Being the partner of a masturbation, pornography, or sex addict (Sexual Stimulation Addict- SSA) is one of the biggest challenges a marriage can go through. As a betrayed partner, you have lost your sense of self, your self-esteem, your sense of reality, self-worth, and your ability to trust – not only your partner, but the world and yourself.

But you don’t have to stay in that place of feeling trapped and hopeless. You CAN recover (with or without your partner).


You have to work individual recovery FIRST.

Tim, Chloe, and I are here to show you how to leave betrayal trauma and addiction in your past and achieve a successful recovery and marriage!

Dear Betrayed Partner,

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You set boundaries only to have your sexually addicted partner walk all over them

  • You set consequences, yet you just can’t pull the trigger

  • You try talking with your partner only for them to get angry and defensive and shut you down

  • You explain porn is cheating, and your partner says it’s not cheating

  • You feel crazy every day thinking something is wrong with you

  • You feel you’re not enough, no matter how many things you do to become the “perfect” partner

If so, you’re in the right place, and I’m SO grateful you’re here!

You are NOT alone.

Actually, there are SO many betrayed partners out there going through the exact same thing.

Truly, at The Mod, you’re in great company.

Often, betrayed partners end up making key mistakes in attempts to solve the problem of having a porn or sexually addicted spouse.

They often first go to a therapist – only for the therapist to call them co-dependent and enable the addict to keep using because “porn addiction doesn’t exist.”

When reaching out for therapy ends up being a fail (time and time again) often you feel lost and even more hopeless and invalidated than before you began searching for help.

That is all HORRIFIC to experience on top of the trauma your porn and sexually addicted spouse has already inflicted.

At The Mod, we use the Betrayal Trauma Model and you are 100% validated in your feelings and your reality.

When I found The Mod, I found The Betrayed group. I was lost, scared, depressed, hopeless, confused. Joining The Betrayed helped. It helped A LOT, but it only took me so far.

I got to a point where I was ready to move forward and didn’t even realize it. Not until I noticed that staying in the betrayed was keeping me there. Stuck in that stage. Every story I read, every frustration from everyone else just added another layer of shit on top of me holding me back. I wanted to heal. I needed to move past this with or without my husband. I needed it for me. I needed it for my kids. 

We were told The Warriors program is intense. That’s a serious understatement. It’s more than intense. It’s grueling at times. But it’s so good. The harder it gets the better you feel.

There have been times I seriously questioned if I could keep going. But all of the beautiful women, my fellow Warriors, along with all 3 coaches would listen to my feelings. Validate me. Empathize with me. Build me back up. Ask what I need, and sometimes help me figure out what I need, and help me figure out how to get it. We push each other forward. There’s no doubt that I’ve formed lasting true friendships with these women, and one man.

I’ve learned so much about myself in just these first few weeks and I know it’s only just begun. I’ve begun to see who I truly am and what I truly want from life and a relationship. I know you’re probably not putting much thought into that statement, I kind of didn’t either. But it really happens. In a big big way!! I’ve had so many revelations and even gained closure on past hurts. Now I feel hopeful. I’m starting to feel a tiny glimmer of trust in my husband. It’s easier for me to figure out what I need and want in a situation and I’m feeling strong enough to demand it.

My husband and I have had more communication since starting our respective programs than we’ve had in our entire relationship. What’s more, it’s actually meaningful communication. 

This isn’t just a job for these coaches as is the case with many. They are all in. It’s their life. They are more knowledgeable than anyone I’ve ever met. Hands down. I’ve yet to see them stumped by any question or situation, and we threw a LOT at them. Sometimes in rapid fire. I really don’t know how they kept up with us sometimes. They don’t give you all the answers. They teach you and guide you to reveal them on your own.

Savannah is kind of like the mother. She guides you in a sensitive way to demand a better, safer and more healthy environment for yourself. Because she’s been where we are and she understands how you feel and why you feel that way.

Tim is the big brother of the group. He will listen to you, offer tons of factual and practical real life advice. He will always tell it the way it is. Like it or not. If anyone messes with you they better watch out for him though. He’s coming after them.

And then there’s Chloe. I like to compare her to the crazy, fun aunt that knows her way around a betrayal, and your sex life. Seriously, any question you could ever have about sex I’d bet big money she knows the answer to it. The one that tells you what you need to hear, not necessarily what you want to hear. After a while though, your needs become your wants. She’s tricky like that.

You can always ask any of the coaches your most personal, private questions that you’re too embarrassed or ashamed to even say out loud. They’ve heard it all before. They never pass judgement. Ever. 

