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This Program Addresses:

  • The Addict’s Individual Recovery

  • The Betrayed’s Individual Recovery

  • Foundations of Marital Reconstruction OR if you’re doing the program single Confidence In Yourself, Your Standards, and Ability To Choose a Future Healthy Partner

Includes Program:

  • Pre-recorded lessons/modules

  • Articles, worksheets, recovery opportunities, and relationship opportunities

  • *Schedule individual or couples sessions as you go (that can be anywhere from a minimum of 3 sessions to a maximum of 10 sessions per month depending on your individual pace in the program)

Session Rates

30 – Minute Session: $60

60 – Minute Session: $120

90 – Minute Session: $180

E-Coaching: $130

If these rates are beyond your current means you can fill out the short sliding scale form that asks for basic contact information and you select where you fit on the sliding scale. 

Apply for Sliding Scale Here 

*If you want to do unlimited E-Coaching for individual support you can do so while adding 1-2 couples sessions per month OR you can do unlimited E-coaching as an individual with 1-2 individual sessions per month as needed.

Now that we got that out of the way…

Knights & Warriors is the program to be in if you’re serious, committed, and dedicated to radically changing your life and leaving addiction and trauma behind.

Knights & Warriors is the very best option if you’re looking to gain long-term recovery from sexual addiction and betrayal trauma and have already worked with a therapist and are further in your recovery (i.e. 3-6+ months out from D’Day and 3-6 months of consistent recovery work under your belt).

Our clients have joked that Knights & Warriors is “Recovery Boot Camp” because of the high level of accountability and commitment this program builds.

This program is not for everyone.

It’s not for the indecisive.

It’s not for those who are not ready to make recovery their #1 priority for the next year.

Long-term recovery means radically changing your life and purging anything that feeds the addiction and trauma out of your life.

The recovery foundations set you up for long-term success, and those foundations that lead to success often can be some big changes.

So if giving up social media, or the thought of getting new furniture, or potentially having to move, or change jobs, or change friends at any point in your recovery journey makes you irate and say “screw you, I’ll do recovery my own way. I’ll never give up my social accounts, my strip club friends, or my current lifestyle,”  then you’re not ready for this program and I encourage you to look at what you’re committing to (addiction or recovery).

However, if you read the above and are like, “Well, no duh I’m giving up social media and getting rid of anything that can lead me back to addiction,” then you, my friend, are ready for this program!

This program is for couples who know they want their marriage to survive and are ready to do the work OR this program can be done as a single person looking to be free, confident, and empowered as a person, parent, and co-parent.

Knights & Warriors is an amazingly personalized program for those struggling with SSA (Sexual Stimulation Addiction – Masturbation, Pornography, and/or Sex addiction) and Betrayal Trauma. In our program we walk you step-by-step through the process of your individual recovery so that you can begin laying the foundations for a successful long-term marital recovery.

Most couples make the dire mistake of looking for couples help first when they realize there is a sexual addiction present in the marriage.

Couples therapy, when addiction is present, doesn’t work. The truth is, couples therapy looks at both parties as equally responsible for the problem, and the reality is only one person is responsible for the addiction. That’s the person with the addiction. Not the betrayed partner.

In Knights & Warriors you are both working individual recovery alongside each other, so that neither of you is left behind waiting for the other to catch up or even enter recovery.

Because of the style of the program, we have broken the program into 4 different sections that you can take at your own pace as well as what reflects your situation.

“Before I found The Mod and joined Warriors my husband and I did weekly therapy sessions, a 3 day intensive with Heart to Heart & attended weekly SANON meetings. They were only slightly helpful. 

Every therapist or group leader talked about boundaries but nobody ever showed me or told me how to create them. Not once was a purge ever recommended or suggested.

This program covers everything you need to fully recover & heal. I feel like a whole new person.”


While working individual recovery, we weave in foundations of a successful relationship throughout the program so that by the end of the 12 months you are feeling not only empowered as individuals, but feeling strong as a couple that will make it to the other side of this journey.

