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Parents With At Risk Kids (PARK)

Navigate conversations about porn and sex with your kids confidently!

Chloe Sutherland

Studies the Evolution of Sex

My name is Chloe and I help parents talk to their kids about Pornography and Sex Education.

I often hear women “pass the buck” on the sex talk to a father figure.

Did you know that most men don’t know how to talk about sex with kids? Kids (boys) end up missing alot of key information about women and sex when men try to have this talk (it makes them uncomfortable or nervous).

The missing information almost always leads kids to filling in the gaps themselves by way of the internet.

This usually results in kids discovery of Pornography at a early age.

Simply from having questions about sex at age 6 they are definitely old enough to start a series of conversations with your child about sexuality.

Its pretty easy too!

A lot of the small talks make big waves in the direction of later more serious sex talks.

I created PARK, a month long program for parents, from my own education and experience, as well as experience raising many kids of all ages to help parents build a bridge of healthy safe communication with their children to keep their children from falling into using porn, feeling shameful, and becoming addicted.

why is talking to your kids important?

  • To help teach them healthy sexuality from the get to

  • To create a safe place so they know they can come to you without fear of shame

  • To teach your kids about healthy sex and sexuality as they ask questions, so they don’t seek out sex education from porn or friends that can lead to an unhealthy relationship with their sexuality

  • To prepare them to be respectful, safe, responsible, and consenting sexual beings as they grow up and have sexual encounters

Not Convinced Talking To Your Kids is CRUCIAL?

Trigger Warning: If you’re struggling with sexual addiction or freshly in betrayal trauma there are some pictures around the mid point that may be triggering.

With how fast technology is advancing, and with the school sex education not properly teaching healthy sex and sexuality, kids find answers to sex online.

If you’re on this page maybe…

  • You’ve discovered your partner’s addiction to only NOW discover porn on your kids phone, tablet, or computer

  • You saw your child’s friend showing porn to your child

  • You walked in on your child masturbating (with or without porn)

  • A parent called you saying your child showed their kid porn

  • A teacher called you as they caught your kid at school with porn

  • You caught your step-child going through your underwear drawer

  • Your child is playing sexual video games, chatting online sexually to others, or playing games beyond their maturity

And you’re feeling totally lost as to how to address your childs porn usage

That’s OKAY! 

SO MANY parents struggle with talking to their kids about porn and sex (especially parents that are going through their own porn or sexual addiction!)

Parents can often dread these conversations!

Whether it brings up embaressment, shame, anxiety, or their own insecurities around sex, in PARK we teach you how to address talking about sex and porn with your kids! 

And, yes, I said conversations – PLURAL.(Don’t worry, it will be okay!)


PARK, a 4 week parent Program

MODULE 1: Setting New Boundaries (software, safety, tech, etc.) & Household Rules

In the first module we go over how to be safe with technology in and out of the home, and how to set appropriate boundaries while fostering an open and safe environment for your children to come and talk to you!



MODULE 2: Helping Your Child with Triggers & Getting Over The Shame

In the second module we go over how to identify triggers in and out of the home, and how to know what an urge is and when it occurs so your children can understand these occurances so there’s no shame attached to their experiences.



 MODULE 3: Addiction Education: What Parents Need To Know About Talking To Their Kid

In the Third module we go over What Addiction is and how to talk about porn, sex, and addiction so your child is educated appropriately for their age, while also having conversation points for as they get older so you can continue addressing these issues regularly. 

MODULE 4: Action Plan for Recovery

In the Fourth module we go over How To Build a Personal Recovery Plan for your child if they are truly struggling and on the verge of being addicted (or already addicted) while also making sure that you and your partner each feel comfortable talking about the things you’ve learned in the program with your kids. 

When you leave PARK, as parents, you will be confident in knowing how to talk about the varying aspects of sexuality at varying stages of development, understanding the dangers of porn, while also having resources and tools from this program to go with you into your journey raising your children!

PARK is a good fit for you if: 

  • You are already in recovery from masturbation, pornography, and/or sexual addiction

  • You have kids that are 4-18 years old

  • You are open minded and ready to learn new things in this program

  • You’ve already caught your kids with masturbation, pornography, or having sex

  • Your kids are engaging in sexual conversations and jokes with their peers

  • Your kids are playing sexual video games or video games that are rated for a higher age level (i.e. a 12 year old playing a Mature Rated video game)

PARK is NOT a good fit for you if: 

  • You are Not a parent

  • You have kids that are Younger than 4 years old

  • You are close-minded and NOT open to learn new things in this program

  • You firmly believe pornography cannot be harmful in any way

  • You firmly believe that sex and sexuality is something shameful and plan to instill shame into your kids to not have sex

PARK is an investment of $900

Ready to gain confidence, education, and a game plan to begin these conversations with your children? 

Schedule a free parental confidence session with me to see if working together is a good fit!

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