My husband has changed dramatically since starting his Knights program. He really is an entirely new person. Before admitting his addiction he was a selfish, self centered, self serving, emotionless, unfeeling, uncaring, uninvolved man child. I used to tell people I have 5 children. 4 young ones and one man child. After admitting he white knuckled. He improved as an overall person but not a lot, not consistently and not in a way that would last.

Since starting his Knights program he’s done a full 180. He’s not recovered yet. He still has flaws. He still makes mistakes. But the difference is his attitude. He is fully committed to himself, his recovery and me. He’s making the choice everyday. I see consistent, real changes in him. His attitude, his demeanor, literally everything.

After only 3 weeks he is caring, he has no rage, he’s not angry, he’s thoughtful, he’s having feelings and emotions and not thinking about porn or masturbating or when he will have the next opportunity to get his next fix. He’s becoming a partner in our relationship instead of just someone who lives here that I have to take care of. He doesn’t look at me like I’m here solely for his use and disposal. He looks at me like I’m a real person. An equal. He’s feeling real love for me that he’s never felt before. He’s having thoughts, feelings and emotions that he’s never had before and who knows if he ever would have had it not been for the Knights program. 

If you are even remotely considering joining the program…just do it. I promise you, you will not regret it. If it’s money holding you back, I get that. It was a huge factor for me too. But now, knowing what I do and as far as we’ve come I’d pay 10 times what I did all day every day. That’s how truly worth it this is. I’d spend my last dollar without hesitation. Do whatever you need to do to make it happen. Just make it happen.

I also would strongly encourage you to join as a couple. You will get so much out of this, it’s so fulfilling to go through this together. It’s a bond like no other. My husband and I rarely spoke to each other and if we did there wasn’t much meaning to anything. Now, we never stop talking. We have a real relationship that is only getting better. He is healing individually and I am healing individually. You can’t put a price on that.


Warrior, 2020

The truth is: Recovery is a Daily Choice. It’s a choice that you make to stay healthy.


No matter how many articles or books you read about recovery, the truth is you NEED more. You aren’t going to be able to fully work your individual recovery without these key components:

  • Accountability

  • Community

  • Experts to guide you


Why are those 3 things key?

Because without community, betrayal trauma gets worse.

Being with other women who are going through this very thing helps validate your experiences, enable you to begin to trust other people, and to start forming life-long safe friendships.


Without accountability, betrayal trauma can be almost impossible to recover from. Accountability is key in recovery because it makes you hold yourself to a higher standard when you know you have to check-in with others. You are responsible for your daily choices and actions.


Without experts to guide you, you’re bound to fall into the biggest pitfalls of recovery. At The Mod, Chloe, Tim, and I have fallen into some of the biggest pitfalls that can stall recovery for YEARS.


In Warriors we teach you the biggest pitfalls to avoid, and the keys to a successful recovery so you can streamline your recovery and won’t get stuck!

I’m Savannah Esposito

Kick-Ass Relationship & Recovery Coach. I run an intentional, intensive, high-end coaching practice with my co-coaches Chloe & Tim that get clients results. 

My marriage with Jak wasn’t always as amazing as it is today. In fact, when I discovered my husband’s porn addiction, we weren’t married, and things were already stressful. I chose to marry Jak knowing about his addiction, and I don’t regret it one bit!

Honestly: I wasn’t always great at recovery. I sucked at making boundaries, figuring out what consequences I would actually follow through with, and realizing that my husband’s recovery was HIS to own. Not mine.

But in our journey to The Recovery Lifestyle, we fell into the biggest pitfalls and we learned the key things you need to not only be successful as individuals but successful in relationship reconstruction.

While Jak and I were going through our journey I met Chloe, and we become fast friends in recovery. We each made mistakes, had successes, and we decided betrayed partners deserved more.

We didn’t have help in our recovery. We had to figure things out on our own. Betrayal Trauma wasn’t that popular back when we were in the trenches. 

Chloe and I succeeded because we committed and figured out through tons of trial and error, hours of frustration, and endless conversations what works and what doesn’t. Now we, and our co-coach Tim, teach YOU how to be successful like us!

Our holistic approach works.


It’s a step-by-step proven system to get you from trauma to freedom. We walk you through each step intentionally, so you don’t miss any of the keys to success!





Before joining The Warriors I was soaking up growth in The Betrayed. I felt like I was really committed to healing and wanting to move passed betrayal trauma as efficiently as I could. I also knew I could not do this alone, at least not in the time frame I wanted that would allow me to enjoy my life after this tragedy. I felt ready to take on more and take ownership of my journey and simultaneously learn how to relinquish my need for control. I was excited, nervous and scared to get this program going. I was even more terrified of stepping outside my comfort zone, The Betrayed; the safe haven after so much destruction. The unknown can be so terrifying. But I knew if I was going to amp this up, I needed to leave the minors for the majors. I can’t be present in both arenas at once. I chose to keep moving forward even in fear of unknown. I also felt like I was moving forward with other winners who chose themselves too. All being led by these three amazing coaches who believe in us and our healing. For the circumstances, you can’t really ask for more.

