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Savannah Esposito

Savannah Esposito

CEO | Relationship & Recovery Coach | Writer

My passion and love of psychology started when I was younger. I loved understanding people’s behaviors, their motives, why they do what they do. I also loved helping people and was the “go-to” friend for relationships, so it wasn’t a stretch when I studied forensic psychology in college.

Through my vast experience, natural skill, and knowledge I knew I had a calling to help people. I knew that my dedication, experience, and education allowed me to help others in a unique way.

Part of why I work with couples struggling with trust, communication, and sexual intimacy, as well as help couples with porn addiction and betrayal trauma is that I’ve been there and survived it. I know what it takes to save a marriage on the rocks.

I took all my experience and knowledge of addiction, psychology, neuroscience, and applied it to my own relationship when I discovered my husband’s porn addiction. My husband is over 3 years clean, and we’ve reconstructed a new relationship. We made it, and so can you!

I’ve seen and experienced the devastation from deception, betrayal, lack of communication, and lack of intimacy, and I use the techniques, skills, and creative exercises I used in my own marriage with other couples. At The Modern Mr. and Mrs. we believe in learning from your past, acknowledging your present, and changing your future.

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Chloe Sutherland

Chloe Sutherland

Relationship & Recovery Coach | Writer

My interest in sex started when I was 15 or 16, but who’s doesn’t? The difference I noticed for me verse other people was I didn’t just want to know ‘how to do it’, I wanted to know everything about it. The anthropology of sex, of fetishes, of sexual education and sexual intimacy.

I have quested to go everywhere and gain the knowledge of the primal evolution of sex. I’ve been behind the scenes of marketing and directly in front lines helping with people who struggle with sexual intimacy and betrayal trauma. Sex never came with a manual. It was supposed to be the most natural act on earth.

Many things can get in the way of this. Addiction to masturbation, sex or porn is just having sex with yourself. It negates the point of intimately connecting to a person. I’ll be frank, good sex isn’t about frequency… It’s about the freedom. Can you be yourself? Do you accept them? I feel like relationships ask something specific of each individual couple. Every part of your past helps to mold the footprints you walk through foreplay to becoming truly connected. 

Naked isn’t just being undressed. Intimacy isn’t just about sex. Many people get lost in complacency in their relationships. Trust, honesty and communication helps make commitment work. If nobody has integrity, then it’s hard to have accountability. Showing these traits to your partner is having respect for them. If you have these principles and your partner doesn’t – it’s hard to have great sex. If you have certain principles and your partner doesn’t, it’s hard to have a relationship.

While you can have sex without a relationship, you can’t really have a relationship without sex. I am interested in helping couples regain the “lost footing” in their challenges with this particular cornerstone because I feel that there is no greater frontier than making marriage work.

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S. Timothy Brown

S. Timothy Brown

Relationship & Recovery Coach | Writer

In the interest of a commitment to honesty, integrity, and confidentiality, I’m also beholden unto myself which prohibits me from disclosing certain specific details about myself. It is a crucial element of addiction recovery, betrayal trauma recovery, and relationship reconstruction and restoration, and is an integral component in Boundaries, Rules, & Consequences.

I graduated from college over 30 years ago with multiple degrees. My passions are education, technology, safety & security. My wisdom in addiction, betrayal, and relationships is encapsulated by knowledge, education, and experience as I am a firm believer that there is no substitute for any one of them and each of them brings value to the table that the others cannot.

I was the addict. I was the betrayer. I was the relationship slayer. Now, I help others as doing so helps me to grow mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Ask me anything you want, because unlike most others who perform this role, I have lived it. As such, I have experienced the addiction component, the betrayal trauma component, and the relationship reconstruction and restoration component first hand.

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