If you’re going through this program single, you will gain the relationship skills needed to successfully co-parent and find a healthy partner down the road.

This program was designed by my co-coach Chloe and myself from our own recovery journeys and watching hundreds of others in this journey fail and make the same key mistakes over and over:

  •  Starting with couple’s therapy

  •  Not getting an individual therapist that is trained in sex addiction and betrayal trauma

  •  Hiring coaches who have never gone through this personally, are not certified, nor have the proper background education

  •  Thinking it will just “go away” or that it’s not “so bad,” so you don’t reach out for help and end up compromising yourself, marriage, and family in the process

In Knights & Warriors we streamline your recovery so that you don’t get stuck for years in any of the big pitfalls.

“Since joining Knights, my wife and I have been able to develop and work on a very solid base of communication through regular sharing of our daily thoughts and our daily activities. We sit down every night and talk, so that the little issues never have a chance to grow into the big issues. My wife and I finally have a small glimpse of the potential of our relationship. We are extremely grateful for what we have learned through the programs, and the help that the coaches have given us so far to learn what we need to to help our own individual recoveries, & to help our relationship thrive, not just survive.”


Knights & Warriors: Foundations

For The Recovering Addict (Knight) and/or The Recovering Betrayed Partner (Warrior)

In KW: Foundations we will work on:

– Betrayal Trauma & Addiction Education

– The Purge

– Gaslighting

– Accountability

– Relapse Prevention Planning (with basic coping skills)

– BRoACH (Boundaries, Rules of Accountability, Consequences, & Honor).

– Disclosure Preparation

– Healthy Communication 

This section’s focus is to gain stability and safety for all three recoveries.


  • We begin with education so that both of you are on the same page and can avoid common pitfalls and understand the unique dynamics as you enter recovery

  • We make sure that your environment is safe so that it’s not subconsciously sabotaging your recoveries

  • We make sure that neither one of you is engaged in Gaslighting so that healthy communication can return

  • You gain accountability so that you can attain the basis of trust

  • You build out your own relapse prevention plan so that if/when temptation hits, you are covered and will not relapse if you choose to use your plan

  • You each create your BRoACH so that every recovery is respected and that everyone understand what is safe and what is not safe

  • You each will understand the difference between disclosure material, daily accountability, honesty and transparency so that the risk of traumatization is low

  • As the betrayed partner, Savannah will be helping you understand what will be helpful versus harmful so that when you get your disclosure you are validated, understood, and not retraumatized

  • As a couple you will get disclosure education so that you have realistic expectations, can tell when a therapist is not going to help you, and know what a positive disclosure experience looks like

  • You will have guidance in trying to find a qualified therapist and you will have post-disclosure support from us available so that you are surrounded by qualified support throughout this process

“The BRoACH and Micro-Trust Module were the most valuable to me, and I love the slack group and ACE exercise! My husband and I are more open and honest. I feel stronger and better equipped to deal with the addiction and the consequences. He is more aware of how this has affected me and himself. Recovery is now a daily thing not just once in a while.”


Knights & Warriors: Heart of Recovery

For The Recovering Addict (Knight) and/or The Recovering Betrayed Partner (Warrior)

In KW: Heart of Recovery we first focus on:

  • Recovery Lifestyle Goals

  • Fetish Cycling

  • Sexual Safety Planning


This month’s focus is for the one struggling with addiction to gain understanding of their own addiction “fingerprint,” to achieve the personalized goals you’ve each set this month, and to build out a sexual safety plan to begin the path to your erotic recovery.

  • Chloe works with the one struggling with addiction on fetish cycling to gain understanding and prepare for a disclosure post program

  • You will be achieving the lifestyle goals you’re creating

  • You will both create a sexual safety plan with Chloe’s help so that if/when you are ready for sex, that everyone feels confident, safe, and respected

  • As the one struggling with addiction, Chloe will be helping you build out the information you will need to disclosure to your partner when you find a therapist for your disclosure

Before my wife found The Mod and we joined Knights & Warriors I was getting nowhere and neither was my wife.