We’ve been in the program for 3 weeks now and I’m getting an abundance of information on the “how.” I feel like I’m finally moving forward in my own journey. It’s crazy to feel I’ve hardly begun even with so much of the hard stuff behind us already. I’m learning how to read my heart, speak my truth and stand up for my needs. I’m learning how to apply healthy coping skills into my life to navigate the betrayal trauma. Overall, this journey has remained a scary rollercoaster but I’d rather keep moving forward and taking the dips than spinning round and round in life just praying maybe one day, it will be different but I keep just seeing the same thing over and over again. I’d love to say I’m no longer fearful and am resilient beyond measure. But that’s not how it works. I think here I am learning how to build courage and resilience within me to apply to my life. It’s simply not a one and done task. I know I will grow to my absolute best potential here, but the work is never done. Here, I learn how to and how to keep going, no matter the obstacles. This is also part of the reason you can’t do this alone. You will be in fear as this journey unfolds and over time and effort you will become greater than your fears. You need a support system to help push you forward in the face of fear. Fear will always be, but here I feel almost unstoppable!

This program is unique in it’s resources, structure and purpose. Coaching is more about application and requires the student to be proactive in their growth journey. It’s very different than the student-teacher relationship that most of us are used to. Teaching applies to all students to match a bar or standard, no matter his/hers skill, aptitude or learning technique. But coaching is individualistic. The coach meets you where you are at and has you apply from there. We all have our own individual bars that we will grow to. The dynamic can be challenging to master. With this spirit, the coaches have their work cut out for them. They have intimate knowledge of each of their clients and the direction of healing that best suits them. This program blueprint allows us to have the best of both worlds for both knowledge and practical works. The system is built to help you earn your freedom after betrayal trauma. They don’t want mindless dependents following them forever but instead to actually help and release us back into life with confidence, knowledge, skill and compassion. To help us learn how to stand on our own two feet again, like we did once before. With that blueprint for growth in mind, the coaches monitor our journey giving an occasional nudge in the right direction. Because of their experience and expertise they can foresee the potential challenges and roadblocks and aim to equip us with the ability to navigate them. Here, we are blossoming and they nurture us in a hands off fashion. It is different than when I was in The Betrayed; because I was different and my needs and challenges were greater then.

My husband took off running shortly after Dday. He’s not perfect but he is running with me. When we were given the opportunity to join The Knights & The Warriors he jumped at it. He was hesitant and shared a lot of the same fears I had. But he knew this was the next step. He knew I would join with or without him so he chose with. He too is enjoying the abundance of information and is applying it to all areas in his life. He is making huge strides in healing and in leadership. This program and healing has revealed to him who he felt he always was but had a hard time accessing it. He loves the companionship with the other members in The Knights; he too feels like he is running with winners. Running for change, recovery and their lives. My husband is learning how to be transparent with me and he is also learning healthy coping skills and mindset. He has been ever evolving since Dday and this program really helped him raise the bar to where he would like it. He applies everything he learns to every facet in his life and I’m proud to call him my husband.

If I could talk to someone who is considering joining I would ask them what is holding them back? I would ask them if that was more important to them than getting their life back. Rather, their new life. This whole journey completely offset my entire plan and purpose in life. I knew there was a limited amount of time to get it back on track and that I alone couldn’t accomplish what needed to be done. I had no idea what happened in my life or how to fix it. The Betrayed for me, helped me figure out what happened; and Warriors for me, is how to fix it. It’s simply not enough to know what happened. You still have to make amends in order to enjoy life. If you only know what happened, you only learn to live in Betrayal Trauma. The point is not to stay there. The next step is to help you move through and passed it. Do whatever it takes to join; your future self will thank you.


Warrior, 2020

“Before joining The Warriors program I was feeling lost and hopeless. Our biggest obstacle was that I didn’t think my husband would allow me to spend money to join Warriors and I certainly didn’t think he’d pay to join Knights. We eventually reached a point where we both were stuck and I told him I was joining Warriors whether he liked it or not. That’s when he decided he would join Knights.

Being in this program, I’m feeling hopeful that my life will be much more peaceful whether or not my marriage lasts. I feel empowered and more confident in myself!

I have gained so much peace and confidence through this program. I’ve also gained some great friendships with ladies who have experienced the same type of trauma and I am forever grateful for the opportunity to create those connections!!

