist or similar type of professional help is educated from the books, and everything is based on Theory. While they may be very smart, and have a lot of knowledge, there is nobody that is better equipped to assist you then somebody who has been through it before and has cleared that mine field. Because of the 3 very specific fields of expertise they do an excellent job at educating you and opening your eyes to the world that you have been living, and how to leave that world behind you.

My wife and I finally have a small glimpse of the potential of our relationship. We understand that this is going to take a long time, and a lot of work, but this program so far has acted as a very intense springboard that will launch us into the next phase of our lives. We are extremely grateful for what we have learned through the programs, and the help that the coaches have given us so far to learn what we need to to help our own individual recoveries, & to help our relationship thrive, not just survive.”

-Dale Ford

Knight, 2020

The truth is: Recovery is a Daily Choice. It’s a choice that you make to stay healthy.


No matter how many articles or books you read about recovery, the truth is you NEED more. You aren’t going to be able to fully work your individual recovery without these key components:

  • Accountability

  • Community

  • Experts to guide you


Why are those 3 things key?

Because without community, SSA gets worse.

Being with other men who are going through this very thing helps validate your experiences, enable you to begin to open up without shame, and to start forming life-long safe friendships.


Without accountability, SSA is impossible to recover from. Accountability is key in recovery because it makes you hold yourself to a higher standard when you know you have to check-in with others. You are responsible for your daily choices and actions.


Without experts to guide you, you’re bound to fall into the biggest pitfalls of recovery. At The Mod, Chloe, Tim, and I have fallen into some of the biggest pitfalls that can stall recovery for YEARS.


In Knights we teach you the biggest pitfalls to avoid, and the keys to a successful recovery so you can streamline your recovery and won’t get stuck!

I’m Savannah Espositoo

Kick-Ass Relationship & Recovery Coach. I run an intentional, intensive, high-end coaching practice with my co-coaches Chloe & Tim that get clients results. 

My marriage with Jak wasn’t always as amazing as it is today. In fact, when I discovered my husband’s porn addiction, we weren’t married, and things were already stressful. I chose to marry Jak knowing about his addiction, and I don’t regret it one bit!

Honestly: I wasn’t always great at recovery. I sucked at making boundaries, figuring out what consequences I would actually follow through with, and realizing that my husband’s recovery was HIS to own. Not mine.

But in our journey to The Recovery Lifestyle, we fell into the biggest pitfalls and we learned the key things you need to not only be successful as individuals but successful in relationship reconstruction.

While Jak and I were going through our journey I met Chloe, and we become fast friends in recovery. We each made mistakes, had successes, and we decided betrayed partners deserved more.

We didn’t have help in our recovery. We had to figure things out on our own. Betrayal Trauma wasn’t that popular back when we were in the trenches. 

Chloe and I succeeded because we committed and figured out through tons of trial and error, hours of frustration, and endless conversations what works and what doesn’t. Now we, and our co-coach Tim, teach YOU how to be successful like us!

Our holistic approach works.


It’s a step-by-step proven system to get you from trauma to freedom. We walk you through each step intentionally, so you don’t miss any of the keys to success!





“Entering The Knights I was desperate to save my marriage. Money was an obstacle because of our budget. In Knights I felt optimistic of the future and hopeful! One of the biggest impacts was the coaches knowledge base and knowing with the other Knights I am not alone in this fight.

The most valuable part for me was learning about betrayal trauma and what my spouse is going through and completely understanding her feelings.

Me and my spouse can actually communicate without just yelling at each other now. My newfound knowledge on gaslighting has made me Express my feelings more and not manipulate situations. Also assistance in any questions I had when going through recovery was so important and valuable.

Thinking about The Knights for you? This is different because the coaches are always there to assist and keep you vigilant in all activities and the coaches are truly there to help.

Before Knights I had one therapist session. Therapist did not recognize sex and porn addiction and tried to blame wife that it was her weight gain that led to my watching porn.

The Mod, however, saw wife’s betrayal trauma and knew I needed help. The Mod has a great coaching team that focuses to heal not only on the addict but also the betrayed.”


