What IS Email Coaching?

Email Coaching (AKA E-Coaching) means there You’re not  stuck on a schedule

We connect and communicate via email, you know similar to a pen pal, whenever YOU

need to.

There are TWO main differences though…

FIRST: Our ‘letters’ are soley focusing on YOU achieving your personal recovery goals!

SECOND: Chloe or I bring our knowledge, experience, and expertise in recovery To your personal inbox!








how does E-Coaching work?

1. You hop on a Free Recovery Breakthrough call & fill out a form so chloe or I can get a

sense of where you are, what the blocks are, and whether we are a good fit to work


2. If we are a good fit, then we dive into setting your personal recovery plan (PRP) to set goals that YOU want to meet


3. We write each other over email, as much as you need to successfully plan, explore,

navigate, overcome, & achieve your goals!






Some email coaching out there limits you to 5 emails a month… which I’ll be honest, I think is a disservice.







At the mod, when you sign up for email coaching with either Chloe or myself, you get

UNLIMITED emails each month to us.

Our work hours around E-Coaching are…. you can email Chloe or I until 8pm Eastern from

Monday-Friday (but you can email after 8pm, we will get to it the next morning!). Email responses can be anywhere from within 1 hour to within 48 hours.

Again, Emails are unlimited, as in you can email as much as you need to and your coach will respond!

We personally read and respond to each of your questions/concerns with answers that

address to your specific situation and questions.





You get personalized coaching, not generic responses.

You’re the VIP in our inbox!






Who is Email Coaching best for?

–> You may be further in your recovery journey and are at a place where you’d really benefit from email style coaching

–> You’re Not always in a location where discussing personal issues is a good idea (like work, kids are around, spouse is around and you want to process something privately)

–> You’re Travelling a lot or have a demanding schedule/job (like a doctor, lawyer, police officer)
——-> With email coaching, there’s no scheduling needed. You’re free to send your coach your questions whenever they come up, even if it’s 1AM.


–> On a tighter budget or lower income or has recently gone through a financial set back like a demotion or working part-time versus full time.


–> Email Coaching is an affordable alternative to traditional in person or video call coaching.

–> Into taking time to process? Email coaching can be amazing because there is no pressure to answer on the spot and you can take the time to reflect and compose yourself before responding


 –> Struggling with journaling and processing? Email coaching can be AMAZING as email coaching can mimic the journaling process, and journaling is a key component in recovery, so you knock out 2 birds with 1 stone!


–> If you like knowing you have access to the coach every day of the week and can be in contact with them as much as you would like to be.

I’m Savannah Esposito

Kick-Ass Relationship & Recovery Coach. I run an intentional, intensive, high-end coaching practice with my co-coaches Chloe & Tim that get clients results. 

My marriage with Jak wasn’t always as amazing as it is today. In fact, when I discovered my husband’s porn addiction, we weren’t married, and things were already stressful. I chose to marry Jak knowing about his addiction, and I don’t regret it one bit!

Honestly: I wasn’t always great at recovery. I sucked at making boundaries, figuring out what consequences I would actually follow through with, and realizing that my husband’s recovery was HIS to own. Not mine.

But in our journey to The Recovery Lifestyle, we fell into the biggest pitfalls and we learned the key things you need to not only be successful as individuals but successful in relationship reconstruction.

While Jak and I were going through our journey I met Chloe, and we become fast friends in recovery. We each made mistakes, had successes, and we decided betrayed partners deserved more.

We didn’t have help in our recovery. We had to figure things out on our own. Betrayal Trauma wasn’t that popular back when we were in the trenches. 

Chloe and I succeeded because we committed and figured out through tons of trial and error, hours of frustration, and endless conversations what works and what doesn’t. Now we, and our co-coach Tim, teach YOU how to be successful like us!

Our holistic approach works.


It’s a step-by-step proven system to get you from trauma to freedom. We walk you through each step intentionally, so you don’t miss any of the keys to success!


