What IS Email Coaching?

Email Coaching (AKA E-Coaching) means there You’re not  stuck on a schedule

We connect and communicate via email, you know similar to a pen pal, whenever YOU

need to.

There are TWO main differences though…

FIRST: Our ‘letters’ are soley focusing on YOU achieving your personal recovery goals!

SECOND: Chloe or I bring our knowledge, experience, and expertise in recovery To your personal inbox!








how does E-Coaching work?

1. You hop on a Free Path To Recovery Call & fill out a form so chloe or I can get a

sense of where you are, what the blocks are, and whether we are a good fit to work


2. If we are a good fit, then we dive into setting your personal recovery plan (PRP) to set goals that YOU want to meet


3. We set up 1 video session to go in depth with goals and education, and the rest of the month we write each other over email, as much as you need to successfully plan, explore,

navigate, overcome, & achieve your goals!






Some email coaching out there limits you to 5 emails a month… which I’ll be honest, I think is a disservice.







At the mod, when you sign up for email coaching with either Chloe or myself, you get

UNLIMITED emails each month to us.

Our work hours around E-Coaching are 8am-8pm Eastern from

Monday-Friday (but you can email after 8pm, we will get to it the next morning!). Email responses can be anywhere from within 1 hour to within 48 hours.

Again, Emails are unlimited, as in you can email as much as you need to and your coach will respond!

We personally read and respond to each of your questions/concerns with answers that

address to your specific situation and questions.





You get personalized coaching, not generic responses.

You’re the VIP in our inbox!






Who is Email Coaching best for?

–> You may be further in your recovery journey and are at a place where you’d really benefit from email style coaching

–> You’re Not always in a location where discussing personal issues is a good idea (like work, kids are around, spouse is around and you want to process something privately)

–> You’re Travelling a lot or have a demanding schedule/job (like a doctor, lawyer, police officer)
——-> With email coaching, there’s no scheduling needed. You’re free to send your coach your questions whenever they come up, even if it’s 1AM.


–> On a tighter budget or lower income or has recently gone through a financial set back like a demotion or working part-time versus full time.


–> Email Coaching is an affordable alternative to traditional in person or video call coaching.

–> Into taking time to process? Email coaching can be amazing because there is no pressure to answer on the spot and you can take the time to reflect and compose yourself before responding


 –> Struggling with journaling and processing? Email coaching can be AMAZING as email coaching can mimic the journaling process, and journaling is a key component in recovery, so you knock out 2 birds with 1 stone!


–> If you like knowing you have access to the coach every day of the week and can be in contact with them as much as you would like to be.

Kick-Ass Relationship & Recovery Coach. I run an intentional, intensive, high-end coaching practice with my co-coach Chloe that get clients results. 

My marriage with Jak wasn’t always as amazing as it is today. In fact, when I discovered my husband’s porn addiction, we weren’t married, and things were already stressful. I chose to marry Jak knowing about his addiction, and I don’t regret it one bit!

Honestly: I wasn’t always great at recovery. I sucked at making boundaries, figuring out what consequences I would actually follow through with, and realizing that my husband’s recovery was HIS to own. Not mine.

But in our journey to The Recovery Lifestyle, we fell into the biggest pitfalls and we learned the key things you need to not only be successful as individuals but successful in relationship reconstruction.

While Jak and I were going through our journey I met Chloe, and we become fast friends in recovery. We each made mistakes, had successes, and we decided betrayed partners deserved more.

We didn’t have help in our recovery. We had to figure things out on our own. Betrayal Trauma wasn’t that popular back when we were in the trenches. 

Chloe and I succeeded because we committed and figured out through tons of trial and error, hours of frustration, and endless conversations what works and what doesn’t. Now we, and our co-coach Tim, teach YOU how to be successful like us!

Our holistic approach works.


It’s a step-by-step proven system to get you from trauma to freedom. We walk you through each step intentionally, so you don’t miss any of the keys to success!


Email coaching’s monthly investment is just $349/month. Depending on where you are, what your recovery goals and needs are email coaching may last just one month or it could take two or three months.

Our Current Availability for Email Coaching Clients is 6 clients!

Please schedule your free Path to Recovery Session if interested in becoming an Email coaching client! We look forward to meeting with you!


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