Knight, 2020

“I was white knuckling through 2 years of relapses and not getting what I need from therapist or 12 step programs. Before SSR and The Knights.

Since being in the program I have changed my communication greatly with my wife. I have change my emotions my routines my self awareness and my attitudes to name a few adjustments. I feel the coaches have challenged me when I need it and have supported me when I am making the correct choices. The coaches always have an answer to my questions.

My partner has gained a sense of community from the warriors she also has tools and light at the end of the tunnel she was afraid that there never would be anything that worked and now she sees a chance to this will work.

If you are considering joining I would tell you that you have eveeything to gain from joining your own self respect your ability to think for yourself your career your relationships, and you just might loose the addiction that is ruling your world. I wish this program existed 20 years ago.”

-Jeff Becket

Knight, 2020


…A comprehensive intensive LIVE group coaching program for addicts of masturbation, porn, and/or sex who are ready to leave addiction and trauma behind and gain freedom and confidence in their life.


By learning the KEY components to a successful recovery and implementing them daily!


When you learn the absolute necessary knowledge and skills you need for recovery, recovery gets easier.

You begin to feel lighter and happier.

You feel super confident.

You will be healthy in mind.


We have a 360-degree holistic approach to recovery.


We approach recovery from these essential needs:

  • Physical

  • Psychological

  • Neurological

  • Emotional

  • Spiritual

Here’s Just A Taste of the Program Structure and What You Gain!


When you are enrolled in the program, you will receive a welcome packet to help get the best results from the program and fully prepare you for the upcoming weeks. This welcome packet has many things you will need to know and do PRIOR to the program beginning.



Weekly Group Coaching sessions where you and others will receive group coaching with Savannah Esposito, Timothy Brown, and Chloe Sutherland, where we will address the various challenges and progress for that week. This is one of the most dynamic parts of the program where you get our undivided attention to help you guys move forward and overcome any obstacles.  (Total of 10 Group Sessions)


If you choose VIP status you get 3 individual sessions where you will have 1:1 coaching with Savannah Esposito, Timothy Brown, or Chloe Sutherland and address any personal obstacles that are occurring or discuss any issues you are nervous about addressing with your partner so we can figure out a way to bring that issue up. (Each VIP Has 3 Individual Session)


A Support Partner. In the group, if you find you are clicking with another member in the group, we encourage you to reach out and become each other’s support partner. It’s much like an accountability partner. This is one of the most magical aspects of the program, where you can truly create a bond with another partner in the trenches and get extra support and even friendship in this time of need.


Access to our Private Slack Channel, of people who are in the program where you can get support from others, share tips, get questions answered and get advice. Plus, even more help from Savannah, Tim, or Chloe by posting your question and tagging any/all of us so we will answer your question directly.

When you sign up you get the following BONUSES:

– Are Video Games Safe During Recovery? 

– Most Dangerous Apps for an SSA 

– Is Your SSA’s Job Risking Their Reocvery? 

– Is Your Home & Environment Risking Your Recovery Success?

– Relationship Reconstruction BONUS

You have a total of up to 13 Sessions and extra support!

The Schedule For The Next 10 Weeks…

MODULE 1: Addiction & Betrayal Trauma Education

How can one overcome an issue when they don’t have the basic understandings of what is going on?

In this module we do a deep dive into addiction and betrayal trauma.

Understanding WHAT is happening and WHY it’s happening is one of the most important aspects of being able to put your reality back together.


You will begin to understand, predict, and even address your dysfunctional behavior in an effective and healthy way. 

What stage of SSA recovery you’re in and how that allows you to reduce the feelings of shame and start building the skills of compassion, patience, and self-love back in your life. 


This module is where we get into the neurology of how addiction and trauma can affect you in ways you NEVER imagined. This module is a full environment cleaning to make sure there are no sub-conscious triggers that can hurt you or send your partner into an unexpected relapse.



Just how DEEPLY addiction impacts and has woven it’s way into every area of your life and how to make your environment safe for recovery.