We have 2 E-Coaching tracks

Option 1: Secrets Behind a Loving Marriage & Recovery Lifestyle Newsletter with Email Coaching (Monthly Subscription)

This isn’t your normal Email Newsletter where the writer writes content, sends it, and you maybe open it and read it.

Secrets Behind a Loving Marriage & Recovery Lifestyle is a two-way street between writer and reader.

Secrets Behind a Loving Marriage & Recovery Lifestyle is unique in that you as the reader get email coaching included with the letter series with 1 traditional video coaching session per month.

Not only do you get email coaching, but you get to write back, request topics, share your perspective, give feedback to the letter series.

So one day you might just get in your inbox a letter on the topic you requested!

Letters will be sent out on Monday mornings, as you are drinking your morning coffee or tea, where you will read about topics in psychology, sex addiction, betrayal trauma, and how to save a marriage.

In Secrets Behind a Loving Marriage & Recovery Lifestyle, you get personal with Savannah in that she shares her heart, life lessons, and knowledge with you unfiltered.

You get the hard truths, you get the realities, and challenges.

Each month Savannah alternate’s between having her recovered husband and her co-coach at The Mod answer readers questions. You can Ask Jak & Ask Chloe and get information from the source of those who have made it!


You can Ask Jak questions on his recovery from porn, video games, and intimacy anorexia to get the male/addicts perspective on varying subjects in recovery.

You can Ask Chloe questions on sex in recovery, sex in addiction, sex when you’re recovered, really ask her anything about sex. Our clients LOVE getting all the amazing knowledge Chloe has to offer to help them reconstruct a new and healthy sex life.

So, let’s recap! You get:

  • Monday Letters in your inbox on psychology, sex and porn addiction, and betrayal trauma so that you’re always learning & getting the behind the scenes look at what recovery really takes

  • Email Coaching with Savannah Esposito so that you can get support through out the week whenever you need it PLUS 1 optional 60 minute video coaching session per month.

  • To ask Jak, a recovered addict, questions about how he made it every other month so that you get the perspective of a recovered addict

  • To ask Chloe, a recovered betrayed partner, questions on her recovery and on her speciality in coaching, which is sex in recovery every other month so that you can learn about the sexual recovery aspect

That’s a hell of a lot of information, tools, and coaching!

Benefits of This E-Coaching Option:

  • You get access to a nationally certified life, relationship & recovery coach whenever you need them during the week (and as much as you need them) so that you get support to work through triggers, challenges, and blocks as they come up

  • You also are getting knowledge on recovery in the weekly letter and an inside look at how Savannah has succeeded in recovery with her husband so that you can get a sense of the commitment it takes to recover

  • It’s flexible, adjustable, and customized to you so that you can go at your own pace, bring specific goals to the table to work on each month, and we create your personalized recovery plan

  • To ask Chloe, a recovered betrayed partner, questions on her recovery and on her speciality in coaching, which is sex in recovery every other month so that you can learn about the sexual recovery aspect

I look forward to going on this journey of self-development with you! 

Secrets Behind a Loving Marriage & Recovery Lifestyle E-coaching is $299/Month. Schedule your free recovery breakthrough session below if interested to see if this is the right fit for you!

Option 2: Knights & Warriors 6 month E-coaching program for married couples to work individual recovery in tandem before entering marital reconstruction.

This Program Addresses:
–> The Addict’s Individual Recovery
–> The Betrayed’s Individual Recovery
–> Foundations for Marital Reconstruction

For Marital Reconstruction, we have Recovery Revolution: Reclaim Love & Life a 6 month marriage program for those who have completed individual recovery and want to not only save their marriage, but create a new, healthy, recovery friendly marriage.