The most valuable module for me was BRoACH! It’s changed my life!!!! Learning how to properly set appropriate boundaries & enforce them with consequences has given me so much peace!! The Purge was also something that I didn’t realize we needed to do but I’m so thankful we did it now!!

My husband & I can now talk about his betrayals without him getting defensive. He has learned how to be more empathetic & gives me the space I need to process my emotions. We’ve only had sex 2 times since completing our 90 days however, those two times we were more emotionally connected than we have ever been in our 22 years of marriage. Our fighting has also decreased & our communication with each other has greatly increased both with the quality & quantity of intimate conversations. My husband is finally starting to desire a more intimate connection.

I appreciate how all the coaches specialize in different areas that are vital to recovery & not just because you’ve studied it but because you’ve lived it. Chloe doesn’t beat around the bush and speaks her mind. Savannah is sensitive in her approach but she still speaks the truth no matter how hard it is to hear. She’s also very encouraging and validating with our feelings! I love that Tim doesn’t sugar coat the truth. He’s very straightforward but gracefully bold.

If you’re considering Warriors, DO IT!!! There’s nothing else out there like this program. When I was in therapy & SANON I felt like I was drowning without any guidance on how to get to the surface. Now I can finally breathe because my head is above water. This program covers everything you need to fully recover & heal. I feel like a whole new person.

Before I found The Mod and joined Warriors my husband and I did weekly therapy sessions, a 3 day intensive with Heart to Heart & attended weekly SANON meetings. They were only slightly helpful. Every therapist or group leader talked about boundaries but nobody ever showed me or told me how to create them. Not once was a purge ever recommended or suggested.

I also love how the coaches don’t judge you for doubting & checking up on your husband. I’m 12 steps they made me feel guilty for tracking him or for investigating if he was still acting out. I love how the coaches validate our need to look for continuity.

I’m forever grateful that I found The Mod!! It truly has changed my life & given me more & better tools to use not just in my marriage but in all relationships of my life.”


Warrior, 2020


…A comprehensive intensive LIVE group coaching program for betrayed partners of masturbation, porn, and/or sex addicts who are ready to leave addiction and trauma behind and gain freedom and confidence in their life.


By learning the KEY components to a successful recovery and implementing them daily!


When you learn the absolute necessary knowledge and skills you need for recovery, recovery gets easier.

You begin to feel lighter and happier.

You feel super confident.

You are able to stand your ground and demand respect.


We have a 360-degree holistic approach to recovery.


We approach recovery from these essential needs:

  • Physical

  • Psychological

  • Neurological

  • Emotional

  • Spiritual

Here’s Just A Taste of the Program Structure and What You Gain!


When you are enrolled in the program, you will receive a welcome packet to help get the best results from the program and fully prepare you for the upcoming weeks. This welcome packet has many things you will need to know and do PRIOR to the program beginning.



Weekly Group Coaching sessions where you and others will receive group coaching with Savannah Esposito, Timothy Brown, and Chloe Sutherland, where we will address the various challenges and progress for that week. This is one of the most dynamic parts of the program where you get our undivided attention to help you guys move forward and overcome any obstacles.  (Total of 10 Group Sessions)


If you choose VIP status you get 3 individual sessions where you will have 1:1 coaching with Savannah Esposito, Timothy Brown, or Chloe Sutherland and address any personal obstacles that are occurring or discuss any issues you are nervous about addressing with your partner so we can figure out a way to bring that issue up. (Each VIP Has 3 Individual Session)


A Support Partner. In the group, if you find you are clicking with another member in the group, we encourage you to reach out and become each other’s support partner. It’s much like an accountability partner. This is one of the most magical aspects of the program, where you can truly create a bond with another partner in the trenches and get extra support and even friendship in this time of need.


Access to our Private Slack Channel, of people who are in the program where you can get support from others, share tips, get questions answered and get advice. Plus, even more help from Savannah, Tim, or Chloe by posting your question and tagging any/all of us so we will answer your question directly.

When you sign up you get the following BONUSES:

– Are Video Games Safe During Recovery? 

– Most Dangerous Apps for an SSA 

– Is Your SSA’s Job Risking Their Reocvery? 

– Most Innocent Google Searches That Bring Up Porn

– Is Your Home & Environment Risking Your Recovery Success?

– Relationship Reconstruction BONUS

You have a total of up to 13 Sessions and extra support!

The Schedule For The Next 10 Weeks…

MODULE 1: Addiction & Betrayal Trauma Education

How can one overcome an issue when they don’t have the basic understandings of what is going on?

In this module we do a deeep dive into addiction and betrayal trauma.

Understanding WHAT is happening and WHY it’s happening is one of the most important aspects of being able to put your reality back together.


You will begin to understand, predict, and even address your partner’s dysfunctional behavior in an effective and healthy way. 

