Contact Savannah @ The Modern Mr. and Mrs. LLC

Feel free to reach out and shoot me an email! I read all my emails and do my best to get back within 24-48 hours depending on volume. I love hearing from you and others and make sure to set aside time to respond to email inquiries.







Before shooting me an email, do know that emailing me = you are serious about recovery


In your email to me please: 

-> Have a Specific Title (i.e Interested in Coaching, Would Love To Interview You On My Podcast/Vlog, etc)







-> If you’re emailing for coaching, be serious and committed.

 The Mod is comprised of me and my co-coach Chloe, and we are limited in availability and time.

 We have a max client load of 7 couple clients at any time.







The Mod is a high end coaching company that gets clients results, & thus investment is not just a couple hundred dollars. If you have a solid commitment to ending your sexual addiction and betrayal trauma and a low to mid 4-figure a month budget, shoot me an email and let’s chat!

We have two 6 Month Private Couples Coaching programs that we offer:

 1. Become a Knight & Become a Warrior: Private 6 month program for married couples to work Individual recovery in tandem before entering marital reconstruction.


2. Recovery Revolution: Reclaim Love & LifePrivate 6 month program for married couples to work marital reconstruction to create a solid marriage and recovery lifestyle.


In your email, if you’re desiring to be a client, please name the program you are potentially interested in and why.

You can shoot me an email at: or call or text me at 203-539-0746 (text preferable. If you call & i miss it, please leave a voicemail with your name, number, and reason you’re calling. I won’t call back without a voicemail.)







-> Interview/Podcast/ Requests — I love doing interviews! It means my mission and approach is resonating and hitting home with people. If you’d like to have me on your show, podcast, vlog, blog, etc., send me the details to and we’ll see if it’s a good fit.

-> For Feedback for the company to improve you can email us at:







Or simply schedule a connection call now below to chat:


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