The Mod recommends Ever Accountable as THE Accountability Software to use in your recovery journey!


Personal + Customizable

Ever Accountable personalizes your recovery! In the app, you can set a whole list of trigger words that are unique to the specific struggles you are going through!


Easy To Use

Ever Accountable is an easy user friendly accountability software that makes staying accountable a breeze!

You Have The Choice

Ever Accountable is an accountability software, which means that, the user sets up an accountability partner. The user still has the CHOICE to stay clean or go back into addiction, but whatever the user chooses, someone else will know. 

That is HUGE! You have the choice, and you are not allowed to have the addiction thrive in secrecy!

It's Thorough + Affordable

Ever Accountable is an amazingly thorough software! Unlike other softwares out there, EA is not easy to bypass and it’s affordable! 

Chloe + Cliff and Jak + I all use EA to this day.

We each believe in accountability software that works for each person with their unique needs in recovery. 

Jak not only was struggling with porn, but with his Intimacy Anorexia had devled into cars to escape.

Our EA was set for both trigger words for sexual reasons, but also we were able to include car keywords as well.

It helped us immensely in recovery so Jak could stay accountable as he got further in recovery.

EA can help you too!

The Mod is an affiliate of Ever Accountable. We have always recommended this software, even before becoming an affiliate because we believe in this company. 

Affiliate simply means for every purchase, The Mod get’s a percentage. No extra charge to you!