What stage of betrayal trauma recovery you’re in and how that allows you to reduce the feelings of shame and start building the skills of compassion, patience, and self-love back in your life. 


This module is where we get into the neurology of how addiction and trauma can affect you in ways you NEVER imagined. This module is a full environment cleaning to make sure there are no sub-conscious triggers that can hurt you or send your partner into an unexpected relapse.



Just how DEEPLY addiction impacts and has woven it’s way into every area of your life and how to make your environment safe for recovery.

MODULE 3: Accountability & GASLIGHTING

You’re going through a host of emotions in a flash. You’re angry one second, crying the next, screaming the next, then completely shut down. Those are normal reactions to trauma.


How to be accountable for your choices and your behaviors as well. 

How to check in with your Support Partner.

How to identify Gaslighting AND identify which of the 10 types are currently in your marriage.


SO many people struggle to set boundaries and enforce consequences.


Because they never learned HOW to set them CORRECTLY. 

Boundaries & Conseuqnces are THE BIGGEST reason people will either succeed or fail in trying to save their marriage.

We teach you how to succeed!


The difference between Boundaries & Control.

The difference between Consequences & Punishment.

HOW to set boundaries properly.

HOW to protect the boundaries with Rules of Accountability.

HOW to tier consequences effectively AND enforce them if you ever need to.


MODULE 5: Am I Enough

Betrayed partners often are plagued with constant critical voices in their head, wondering if they’ll ever be enough for their partner.

They wonder how they didn’t see it, why their efforts weren’t good enough to keep their partner with them and only them. They blame themselves no matter how hard they tried, no matter how many times they compromised their values and their own self-respect during sex, to try to “win” their partner back from pornography.

In this Module we work on rebuilding self-esteem. 


– Your SSA’s addiction is NOT about you.

– YOU define your worth.

– You ARE worthy.

– You CAN survive WITHOUT your partner if they choose addiction.

MODULE 6: Self Care & Coping Skills

Now that you’re educated, getting stable, and developing strong friendships, we are going to be working on incorporating some amazing coping skills into your recovery.

After working on coping skills, we are going to be creating individualized Self-Care Plans for the rest of your recovery journey. These are not set in stone and can evolve as you evolve in recovery. 


– What self-care TRULY is versus what society promotes.

– What are coping skills and how to know a healthy coping skill from a negative coping skill.


MODULE 7: Micro-Trust

Without trust you CANNOT have a marriage. In this module you will be doing a self-exploration to figure out what the SSA is doing to break trust currently, what has broken trust in the past, and what you know you need to see to slowly begin trusting your partner again.


– What IS trust?

– What is MICRO-trust?

– The different types of trust.

– How to trust YOURSELF


You might be wondering how this will work. When you enroll in Warriors you will receive:

  • Lifetime access to the modules

  • 7 module trainings that show you EVERYTHING you’d possibly NEED to know about how to have a SUCCESSFUL individual recovery

  • PDFs of all the exercises

  • BONUS calls and exercises

Congratulations! You’ve Graduated!

After finishing the program, you will have graduated from being a betrayed partner to a Warrior! You will be getting A graduation gifts sent your way as a sign of the amazing progress and transformation you’ve made!

*gifts can only be sent to those in the USA 

“Before Warriors I was feeling lost, depressed, anxious and defeated. My spouse and my own skepticism were my biggest obstacles. I had a breakdown one night and just told him something had to change or I was leaving. I told him I wanted to try this program and he agreed.

Being in Warriors I feel stronger and more informed about this issue. I’m still very anxious and depressed but that’s mainly because I’m not sure if he is truly working the recovery and I just don’t know if he will continue to stay in recovery. His wavering makes my anxiety and depression go up. This program I think is making me strong enough to leave if he doesn’t continue.

The best part of this program for me is the information and a different way of thinking and dealing with the situations. I have gained a lot of information on what to watch for, how to think of things from his perspective. I have also gained a ton of knowledge about how the addicted brain works and how to work with that.

The BRoACH and Micro-Trust Module were the most valuable to me, and I love the slack group and ACE exercise! My husband and I are more open and honest. I feel stronger and better equipped to deal with the addiction and the consequences. He is more aware of how this has affected me and himself. Recovery is now a daily thing not just once in a while.

The coaches are great at making the information easy to understand and it comes from people who have been there and understands the dynamics. Chloe is very real and passionate with the clients and Savannah is sweet, understanding and supportive, while Tim is real and provides a view from the side of the addicts brain so that we can better understand. He is open and honest.

If you’re considering Warriors it is a wonderful program that helps the SSA and the betrayed work side by side to make changes to promote healing.”