MODULE 3: Accountability & GASLIGHTING

You’re going through a host of emotions in a flash. You’re angry one second, screaming the next, gaslighting your partner, then completely shut down. Those are reactions to you losing your addiction and choosing your partner. You have to mourn the addiction but you need to be accountable as well.


How to be accountable for your choices and your behaviors as well. 

How to check in with your Support Partner.

How to identify Gaslighting AND identify which of the 10 types you currently are using in your marriage against your spouse.

MODULE 4: fetish cycling

Every addict has their own unique Fetish Cycle in their journey down the rabbit hole of addiction. Fetish cycles are extremely important for you to understand so you can understand how you got to where you are, and what doesn’t fall within your natural arousal template and what does.


 Your unique finger-print of addiction

What each fetish cycle meant in terms of your addiction history

 What you are & aren’t naturally attracted to 


SO many people struggle to set boundaries and enforce consequences.


Because they never learned HOW to accept them as SAFETY NEEDS. 

Boundaries & Conseuqnces are THE BIGGEST reason people will either succeed or fail in trying to save their marriage.

We teach you how to succeed!


The difference between Boundaries & Control.

The difference between Consequences & Punishment.

HOW to address any grey areas.

That your partner is SEEKING SAFETY NOT CONTROL.


MODULE 6: Am I Enough

SSA’s often are plagued with constant critical voices in their head, constantly shaming and putting themselves down, feeling absolutely worthless.

In this Module we work on rebuilding self-esteem. 


– The difference between shame and guilt (and how shame is a roadblock)

– YOU define your worth.

– You ARE worthy.

– You CAN survive WITHOUT your partner if they choose separation or divorce.

MODULE 7: Self Care & Coping Skills

Now that you’re educated, getting stable, and developing strong friendships, we are going to be working on incorporating some amazing coping skills into your recovery.

After working on coping skills, we are going to be creating individualized Self-Care Plans for the rest of your recovery journey. These are not set in stone and can evolve as you evolve in recovery. 


– What self-care TRULY is versus what society promotes.

– What are coping skills and how to know a healthy coping skill from a negative coping skill.


MODULE 8: Micro-Trust

Without trust you CANNOT have a marriage. In this module you will be doing a self-exploration to figure out what you are doing to break trust currently, what has broken trust in the past, and what you know you need to see to slowly begin earning your partner’s trust again.


– What IS trust?

– What is MICRO-trust?

– The different types of trust.

– How to trust YOURSELF


You might be wondering how this will work. When you enroll in Knights you will receive:

  • Lifetime access to the modules

  • 8 module trainings that show you EVERYTHING you’d possibly NEED to know about how to have a SUCCESSFUL individual recovery

  • PDFs of all the exercises

  • BONUS calls and exercises

Congratulations! You’ve Graduated!

After finishing the program, you will have graduated from being an active addict to a Knight! You will be getting a graduation gift sent your way as a sign of the amazing progress and transformation you’ve made! 

*Gifts are for those in USA

“Before my wife found The Mod and we joined Knights & Warriors I was feeling frustrated at counseling and 12-step. Had also been to an intensive and all of the things were the same. I was getting nowhere and neither was my wife.

I had dealt with my childhood trauma and hadn’t looked at porn or masturbated in 6+ months but something was missing.

In Knights I feel pretty awesome actually. I love that the slack group can be a place to vent and get feedback. Normal group doesn’t allow “crosstalk”, which I find to be an incredible waste of time.

I love the information related to communication. Learning more about IA and the way you incorporate many of the same types of exercises that I am doing in the 90-day outside IA workbook I am doing is awesome.

Since joining Knights and Warriors my wife and I feel much more emotionally connected but are just sort of relearning each other as it relates to intimacy. We gone through the 90 days that also included no touch and sleeping in separate rooms and our lovemaking is much more close and passionate with each other. More connected if you will.

We talk about much deeper topics, even aside from recovery, and have created a safe space for each other to share and be heard.
We are much more patient with each other and less on the defensive.

We have much less tension overall, which was validated in a visit to our daughter’s house after not seeing them for a little over two months and her fiancé said we seemed much more relaxed and tension free with each other.

