Congratulations on passing your certification exam!

I’m so glad to know there is another qualified sexual addiction recovery professional in the field. Now that you’ve passed the exam, don’t forget supervision! This is where we will work together and address any concerns, questions, or issues that arise as you begin to see clients.

The NCSAC comes with 10 TAA supervision days, so don’t miss out on them! You will be able to see me, Chloe, Cali, and other teachers at TAA in these supervision days so that you get a well-rounded supervision experience! If you’re looking for specific support in regards to a client and have questions that only Chloe or I would be qualified to assist with, then make sure to pencil in the following Supervision dates that we host!

Quarter 1 + 2:

  • January 23rd – Chloe
  • January 30th – Savannah
  • February 6th – Chloe
  • February 13th – Savannah
  • March 26th – Savannah
  • April 23rd – Savannah
  • April 30th – Chloe
  • May 14th – Chloe
  • May 28th – Savannah
  • June 11th – Chloe
  • June 25th – Savannah


If you feel you need further levels of support, I do have some consulting spots in my calendar reserved for TAA graduates once you’ve done your 10 supervision days!

You may also purchase the 2023 Intakes you may need for your clients! These intakes are lengthy as the goal with these is to cut out that first session where you collect all the information you need. This intake allows you to have your first session with your client to be active, engaged, and have the client leaving feeling confident and ready to implement what you accomplished in that first session with them!

2023 Intakes:

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NCSAC Graduates!

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