Recovery: Behind The Scenes is an email newletter with 3 elements that benefits your recovery each month:

Recovery Letters bi-weekly on various recovery topics, pitfalls, successes, with Recovery Opportunities so that you can start learning and changing to get the results you want!

Each Recovery Letter speaks to both the betrayed and the one struggling with sexual addiction so that both sides can learn at the same time to streamline recovery.

Q&A where you as the reader can reply to each recovery letter with all your questions and at the end of the month a Q&A newsletter will be sent out answering everyone’s questions (this may be in written format of a video recording depending on the questions and all questions are anonymous).

Resources each month so that you can gain more knowledge and skills to get your results faster! Each month I’ll be sharing a recovery book that I believe will change your life!


Get your bi-weekly Monday Morning Recovery Letter with your cup of coffee (or tea!), where you get the hard truths, realities, challenges, and secrets to success so that you can be successful too!

Monthly Subscription is $10/month

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