I enjoy the interaction with all the coaches and appreciate the twice per week calls to be able to vocalize what I don’t always have the time to put into writing. Chloe is direct and to the point with clients, and Savannah is pretty laid back and has clearly put into practice a lot of what she talks about. I appreciate the stories and the examples she gives and how she finds a way to relate to people. I like that Tim has a mind for business so we can relate in that way. He understands a lot of my personal struggles as a leader at work, the projects I am over and balancing that with being a husband and father. He pushes me like my father never did and let’s me bitch but then challenges me right back, but then offers encouragement and support at the same time.

Knights gets to the deeper issues much quicker than traditional therapy. The group is interactive and there all day, not one a day or week at a scheduled time. The calls are an added bonus and the betrayal trauma model is key to healing the betrayed partner and ultimately hopefully the relationship.

Thinking of joining? Do it! Before Knights I was in Individual counseling with CSAT including a clinical disclosure, 3 day intensive at Heart to Heart including lie detector test, Group sessions led by CSAT, 12-step for SA, andCouples counseling.

The initial counseling and intensive really pushed me to deal with my past and source of trauma and find out the background to my issues. They did very little for my wife, even though they said they followed the betrayal trauma model.

I did the 12-steps all the way through but found the groups full of people who were sort of addicted to the group and there was no sharing or crosstalk.

Couples just ended up in them treating her like a codependent at times and just causing arguments.

The approach The Mod and the coaches take by having both sides work their recovery in tandem is a much more holistic and effective approach.”


Knight, 2020


Now, you’re probably wondering what the cost of The “Become a Knight” Live Group Coaching Program is…


Honestly, I’d LOVE you to see this NOT as a cost, as cost implies a loss of something.


I want you to look at this as an investment in yourself, as with investments you gain something, and in this program you will be gaining SO MUCH it’s unbelievable.


When you enter this program and graduate, you will have become a NEW and EMPOWERED Knight! You also will be gaining life-long friendships! That’s right, you’re no longer alone in this! You have others who are there with you, growing, healing, and they will be your supporters and friends in this journey.



Some of the AMAZING things you’ll gain is your SELF-WORTH, CONFIDENCE, and FREEDOM.

You will be able to know your TRUE self and know you ARE WORTHY OF RESPECT AND LOVE.



So, tell me… truly how much is that worth to you? I believe It’s PRICELESS!



This program is only $1297 and honestly it’s a steal. 

What you will learn and gain in this program is insurmountable and will change your life.

You won’t find any other company where you get 3 coaches for 10 weeks straight from 8AM-10PM EST. That is 70 days and 980 hours you get with the coaches!

I also know that not everyone has $1297 to just drop at once, and that is why I offer payment plans to make this investment easier. So, if you need the payment plan option, it’s there! You can join today with just a payment of $499 with two following monthly payments of $499.


Our program is a game changer. You are not going to be stuck anymore, you will have personal power again, and be able to hold your ground, and have friends to stand by you. That’s pretty damn amazing if you ask me.

  VALUE: $27,000                              YOUR PRICE STARTS AT: $1297

Individually Take Program

(no individual sessions included with program)

Individually Take Program VIP

(3 individual sessions included with the program)

Couples Special

(no individual or couples sessions included with program)

Individually Take Program VIP

(3 individual sessions included with the program)

Ready to Enroll or Have questions?

Q: How Can I Justify The Cost of the Program? What About Help For My Partner?

This program will change you life. Rather than repeating the same old patterns and being in a horrible relationship and state, you will be moving forward and will grow. Can you really afford to not invest?

And as for your partner, we do have the Become A Warrior program for the betrayed partner as well, and as a special, we love it when both the betrayed and the addicted sign up for their individual programs together because it gives you guys just that much more of a chance of really making recovery stick, that we offer a couples special price of $2099. Now, again we do have payment plans for that option as well where you pay $775 to enroll with 2 monthly payments of $775. 







Q: We Have very busy schedules. My Partner’s job is demanding. How can we justify the Commitment?