Since joining Knights and Warriors my wife and I feel much more emotionally connected but are just sort of relearning each other as it relates to intimacy.

Knights gets to the deeper issues much quicker than traditional therapy.

Thinking of joining? Do it! Before Knights I was in Individual counseling with CSAT including a clinical disclosure, 3 day intensive at Heart to Heart including lie detector test, Group sessions led by CSAT, 12-step for SA, and Couples counseling.

Couples counseling just ended up in them treating her like a codependent at times and just caused arguments.

The approach The Mod and the coaches take by having both sides work their recovery in tandem is a much more holistic and effective approach.


KW: Heart of Recovery (Continued)

In the second part of KW: Heart of Recovery we focus on:

  • The Betrayed Works on Trusting Themselves

  • The One Struggling With Addiction Works on Establishing Micro-Trust

  • Each Works Together To Build Trust Trust Back Into Their Daily Lives


This month’s focus is:

  • As the betrayed partner, you will deeply explore the broken trust so that you will know 100% when trust is being rebuilt from your partner

  • As the betrayed partner you will be distinguishing between intuition versus trauma so that you can learn to trust yourself again

  • As the one struggling with addiction, you will be building on the trust that you’ve been working on since day 1 of this program, and will be diving deeper into the nuances that truly make the difference so that your partner can begin to give their heart back to you

Entering The Knights I was desperate to save my marriage. 

In Knights one of the biggest impacts was the coaches knowledge base and knowing I am not alone in this fight.

The most valuable part for me was learning about betrayal trauma and what my spouse is going through and completely understanding her feelings.

Thinking The Knights is for you? The coaches are always there to assist and keep you vigilant in all activities and the coaches are truly there to help.

Before Knights I had one therapist session. Therapist did not recognize sex and porn addiction and tried to blame wife that it was her weight gain that led to my watching porn.

The Mod, however, saw wife’s betrayal trauma and knew I needed help. The Mod has a great coaching team that focuses to heal not only on the addict but also the betrayed’s.


Knights & Warriors: Heart of Recovery (Continued)

In the last part of KW: Heart of Recovery we focus on:

  • What self-care is for you

  • How to love yourself again

  • How to continue building out coping skills

  • Busting myths that have held you back in shame

  • Challenge your insecurities

  • Say goodbye to disgust and self-loathing


This month’s focus:

  • You will be building out your personalized self-care plan so that you are able to have down time to relax and feel ready to take on the next day

  • You will be adding to your coping skills, and expanding on what you’ve learned in the first couple months so that you can revamp the relapse prevention plan to make it even better

  • You will both be able to respect each other’s space in recovery so that neither one of you feels that the over is hovering/controlling the other’s recovery

  • As the betrayed partner, we will work through this month to build back your self-esteem so that you believe and know that you are more than enough

  • As the one struggling with addiction, we will work throughout this month to build back your self-esteem so that you know and believe that you are not a bad person, and that you are more than enough as well

Before joining The Warriors I was soaking up growth in The Betrayed’s Haven. I knew I could not do this alone, at least not in the time frame I wanted that would allow me to enjoy my life after this tragedy.

I was excited, nervous and scared to get this program going. But I knew if I was going to amp this up, I needed to leave the minors for the majors.

In Knights & Warriors, I learn how to keep going, no matter the obstacles. This is also part of the reason you can’t do this alone.  You need a support system to help push you forward in the face of fear. Fear will always be, but here I feel almost unstoppable!

This program is unique in it’s resources, structure and purpose. Coaching is more about application and requires the student to be proactive in their growth journey. The coach meets you where you are at and has you apply from there. 

If I could talk to someone who is considering joining I would ask them what is holding them back? I would ask them if that was more important to them than getting their life back. Rather, their new life.

The Betrayed’s Haven for me, helped me figure out what happened; and Warriors for me, is how to fix it. 

Do whatever it takes to join; your future self will thank you.