Warrior, 2020


Now, you’re probably wondering what the cost of The “Become a Warrior” Live Group Coaching Program is…


Honestly, I’d LOVE you to see this NOT as a cost, as cost implies a loss of something.


I want you to look at this as an investment in yourself, as with investments you gain something, and in this program you will be gaining SO MUCH it’s unbelievable.


When you enter this program and graduate, you will have become a NEW and EMPOWERED Warrior! You also will be gaining life-long friendships! That’s right, you’re no longer alone in this! You have others who are there with you, growing, healing, and they will be your supporters and friends in this journey.



Some of the AMAZING things you’ll gain is your SELF-WORTH, CONFIDENCE, and POWER.

You will be able to stand up for yourself and know you ARE WORTHY OF RESPECT AND LOVE.



So, tell me… truly how much is that worth to you? I believe It’s PRICELESS!



This program is only $1297 and honestly it’s a steal. 

What you will learn and gain in this program is insurmountable and will change your life.

You won’t find any other company where you get 3 coaches for 10 weeks straight from 8AM-10PM EST. That is 70 days and 980 hours you get with the coaches!

I also know that not everyone has $1297 to just drop at once, and that is why I offer payment plans to make this investment easier. So, if you need the payment plan option, it’s there! You can join today with just a payment of $499 with two following monthly payments of $499.


Our program is a game changer. You are not going to be stuck anymore, you will have personal power again, and be able to hold your ground, and have friends to stand by you. That’s pretty damn amazing if you ask me.

  VALUE: $27,000                              YOUR PRICE STARTS AT: $1297

Individually Take Program

(no individual sessions included with program)

Individually Take Program VIP

(3 individual sessions included with the program)

Couples Special

(no individual or couples sessions included with program)

Couples Special VIP

(each individual gets 1 individual session. The couple gets 2 Couples Sessions)

Ready to Enroll or Have questions?

Q: How Can I Justify The Cost of the Program? What About Help For My Partner?

This program will change you life. Rather than repeating the same old patterns and being in a horrible relationship and state, you will be moving forward and will grow. Can you really afford to not invest?

And as for your partner, we do have the Become A Knight program for the addicts as well, and as a special, we love it when both the betrayed and the addicted sign up for their individual programs together because it gives you guys just that much more of a chance of really making recovery stick, that we offer a couples special price of $2099. Now, again we do have payment plans for that option as well where you pay $775 to enroll with 2 monthly payments of $775. 







Q: We Have very busy schedules. My Partner’s job is demanding. How can we justify the Commitment?

I am going to be blunt, you cannot afford to waste anymore time NOT being in recovery. If you’re not in recovery, neither of you are healing and you’re staying stuck in a painful and unhealthy dynamic that will eventually end the relationship. If recovery and marriage are important to you, I assure you, you will find the time. It’s about what is truly your priority.







Q: Where do you hold the program?

We hold our program on SLACK because it’s safe for the SSA to use. SLACK is a business app. 





Q: I’ve already tried avenues like therapy and weekend intensives, how do I know THIS will work?

This program works because it’s a 10 week intensive with a proven structure and teaches you EVERYTHING you need to have a successful individual recovery. There is NOTHING out there like this program. We are with you EVERY SINGLE DAY for 10 WEEKS STRAIGHT. 

Q:When can I sign up?

ENROLLMENT OPEN for the next live round.

Start date: May 3rd
End Date: July 12th


Are you ready to become a MASTER at individual recovery and live the life YOU want? Are you ready to breakfree of trauma and addiction? Awesome! Let’s Fucking Do This!

Yes, Savannah I understand I’ll be making a one time payment or the initial payment today if using the payment plan and will recieve:  

Lifetime access to the modules and materials

 Getting the BONUS handouts/worksheets/calls

 All the calls from this program


Right now you are at a KEY moment in your life.

You are at a fork in the road where you can see the path to pain and destruction… and you see the path to freedom and empowerment. 

The BEAUTIFUL thing is that YOU have a choice to make! YOU have the power to change your life today.

It’s ALL up to you to decide what your future holds.

You can join me, Tim, and Chloe in Warriors where we will lead you down the path to a successful recovery every single day for 10 weeks straight from 8am-10pm…

…Or you can choose to stay on the path you’ve been on, trying to do this alone, getting nowhere, being invalidated and dismissed by therapists, and feeling even more hopeless and lost.

So… which future are you going to choose? The choice is 100% Yours! 

XOXO Savannah

What my clients are saying…

“Entering Warriors I was feeling anxious and scared. The biggest obstacle for me was that my spouse isn’t and wasn’t supportive of me being in this program. How I overcame it was that I just decided to take care of me!

I was feeling overwhelmed and didn’t know how to move forward, so I jumped on board without even telling my husband. I did end up telling him the week before it started because he needed to watch our kids so I could take my calls!

