With today’s work environment encouraging employee’s to overwork, you’re often left with little to no time for yourself. And trying to better yourself whether through coaching, therapy, or getting a personal trainer is off the table due to scheduling conflicts.

Now you have the chance to gain the support, motivation, guidance, accountability, and flexibility you need to succeed – all through email coaching!

If you’re someone who is an introvert, loves writing, and journaling, then email coaching is a great fit!

When you write it encourages reflection and processing, so instead of journaling and leaving it there, email coaching is like writing a journal entry where you get the support, accountability, motivation, and guidance from a professional!


Email Coaching Is A Perfect Fit If You…


☑️ Have a busy, tight, or irregular schedule because our sessions happen when it’s convenient for you! (no more missed sessions or late cancelation fees)


☑️ Aren’t a fan of video coaching and prefer writing or audio engagement. (Perfect for the introverted personality)

☑️ Love a budget friendly option to getting support to achieve your goals! (Traditional private coaching ranges from $600 – $975 per month)


☑️ Love having access to your coach right when an issue, block, or insight occurs so that you get what you need when you need it versus waiting for the next scheduled appointment. (No more waiting until session to get support when you need it most)

How Email Coaching Works


Fill out a client intake so that I can tailor my coaching approach to meet your unique needs and goals. We will begin with assessing your life and you will be able to choose which area’s you want to begin working on after doing the Life Assessment.


You have access to me via email, unlimited, for 30 days so that you can have consistent accountability, support, and guidance to reach your goals.

Each time you send an email, you will send 2-3 sections in the email:

1. Contextual Background Information

2. Your Question and/or Goal

3. Blocks or Obstacles You See and Methods That Haven’t Worked


With each email I receive from you, you will get a personalized and thoughtful, response with actionable steps to take within 24 – 48 hours of your email (usually will respond within 8 hours).

In email coaching you get access to what my traditional private clients get access to:

1.  PDF’s


3. Exclusive Modules

4. Customized Recovery and/or Relationship Opportunities

We keep all the emails in one email thread so that you have a complete history of our coaching time together so that you can review, reflect, be accountable, and measure progress.

Monthly Investment – $200/month

Have questions about email coaching? Want to make sure it’s the right fit?


Email me here: savannah@themodernmrandmrs.com 

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