Betrayal Trauma Group Coaching 

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If you are looking for support in your recovery, then you’re in the right place. Most partners of porn addicts are experiencing Betrayal Trauma and have no where to go. The places they’ve looked for support have blamed them, calling them co-addicts or co-dependent. In reality, they are traumatized and need understanding. Often betrayed partners feel ashamed, alone, isolated, and at times crazy for their reactions. They are feeling worthless, unlovable, and that something must be wrong with them for their partner to prefer porn to them.

I am here to tell you that with group coaching you get a bunch of important aspects of recovery in one! You get accountability. You get support. You build genuine friendships. You gain understanding. You gain skills. You gain freedom of isolation. You get the support you need to navigate the challenges of recovery.

Benefits of Group Coaching!


With betrayal trauma, often times you feel ashamed of what you’ve been through, of your reactions, and how you act around your porn addict partner. 

In Group coaching you gain accountability strategies from each other, you gain accountability by showing up and being honest and participating, and you gain accountability through making genuine connections. You start to understand that you’re not the only one going through this, having these reactions, and you get to learn new strategies and be accountable to implementing them.

Going from Isolation to community

When you’re suffering from betrayal trauma, one of the side affects is isolation. No one understands what you’re going through, those you’ve opened up to have blamed and dismissed you, telling you “all men watch porn, get over it” or “you’re over reacting.” You start to distrust everyone and further isolate while suffering alone and misunderstood.

When you get into group coaching you are around people who are in the trenches just like you. You are not alone anymore and you realize you’re not crazy, irrational, or being over sensitive because you’re not the only one going through this. You and so many others are experiencing the trauma that comes from intimate betrayal.

In group coaching you build genuine connection and friendships and can gain the peer support you need to keep your motivation going and keep you accountable to your goals.


Knowledge & Skills

In group coaching you not only get the knowledge and skills of the expert who has been through it, but you get the insights from your group peers. You get to see what does and does not work. You get to try different methods to figure out what works for you in your recovery. You don’t have to waste weeks of being isolated trying over and over again with failed methods. You get the tried and true strategies to help recover.

You get to build upon each other’s knowledge, recommend good books, and recommend good recovery tools.

As they say, “two heads are better than one,” and when you have a group of many people who are actively engaged in recovery efforts you’re going to get a lot of knowledge from them and gain the skills and techniques that you need to navigate your personal recovery successfully.

How Group Coaching Works

New members join and we cut the group off at 10 individuals to keep the group small and make sure to have time for everyone to talk and check in.

Group calls will be held over Skype.

In the group we respect whomever is talking and do not talk over them while they are sharing. Each participant will get approximately 6 minutes to share.

Between weekly group coaching sessions, you will have access to the FB group, where you can check in each day, post, vent, ask questions (and tag me if you want me to answer it specifically).

After each coaching call there may be a reading assignment or a reflection exercise that will need to be completed before the next call.

Structure of the calls

I will introduce any new members that join, and we will turn it over to the group.

The group coaching call will last up to 70 minutes depending on how many people are in the group and how much is needed to be addressed. 

Each participant will:

  • Introduce their name
  • Share three emotions they are feeling
  • Share any achievements they’ve had over the past week
  • Anything they currently are struggling with

They will let the group know whether they want feedback from me or the other coach, the group, or to just be validated and listened to.

Once each individual has shared, I will address any questions that were sent to me/the other coach via email prior to the call that anyone would like me to address. (Limit is 3 questions per call to stay on time, so the first three questions that end up in my mailbox will be addressed on session, and any others I/the other coach will create a video and post it to the group or do a Facebook Live.)

At the end of the call each member will:

  • Share one act of self-care they plan to implement that week
  • One goal they want to achieve
  • One thing they love about themselves

***One free one-on-one call will be available to each participant during their first month in the group coaching if they want to opt-in to that.***

If you enjoyed the one on one coaching and desire more, you can get the Group Coaching with the Individual Coaching (2 calls/month) add on when signing up.


When can I sign up for the first month?

The first month to sign up is in August 2019.

How do I pay?

When you click to schedule you will be offered to pay through Square.

How much is the monthly coaching group and how much coaching do we get?

The cost is $150/month per person.

If you get the Individual Coaching Add-On the total cost per month is $550.

Are there any refunds?

If you ask for a refund before 24 hours after the first call, you may get a refund.

I am still using porn, can I join?

Yes! If you’re still struggling with using, this group is for you! Whatever stage of recovery you’re in you are welcome!


When I hit “Apply Now,” I see there is an application, why do you need that?

Our applications give us the information we need to best help you. Our applications are extensive because we want to ensure that we are going to be a good fit. Through the application and strategy call we will be able to see if you and/or your partner are a good fit to work with our team. You will also get a sense of if you feel we are a good fit. The applications are confidential and only used to help us help you.


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