Behind Closed Doors: Recovery Revealed is our paid newsletter, where it’s real, raw, recovery at it’s best for you to avoid the pitfalls, learn the foundations, and implement the strategies to help you have a long-term successful recovery. 

Included in the Base BCD subscription

– Two long-form emails per month on various recovery aspects (that you can vote on!) with relevant recovery opportunities (RO’s) for you to go and implement before the next email!

– One email dedicated to the anonymous Q&A segment

– Access to the archive of anonymous Q&A as well as access to the archive of all past BCD emails

– Exclusive discounts to services and products at The Mod as well as access to services ONLY offered to BCD subscription members


Included in the VIP BCD subscription

– Everything in the base subscription is included

– Access to our private Slack Communities – one for recovering betrayed partners and one for recovering addict partners – where you can build recovery friendships & have access to the coaches and peer mentors

– Access to our Pre-Recorded Knights & Warriors BONUS Q&A calls (over 4 hours of content!)



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