I am going to be blunt, you cannot afford to waste anymore time NOT being in recovery. If you’re not in recovery, neither of you are healing and you’re staying stuck in a painful and unhealthy dynamic that will eventually end the relationship. If recovery and marriage are important to you, I assure you, you will find the time. It’s about what is truly your priority.







Q: Where do you hold the program?

We hold our program on SLACK because it’s safe for the SSA to use. SLACK is a business app. 





Q: I’ve already tried avenues like therapy and weekend intensives, how do I know THIS will work?

This program works because it’s a 10 week intensive with a proven structure and teaches you EVERYTHING you need to have a successful individual recovery. There is NOTHING out there like this program. We are with you EVERY SINGLE DAY for 10 WEEKS STRAIGHT. 

Q:When can I sign up?

ENROLLMENT OPEN for the next live round.

Start date: May 3rd
End Date: July 12th


Are you ready to become a MASTER at individual recovery and live the life YOU want? Are you ready to breakfree of trauma and addiction? Awesome! Let’s Fucking Do This!

Yes, Savannah I understand I’ll be making a one time payment or the initial payment today if using the payment plan and will recieve:  

Lifetime access to the modules and materials

 Getting the BONUS handouts/worksheets/calls

 All the calls from this program


Right now you are at a KEY moment in your life.

You are at a fork in the road where you can see the path to pain and destruction… and you see the path to freedom and empowerment. 

The BEAUTIFUL thing is that YOU have a choice to make! YOU have the power to change your life today.

It’s ALL up to you to decide what your future holds.

You can join me, Tim, and Chloe in Knights where we will lead you down the path to a successful recovery every single day for 10 weeks straight from 8am-10pm…

…Or you can choose to stay on the path you’ve been on, trying to do this alone, getting nowhere, being invalidated and dismissed by therapists, and feeling even more hopeless and lost.

So… which future are you going to choose? The choice is 100% Yours! 


What my clients are saying…

“Leveling up to The Knights from SSR had me feeling scared, excited, lost, confused, and optimistic.

Money was the biggest obstacle for me and my wife. Finding the money was hard, but am so thankful that we made it work. I would do it over 10 fold with out hesitation. With out each other we truly wouldn’t have anything. Time was a concern but not an obstacle. I was and am willing to give everything I got to recovery. And came in with this thought.

I feel amazingly happy. I have feelings and emotions that I didn’t even know existed in me. It has opened my eyes and ears to everything around me. And has given me a path to fallow that is healthy and is letting the old path to disappear. For the first time in my life I feel like I am health in my mind. It is amazing to feel this and is truly hard to put in too words.

I really like a lot of the brain science and understand why this addiction is so hard to just put down like a pack of cigarettes and never touch again. It had given me insight to make the tools work for me in my recovery. I truly enjoyed every sessions, group, program and embraced every step.

The biggest is the emotional connection. It is bigger and stronger then we EVER had. It is unreal to have what seems to be simple conversation with my wife and her eyes light up. And say to me that she is turned on in just hearing me speak. Or she has joy in her voice when we talk. We can actually set down and talk about the bad in life and never raise our voice or be so defensive. We can actually talk about everything and I truly mean everything. She knows all of me and my dark secrets and is still here. It has been amazing feeling to be with someone that loves you for how your becoming. I have also been able to have a drive to work 50 hours a week and still completely take over the fiscal chores around the house so that my wife could get rest. And actually enjoy it.

I feel that Knights is a family style investment. And a real healthy one. Savannah is the mother to over see and monitor everything, Chloe is the crazy aunt that you can talk about the uncomfortable topics and get guidance with, and Tim is the wise grandpa that has all the facts and stories to back them up. And has a way to touch every one with an analogy.

Chloe is straight forward answers with resolution to the information. It is great for me to here the whys and hows. She is great at conveying them. She is also stern when needed and gentle when the topic is sensitive.

Savannah is very gentle and soft spoken so when things are rough or emotional it is easy to communicate with her.

I really enjoy Tim’s questions with questions approach it makes me think for myself and has been a hug learning experience in looking at everything in life this way.

If you are wanting better and don’t know how or why it isn’t, then you are at the right place and as long as you put in the work you will get what you need at The Mod to over come so much more then just your addiction.

