After Discovery Day or Disclosure Day, your world has completely changed. The life you once lived is over. 


As the betrayed partner and addict, you’re both left shell-shocked, shattered, traumatized, and lost.


Oftentimes, you both feel like you’re treading water just to survive the fallout in the initial weeks. 


I remember being there, and now almost seven years later, I am lucky enough to help others walk through their own recovery journey.


I have tailored all my newsletters and free resources over the past seven years into this Post D’Day Survival Newsletter for you so that you don’t have to be left guessing, wondering, feeling lost and hopeless in the fallout.


In this 100 day newsletter you will have Recovery (and Relationship) Opportunities, direction, clarity, insight, a shifted mindset, and be able to take those first steps in reclaiming your life back, one day at a time, with what you will receive over the next three months. 

Now, this free Email Coaching newsletter is simply the beginning, but it’s an amazing first step to changing your life!

Included in the Post D’Day Survival Newsletter:

  1. Savvy Recovery Sundays Newsletter that has been restructured to fit into a three month period (with my Vet Your Help Series)
  2. Savvy Answers Newsletter where individuals have submitted questions about how to navigate recovery
  3. Streamlined Email Coaching Program
  4. The 43 Types of Cheating PDF worksheet to do with your partner (when you are each ready and able to do that exercise together)
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