Knights & Warriors: Parenting At Risk Kids (PARK)

For The Recovering Addict (Knight) and/or The Recovering Betrayed Partner (Warrior) That Have Kids

In PARK we will be working on:

  • Helping you as the parents build a bridge of healthy safe communication with your children to keep them from falling into using porn, feeling shameful, and becoming addicted themselves

  • Helping you to teach them healthy sexuality from the get to

  • Creating a safe place so they know they can come to you without fear of shame

  • Teaching your kids about healthy sex and sexuality as they ask questions, so they don’t seek out sex education from porn or friends that can lead to an unhealthy relationship with their sexuality

  • Preparing them to be respectful, safe, responsible, and consenting sexual beings as they grow up and have sexual encounters


MODULE 1: Addiction Education: What Parents Need To Know About Talking To Their Kid

In the First module we go over What Addiction is and how to talk about porn, sex, and addiction so your child is educated appropriately for their age, while also having conversation points for as they get older so you can continue addressing these issues regularly.


MODULE 2: Helping Your Child with Triggers & Getting Over The Shame

In the second module we go over how to identify triggers in and out of the home, and how to know what an urge is and when it occurs so your children can understand these occurrences so there’s no shame attached to their experiences.

MODULE 3: Setting New Boundaries (software, safety, tech, etc.) & Household Rules

In the Third module we go over how to be safe with technology in and out of the home, and how to set appropriate boundaries while fostering an open and safe environment for your children to come and talk to you!

MODULE 4: Action Plan for Recovery

In the Fourth module we go over How To Build a Personal Recovery Plan for your child if they are truly struggling and on the verge of being addicted (or already addicted) while also making sure that you and your partner each feel comfortable talking about the things you’ve learned in the program with your kids.

This isn’t just a job for these coaches as is the case with many. They are all in. It’s their life. They are more knowledgeable than anyone I’ve ever met. Hands down. 

My husband is an entirely new person. He’s making the choice everyday. I see consistent, real changes in him. His attitude, his demeanor, literally everything.

If you are even remotely considering joining the program, just do it. I promise you, you will not regret it. If it’s money holding you back, I get that. It was a huge factor for me too. But now, knowing what I do and as far as we’ve come I’d pay 10 times what I did all day every day. That’s how truly worth it this is. I’d spend my last dollar without hesitation. Do whatever you need to do to make it happen. Just make it happen.

Now, we have a real relationship that is only getting better. You can’t put a price on that.


Knights & Warriors: Relationship Revolution

For The Recovering Addict (Knight) and The Recovering Betrayed Partner (Warrior) Working Towards Repairing The Marriage

In KW: Relationship Revolution we will be working on:

  • Every type of intimacy, as well as building the levels of intimacy

  • Defining romance

  • Enhancing dating


This month’s focus:

  • Now that there is a strong foundation of individual recovery with healthy foundations of a relationship, we expand to build out a fuller intimate life together through exploring the 11 types of intimacies and enhancing them to get from Level 1 to Level 7.

  • When exploring intimacies, romance will be explored as well. Each person’s unique ideas, definitions, and impressions of romance will be explored and implemented.

  • Dating can often be lost along the way of marriage, especially for parents and those who are going through recovery. We will be exploring dating ideas, schedules, and ways to make sure that your romantic relationship is the priority as you continue marital recovery.

Knights & Warriors: Relationship Revolution (Continued)

In the last part of KW: Relationship Revolution we will be working on:

  • Planning, together, what you want your life to look like as you continue to build out your recovery lifestyle


This month’s focus:

  • Each partner will identify personal goals as well as lifestyle changes they want to implement and aim for in the next 1-5 years

  • The couple will identify what they want their romantic and marital life to look like while beginning to implement the smaller goals before the program ends

Knights & Warriors: Relationship Evolution

For The SINGLE Recovering Addict (Knight) OR The SINGLE Recovering Betrayed Partner (Warrior)

In the last part of KW: Relationship Evolution (Singles):


Module 1: Fighting Fears, Triumph in Trust, and Conquering Connection

Module 1 is all about safety, trust, and understanding what you want in your future.