I’ve been feeling more confident and knowledgeable since joining Warriors. I’m feeling more valued and not crazy! I’m also feeling a bit stalled since my husband refuses to work with me on anything, but I’m still making forward progress!!!

Warriors biggest impact on me has been my confidence and the validation I’ve received to confirm that I’m right and not crazy.

I found BRoACH to be the most valuable. It’s been great! I’ve build my self confidence through this program. I’m able to take the emotion out of my responses and communicate more confidently and spot and call out gaslighting! I don’t entertain foolishness and I’m not moving around in the dark anymore. I feel like I’m moving forward and not stuck in the “I don’t know what to do” stage anymore.

I’ve also been more emotionally stable. My work life has been less stressful as I’m learning to work through and not bottle up emotions and by having an outlet to talk about my betrayal trauma it isn’t leaking into work anymore. I know I am safe and have a group of people behind me. I’ve been more emotionally available to my own children and also to my students.

The coaching team at The Mod is special because of all the different approaches and collaborations. I love how they work together to answer our questions.

Chloe is direct and matter of fact and she let’s emotion shine through in a positive way. Savannah’s ability to relate and give hope, her wealth of knowledge is all amazing! And Tim is a no bullshit guy! Straight to the point. His sense of humor also is great as well as his relatability.

If you’re thinking about joining Warriors It’s not like anything else! If your on the fence think of it this way!

I’ve always cooked my eggs in an old frying pan, the heat isn’t dispersed evenly and the lid handle isn’t coated so I always slightly burn my fingers when removing them. I’m used to it and I’ve come to just accept that my eggs will always be so/so and my fingers will get a bit burned.

Well one day my mom bought me a new egg pan and lid that was coated. While I was excited I still was apprehensive to try it out. It’s new, what if my eggs aren’t cooked right or what if it’s worse ? Well after a few rounds of trial and error my new pan cooked my eggs perfectly! No laced bottoms, not over or undercooked and didn’t stick! My fingers didn’t get burned taking the lid off. It was so worth it !!! I wished I had bought a new pan a long time ago!!! Would have saved me lots of burned fingers and so/so eggs

So if your tired of burned fingers and so/so eggs aka betrayal trauma and a relationship based on lies you’ve found yourself in the right place!

-Leean Holcomb

Warrior, 2020

“Before entering The Warriors, I was in The Betrayed which helped me tremendously, however, I was ready for that next step. I was ready to put recovery into full force. Before The Betrayed, I was completely lost and had no idea how to tackle the issues my husband and I were having. I felt hopeless about our marriage.

I would say my spouse was about 90% on board. There was a small part of him that was apprehensive, but luckily, at that point, he was willing to do whatever it took. Thankfully, money was not a huge obstacle for us but it still felt like we were taking a leap of faith. Of course, me being in The Betrayed, I already had a lot of faith in the coaches and the program, but again, my husband was a little apprehensive. Time management was the issue we were both the most concerned about. For me, it was about the unknown…not knowing exactly how much time in my day I was going to have to dedicate to recovery. With my husband’s brutal work schedule at the time, we were both very concerned he would not be able to keep up. However, his job schedule changed so time ha not been an issue. Either way, I believe he would have been able to make it work.

I’ve gained way more knowledge than I could have ever imagined. There is no doubt, we are getting every penny’s worth out of this program. I definitely believe that I will walk away from this program with all of the tools I need to move forward. I feel super confident in my recovery, and my husband’s recovery. I’ve seen huge changes in him and our marriage in a short period of time. I know we both still have a lot of work to do, but for the first time in years, I feel hopeful about our future, and that is priceless!

Warriors has given me hope. I have faith now, that my marriage will be okay. This program has lifted so much weight off my shoulders. I no longer wake up every morning feel depressed and anxious. Of course, I have my bad moments/days still, but they are much less frequent and not as intense.

I’d have to say, the most valuable aspect of the program for me is, the endless dedication that the coaches show us every single day. Every single question is answered and answered thoroughly. No question is too much for the coaches. They have literally thought of everything, covered every aspect of this addiction. If I could add one more thing, it would be the group environment. Learning from my peers, having their love and support, has meant the world to me.

Since Warriors, my depression and anxiety have subsided greatly. I feel a sense of calmness and peacefulness, as well as hopefulness. The second way my life has changed, is I feel more emotionally connected to my husband, than I have in years. And lastly, there is more transparency, honesty, and communication than there has ever been in my marriage.

This coaching team works day in and day out, every single day. I would be surprised if there are other coaches out there that are as dedicated as Chloe, Savannah and Tim.