Before The Mod, I had help from therapy’s with drug addictions prior but never had what I have gotten from The Mod from my porn/masturbation addiction. It has so much more personal connection with healing then I have ever experiences.

I owe the coaches everything I have and will continue doing to stay sober for the rest of my life. It has given me a place that I always told my self that I wanted and has given me the direction to follow through with it. And that is to be the best husband and father I can be. Thank you all so much. I truly feel that you are working miracles here.”


Knight, 2020

“Before The Knights I was in SSR. And before that I was lost, confused, and barred in a mountain of lies. I had been addicted to pornography and masturbation for 23 years. It had lead me down a path that I had made many unhealthy choices. I had destroyed many relationships and was on the verge of destroying my current marriage. During these 23 years I had many other addictions that I had over come like drugs and alcohol. But porn and masturbation felt impossible to over come. No matter where I turned it was starting me in the face and pushing me around it.

Once in The Knights program I had learned many challenges I had to over come and tools to help me get there. It has been a REAL eye opener in to how badly this addiction affects every aspect of your mind and brain and really takes hold of you and won’t let go.

The biggest change to date is my relationship with my wife. I have an amazing relationship now and it is truly better then the day I meet her. It has been amazing. I am no longer explosive with my thoughts and reactions. And I have emotions and thoughts that I have never had before. It has gotten me back on track to my morals and dreams in life.

The coaches are the best. I have seen and been around many therapists and counselors in the past and none of them hold a candle to these coaches. They go out of there way it feels like to help everyone in the program. They are very intelligent people that know there stuff about this addiction. They have experience and knowledge of the brain disease. And guide you through every step.

My wife is in The Warriors and I thank god for it. It was her saving grace to life. It has changed her in many ways then I could have ever imagined. She is strong and determined now and has trust and safety with me now, which she had never had before. She has learned everything about me and my addiction and despite all of it The Warriors group helped her to love me.

If you are considering joining The Knights I’m telling you this, it is worth every penny. It will give you tools, guidance, strength, and will give you control over this addiction. As long as you commit to the program and give it your all it will change your life. I work a 50 hour week and no others that work more then me and you will have time as long as you are devoted to having a healthy life.

This program is a community of people that are in your shoes or have been in your shoes. Know ones shit is special, it is still shit. And NO one of any of use are here or have been here to judge you. You are in control of your destiny and The Knights will guide you to rise up and over power this disease’s.”


Knight, 2020

“Before Knights I was a little nervous about what I was getting into. Also hoping it would help me. My wife wanted me to do this and I feel like I’m making baby steps to recovery with loads of knowledge to keep me moving forward towards becoming whole again!

The amount of honesty and courage I see in the other guys. It helps me on my down days to getup and keep fighting. The calls do a lot for me just having all coaches available to talk or answer our questions. Also as rough as it was the purges helped tremendously give me a clean start.

The coaches allow us to help each other daily in the group with thoughts and feelings but if there’s a problem that’s above us you coaches are there to step in and give advice when we need it.

Chloe answers every question about sex with dignity toward person asking. No matter what you ask she gives you straight answer no bull.

Savannah is such a sweet person and easy to talk to. She always has good advice about keeping relationships going.

And Tim, I like his no nonsense approach especially when I needed to be set straight about a few things. I really appreciate his honesty.

If you’ve looked at Knights and are thinking about joining, I have been helped here more than I ever imagined I could be. They have helped me realize what I’m dealing with and offered concrete ways to fight it and stay in recovery.

I just want to thank all the coaches at The Mod for showing me how I can have my life back and become an honorable man again. On who can love again others as well as himself.”


Knight, 2020

Holy Hell. Okay. I made it to the bottom! Savannah, I am SO ready for recovery now! Sign me up!!

  VALUE: $27,000                              YOUR PRICE STARTS AT: $997

Individually Take Program

(no individual sessions included with program)

Individually Take Program VIP

(3 individual sessions included with the program)

Couples Special

(no individual or couples sessions included with program)

Couples Special VIP

(each individual gets 1 individual session. The couple gets 2 Couples Sessions)

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