In this module we cover the foundations of compatibility and standards – environment, living arrangements, finances, careers, and any other area that is key to your success at finding the next partner.

This module is where you will discover who you really are – outside of a relationship as a single, healthy, and confident person.

Module 2: Learning Each Other’s Lens’ and Tuning In

Module 2 is all about building inter-relational skills! 

We delve into communication patterns, individual perspectives, and the language nuances that can either lead to connection or disconnection!

Once confident in your communication skills we dive into the 7 Levels and 11 Types of Intimacy and how to intentionally allow yourself to be available to your next partner and also understand any warning signs of a disconnected partner.


Module 3: Clear in Commitment and Sexual Satisfaction

Module 3 is all about the sexual intimacy in your relationship.

We have modern issues that impact relationships, like social media, porn, definitions of cheating, and the spectrum of monogamy!

In this module no stone is left unturned. You will understand what your personal beliefs and values are around commitment, cheating, sex and sexual intimacy, monogamy and so much more! 

You will enter your next relationship knowing your beliefs and boundaries, know the definitions of cheating, and be fully prepared to communicate these to your next partner so that there’s no future infidelity or betrayals from lack of communication.

When You Commit to Recovery & Graduate Knights & Warriors:

  • You will be confident, empowered, and free from the pain you were in entering the program

  • You will have the connection that you’ve been dying to have with each other!

  • You will have a healthy lifestyle to help keep you in a successful recovery

  • You will see the commitment each of you has to not only your individual recovery but to your marriage

  • You will understand addiction & trauma and feel 100% valid in your experiences

  • You will have the foundations needed to have a successful marriage

  • You will be clear in what you want for your future

  • You will see the world in a new perspective and be able to make the choices you need to be successful in recovery

Interwoven Modules in KW (as needed):

Structured Separation (optional for couples wanting to work on their marriage but need space) so that if there are any bumps in the road you can navigate a separation with purpose, direction, and goals

KW is an amazing program for those who are ready to move heaven and earth to save themselves, their marriage, and/or their family!


Needless to say, you must be driven to succeed in your recoveries and believe in yourselves.


Knights & Warriors is an investment in yourself, and/or your marriage, and/or your family.



Because we know there are ups and downs in recovery we have structured this program to span 12 months to allow for the flexibility needed in recovery.

When you begin Knights & Warriors, as I said earlier, our clients have joked it’s “recovery boot-camp” because you are challenged to grow each and every week with us.


We’ve seen so many couples (many of them clients) spend thousands on the wrong therapist and pay $3K-$10K for week-long marriage intensives only for those options to fail them.


The truth is: Long-lasting change doesn’t happen in less than a week or with the wrong help.



Long-term change can only come from long-term commitment. Period.



Knights & Warriors was created to close the gaps of all the ways our clients and ourselves were failed by professionals in our healing journeys.



We took everything we knew worked and put it into this program to ensure that if you do the work, you will succeed. 


Here’s a little secret about our clients…they come to us because everything else has failed them – therapy, take home programs, marriage intensives, and the big brand coaching companies.



They tried traditional routes that wasted thousands of dollars and precious time that they can never get back.


When you get accepted into Knights & Warriors, you will not be wasting your time or money. We show up 100% and are there with you every step of the way, challenging you, pushing you, guiding you, and supporting you through any bumps that come up in the road.




At The Modern Mr. and Mrs., in Knights & Warriors, you are never alone.




Ready to move heaven and earth and change your life forever?


KW Enrollment Considerations:

Interested in Enrolling in Knights & Warriors? Awesome! Please schedule your Meet & Greet and fill out the applications as soon as you know you are interested!

January – June encompass the most visually triggering time of year – The Spring/Summer.

July – December encompass the most emotionally triggering times of year – The Holidays.

We are there with you through the visual, emotional and relational triggers.

You’re never alone when you’re a Knights & Warriors VIP!