If you’ve been in my circle for a while you know that Fall is my favorite season.

You’ll also know Fall and the Holidays are a really tough time of year for a lot of people, especially those in early recovery.

Given you’ve shown interest in coaching during our time together, I wanted to let you know about this special for any new clients that sign up by September 30th.


—> If you’ve never been a client and want to become a new client and get the special, a client contract must be signed and your first session scheduled in October by the September 30th deadline.

—> This special covers 2 months of coaching. Once we hit the 2 month period, if you would like to continue coaching and need sliding scale to continue, you can always fill out the sliding scale application. If you are able to pay the full rate, then the 3rd month of coaching your sessions will return to the standard rate.

—> The 2 months of coaching period is October and November as I mainly take the month of December off. Whether you’ve had the 8 sessions that are included in the special or not, any session past December 3rd will be the standard coaching rate. So, be sure to schedule your sessions ahead of time to ensure you get the Fall Special rate! (and when scheduling you have the option to pay at the time you schedule or you will have the option to pay later and your card will be charged 1 hour before your session on the day of the session)

Example client transformations that can happen in two months:

  • Rock solid boundaries (and consequences) are established

  • Foundations of intimacy and connection get built

  • New healthy habits begin to fully develop

  • Self-esteem rises

  • Relapse prevention

  • Accountability, ownership, and responsibility

  • Effective plans to alleviate anxiety for Holidays and get togethers

​I haven’t ever offered anything like this, but I wanted to allow those who’ve had their eye on becoming a client to get that extra push/incentive to take that leap so that they can begin transforming their life and achieving their goals.

Given I haven’t ever offered anything like this, I don’t have a specific number of availably slots set in stone… I have an idea, and I am going to go with my intuition on when I feel the spots are at the capacity I can best serve everyone at.

If you’re interested, steps to get started:

—> Fill out the client application (if you and your partner are signing up, you each fill out the client application)

—> Schedule the free meet & greet sessions DURING SEPTEMBER so that we can begin October.

—> If you are someone who foresees needing sliding if we choose to continue to work together after the 2 months, take the time to fill out the Sliding Scale Application now so that if you qualify, you will get the sliding scale spots that are available at that time

If you have any questions about this offer, about coaching, etc., please email me at savannah@themodernmrandmrs.com with the email subject title “Fall 22 Special Offer Question” as I’d love to support you in achieving your personal, relational, and/or recovery goals this Fall & Holiday season!

If you completed the 3 steps below, you will hear from me within 24 hours!

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