Meet The Team

"You Are Safe, You Are Loved, You Are Not Alone" - Savannah Esposito

Savannah has her Bachelors in Forensic Psychology from John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City as well as her certifications in Life, Relationship and Recovery Coaching from The Addiction Academy. She also created and teaches the Nationally Certified Sexual Addiction Coach Certification at The Addictions Academy as well.

Savannah has always had a passion for understanding the motivation and drivers of human behavior and how people can connect with one another in a healthy and loving way. Her desire to understand has aided her in her ability to help individuals and couples build trust, communicate, and gain as well as maintain long-term intimacy with one another.

Her natural ability to actively listen and empathize as well as take other’s perspectives has led her to the natural fitting career of being a coach that her clients are able to trust and get results with.

"Once You Know better, you do better" - Chloe Sutherland

Chloe is a Nationally Certified Life & Recovery coach, specializing in sexology. Sex never came with a manual and it was supposed to be the most natural act on earth, and yet so many individuals and couples struggled to achieve healthy intimate sex, which led her to study sexology and the anthropology of sex, as well a s sexual fetish. She has been behind the scenes of marketing and directly on the front lines helping people who struggle with sexual intimacy and betrayal trauma.

Chloe Sutherland has helped clients gain an understanding of their triggers while moving clients beyond active addiction into active recovery. Chloe believes trust, honesty, and communication are key foundations for a relationship to build from. Without these foundations, healthy, passionate, sexual intimacy is hard to achieve. Chloe helps couples learn to have passionate, intimate, and healthy sex with one another in their recovery journey from sexual addiction and betrayal trauma. Chloe believes there’s no better place to put your energy than putting it into making your marriage thrive.

"What's your TFE?" (Thoughts, Feelings, Emotions) - Jak Esposito

I've been a recovered SSA™ for over 7 years, and now I mentor others going through SSA™ (Sexual Stimulation Addiction - pornography, masturbation and sex addiction) to leave their addiction behind.

My recovery was not straight forward, and had missing pieces that we discovered along the way - like IA.

Prior to recovery I was lost, completely drowning in a life I hated. Once I chose to commit to recovery and get outside help, everything changed. I left a job and began my career, I became more confident, and was able to finally share my TFE's with Savannah and others. I began to connect not only with others but with myself and who I really am.

I understand the challenge of letting go of addiction and choosing recovery, and am ready to support you in taking steps forward in your recovery journey!

"I started recovering for Chloe, but then I continued recovering for me because I began to like who I was becoming." - Cliff Sutherland

I've been a recovered SSA™ for over 9 years, and now I work with other SSA's™ (Sexual Stimulation Addiction - pornography, masturbation and sex addiction) to help them overcome their struggles with this addiction and achieve The Recovery Lifestyle.

I, like other SSAs, struggled to find help as well as help myself through this difficult journey in the beginning. There are many pitfalls in getting into recovery, and it's easy to compromise and fall back towards addiction.
I quit my chosen career path to better myself so I could further my recovery and relationship. It uprooted my whole life, it was difficult and scary but looking back, it was one of the best decisions I've ever made for my recovery.
I personally understand the struggle to let go of habit forming behaviors that we grow up with as SSA's. My goal is to show people that there is a light at the end of this tunnel known as addiction.
I'm here to coach and guide you with my knowledge and experience. I'm a proud father who wants to break the bad chain of behavioral choices for my kids so they can have a chance to be emotionally connected, loving peoples.
Today, after being clean and recovered for so long, I've discovered I love fishing and being outdoors.
I'm here to help you move forward this journey of healing and rediscovery.