Protect Yourself, Be Prepared, Have a Plan!

Triggers in recovery from Betrayal Trauma can be overwhelming, paralyzing, and even feel embarrassing at times.

Most often, partners are thrust into betrayal trauma with the discovery of their partner’s addiction and are bombarded with trigger after trigger after trigger.

It feels endless and hopeless when you’re experiencing triggers every 5 minutes in your day and you feel there’s no way to cope.

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Being able to define what a trigger is, what it means, what it’s purpose is, and how to plan for a trigger can be life changing in your journey of betrayal trauma recovery.

Meet Your Hosts!

Through my vast experience, natural skill, and knowledge I knew I had a calling to help people. I knew that my dedication, experience, and education allowed me to help others in a unique way. After graduating and getting my Bachelors, I continued my education and got Nationally Certified in Life, Recovery, and Relationship coaching. I am currently in the middle of my AASAT trainings in Sex Addiction, Partner’s Recovery, and Intimacy Anorexia as well.

Many things can get in the way of recovery. Addiction to masturbation, sex or porn is just having sex with yourself. It negates the point of intimately connecting to a person. I’ll be frank, good sex isn’t about frequency… It’s about the freedom. Can you be yourself? Do you accept them? I feel like relationships ask something specific of each individual couple. Every part of your past helps to mold the footprints you walk through foreplay to becoming truly connected. 

In this training, your hosts, Chloe & I will be delving into:


The various ways triggers show up so that you are prepared throughout your day and NOT caught off guard


How to identify them so that you’re not feeling confused and lost and wondering why or how you reacted so strongly


How to rate your triggers on our Trigger Scale so that you can start to understand which triggers can set you off into a full on betrayal trauma attack.


Trigger Planning so that you have a plan for when you encounter triggers as you go about your day so that you won’t be debilitated by them and feel like you can’t get out of the trigger space.


The different types of triggers so that you can properly identify and overcome them accordingly.


The most triggering times of year so that you’re prepared for those seasonal triggers that come around



"They have intimate knowledge of each of their clients and the direction of healing that best suits them. This program blueprint allows us to have the best of both worlds for both knowledge and practical works. The system is built to help you earn your freedom after betrayal trauma. They don’t want mindless dependents following them forever but instead to actually help and release us back into life with confidence, knowledge, skill and compassion." - Charlene

"I love that Chloe is direct, doesn’t beat around the bush, is very descriptive" - Dale Ford

"This isn’t just a job for these coaches as is the case with many. They are all in. It’s their life. They are more knowledgeable than anyone I’ve ever met. Hands down. I’ve yet to see them stumped by any question or situation, and we threw a LOT at them." - Penelope

"Savannah is extremely compassionate and knowledgeable and validating." - Jenny Gage

"Chloe is direct and matter of fact and she let’s emotion shine through in a positive way. Savannah’s ability to relate and give hope, her wealth of knowledge is all amazing!" - Leean Holcomb

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