We approach recovery from these essential needs:

Included in Program:

–> Email access daily to coaches until 9pm EST on weekdays (past 9pm, we will respond in the morning) so that if you have any questions, want feedback, need support, you can always email us. Emails are unlimited.
–> 2 Traditional Video Coaching Calls each month

 –> our monthly printable modules (with over 50 exercises) for you to implement step-by-step structure to your recovery!

–> You can also add on extra months or topics if other goals come up that you want to address as you go through the program.


–> Are Video Games Safe During Recovery? 

–> Most Dangerous Apps for an SSA 

–> Is Your SSA’s Job Risking Their Reocvery? 

–> Most Innocent Google Searches That Bring Up Porn

–> Is Your Home & Environment Risking Your Recovery Success?

–> Over 4 Hours of Relationship Reconstruction Pre-recorded calls answering over 50 questions to save your marriage!

This program, while has structure, can be adjusted for each couples unique goals and needs in recovery


Monthly Modules in Knights & Warriors:

Month 1: Purge + Gaslighting + BRoACH

–> Create a safe environment for recovery so that you aren’t subsconciously triggered into relapses and trauma
–> Address Gaslighting so that you can stop this abusive behavior in it’s tracks and learn better communication skills
–> Create BRoACH (Boundaries, Rules of Accountability, Consequences, & Honor) so that you can be safe in your home from addiction

Month 2: Accountability + Fetish Cycling + Lifestyle
–> Understand what Accountability means and how to truly build accountability into your life so that you’re never prone to fall into lying and hiding and feeding your addiction
–> Fetish Cycling for the one struggling with addiction so that they understand how they devolved into their addiction and know how to heal
–> Lifestyle – Health, Nutrition, Sleep, Fitness, etc. so that you’re entire self, being, and environment is becoming healthy as you create this new recovery lifestyle

Month 3: Self-Care + Coping Skills
–> Address What is self-care and how to implement it daily so that you CAN be kind to yourself and relax
–> Address What are positive coping skills and how to implement them into your life so that you can overcome triggers and urges and use healthy coping skills intead of going back to addiction and trauma

Month 4: Am I Enough – Self-Esteem + Brain Work
Both sides struggle with self-esteem and feeling enough, so we break down those myths of “not enough” and get into the science of addiction and trauma so that you can rebuild your self-esteem

Month 5: Micro-Trust
We address the Foundations needed to have a successful healthy marriage.
–> Implement Micro-Trust so that you have a foundation of trust building (aka SAFETY)
–> Address Remorse so that the addict can get in touch with their feelings and so the betrayed partner knows their partner understands the pain they’re in
–> Gain Empathy so that the couple isn’t fighting each other, but rather understands each is in their own unique pain, and can become a team again
–> Become Honest & Transparent so that there is a real chance that the marriage can begin to heal

Month 6: Disclosure Preparation
In recovery, couples that want to stay together and reconstruct a healthy marriage often go through a formal disclosure. Formal Disclosures are often botched by therapists that don’t truly understand the dynamics at hand and can take one side over the other…

Here we prepare you to have a successful disclosure! You each will understand why disclosure is a part of recovery, know what you need, and understand that your needs are valid.

Month 1, 2, & 6 cannot be moved around as they are placed in those months purposely to give clients the very best opportunity to succeed in recovery. 

Month 3, 4, 5 can be moved around depending on where couples are at.

When You Commit to Recovery & Graduate Knights & Warriors

–> You will feel confident, empowered, and free from the pain you were in entering the program

–> You will have the skills and tools necessary to succeed in recovery

–> You will have a healthy lifestyle to help keep you in a successful recovery

–> You will see the commitment each of you has to not only your individual recovery but to your marriage

–> You will understand addiction & trauma and feel 100% valid in your experiences

–> You will know the foundations needed to have a successful marriage

–> You will be clear in what you want for your future

–> You will see the world in a new perspective and be able to make the choices you need to be successful in recovery 

Schedule your free recovery breakthrough session below if interested to see if this is the right fit for you!

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