I love Chloe’s no B.S. approach. She tells it like it is. Her knowledge about sex is truly mind blowing. I would have never imagined how complex this topic can be. Everything I’ve learned from her so far has been fascinating. I love that I feel like I can ask her about literally anything, no matter how weird or embarrassing I think it may be. She has an answer for everything and never makes you feel judged.

Savannah and Chloe are the perfect pair because they balance each other out. Savannah is still very straight forward, but in a more delicate way. She is super knowledgeable and gives amazing guidance. I love that she opens up and shares her own personal experiences to give us great examples to help us understand something better.

Tim is like everyone’s protective big brother. Its been amazing having his coaching, knowing he sees everything from a different perspective. He’s been there, on the addicts point of view, which I’m sure is why he can easily see through the addict’s B.S. and has zero tolerance for it. I appreciate his well thought out, extremely thorough responses to every situation and question. He’s up lifting and helps us Warriors remember our self worth.

Looking for help elsewhere? Okay, but you’re not going to find anything like this program. In my opinion, these coaches, the way they work, and the program they have created are truly unique and one of a kind. There has not been one single time that I’ve second guessed or doubted my trust and confidence in this program. There is no guess work here. We are instructed on exactly what needs to be achieved, and I don’t think you can find that kind of guidance anywhere else. We are set up with tools and knowledge that we can apply to our everyday lives. I think the coaches have done a marvelous job with this program. They listen to their clients.

Before finding The Mod I’ve had very brief experiences with therapy. I shared in The Betrayed how awful my experience was and how dangerous it can be to go to a therapist who really doesn’t know what they’re talking about. I’ve tried marriage support groups which turned out to not be helpful at all. Books and YouTube videos are okay, but nothing compared to The Mod. The only other help I’ve received was from The Betrayed which was amazingly helpful.

I’d just like to thank the coaches at The Mod for all of your dedication to the program and your clients. Its obvious that you all have such amazing big hearts and truly care about those you work with. This world needs more people like Savannah, Tim and Chloe! You all are saving marriages…saving children from broken homes. You all have inspired both my husband and I to one day help people with this addiction and with Betrayal Trauma. I will never be able to thank you all enough!!”


Warrior, 2020

“When I found Warriors, before I joined, I was despondent, frustrated, sad, powerless. The money was very intimidating, but I knew I was worth it. Since Warriors I feel more empowered.

Doing BRoACH has been very empowering. Having the daily reinforcement from other women who get where I’ve been is huge. Tim’s consistent affirmations and support—hearing him call out addict behavior for what it is, knowing that he was that guy has been hugely impactful.

Corresponding with other group members plus consistent coach support is most important to me.

I have clarity around my boundaries and I feel especially SURE of them. After all the gaslighting, even though I intellectually understood that I was on the right track, there were many times I second-guessed myself and wondered if I was being too tough on him or expecting too much. The program/group reassured me over and over that I have NOT asked for too much.

I am still preparing a BRoACH for myself, and when this is done, I will have a clear and concise set of personal values to refer to which will also help me to set up a daily routine.

I love my accountability buddy and love knowing that she is there for me—it’s made me feel less alone.

The coaches are all unique and special in that they are abnormally direct and affirmative in their approach. They have a clear methodology that is concise and step-by-step. They pull no punches and there is no bullshit—yet the three of them are approachable, kind and supportive!

I love Chloe’s directness. She knows her stuff and she doesn’t candy coat anything. I love how sure she is about what she’s doing. She’s no softie–but she is caring and loving. I also love her sense of humor!

Savannah is super down to earth and easy to talk to. Her style is calm and approachable, and I love that she shares her personal experiences–this makes her easy to connect to!

Tim also has a no-nonsense approach that just cuts to the chase. I love how fiercely protective he is of the women in Warriors. He knows EXACTLY what BS we are dealing with and he calls it out in no uncertain terms. I absolutely love when he shines a spotlight on the addict behaviors that our partners are engaging in—it’s very redeeming and reassuring to hear this, particularly after years or decades of gaslighting and self-doubt. You always know where you stand with Tim! Also, he has some quirky, fun sayings that never fail to amuse!

The Mod’s Warriors program is uniquely and radically different from any other program in that it addresses betrayal trauma and addiction on multiple levels. This is the “HOW TO” program that gives people practical things to do. These things address the neurology behind addiction in a way that I’ve not seen before (i.e. the purge). These actions empower the betrayed in ways that therapy or self-help don’t. This program goes way beyond affirming the pain of the betrayed or defining the symptoms or what’s “normal;” while it does do those things, it puts the power back into the hands of the betrayed in a very concrete way.”


Warrior, 2020

Holy Hell. Okay. I made it to the bottom! Savannah, I am SO ready for recovery now! Sign me up!!

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